Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell 2012!

Inspiration: To continue to learn, grow and expand the fullness of who I am.

On this New Year's Eve, I have chosen to have a quiet night at home; surrendering, embracing and creating space for the new, miraculous year I know 2013 will be.

This past year has been a difficult one for me and so many I know. A year of  letting go, releasing that which no longer serves. Like me, many have done this kicking and screaming (maybe not literally or yes maybe) but internally. Fighting our external circumstances to no avail. Resisting what is.

At at very unconscious level, it is we who create our outer world. Through our past conditioning, our beliefs our worthiness. Many of us say and desire one thing, but the exact opposite ends up showing up. To realize we are creators (co-creators) of our own destiny is tricky. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions in time, manifest in the physical.

Depending upon our awareness, things may "show-up" immediately or at some future date unexpectedly. If we don't like what we see, herein lies a wonderful opportunity to go within. To clear out that which no longer serves us in all ways...Personally, professionally, emotionally, spiritually. Change takes time and with perseverance, endurance and patience we slowly change ourselves and our world.

So on this eve of New Year, I will sit quietly and give thanks to all of the lessons (although difficult) and gifts that 2012 has brought. Each moment is a gift and an opportunity. When we are not in alignment with our highest truth, this makes our life uncomfortable. The more we practice mindful awareness, compassion and gratitude, the more this will be reflected outwardly.

Farewell 2012. You have been a stern teacher! Thank you for what you have shown to me (and others ) and now let's move on...Be in peace, stay in "FAITH"! From my heart to yours.

With Love, Denise

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Always X-Mas, Isn't It?

Inspiration: To enjoy each and every day, full of life's gifts, miracles and blessings.
 (A quick musing on X-Mas in general)

So as I was walking down the street this afternoon, it dawned on me, "Everyday is Christmas". Everyday is an opportunity to give and receive, whether it is a silent prayer or a material gift. The fact there is one special day for this, is in my opinion ludicrous. Except for honoring Jesus of course.

 People scurrying to find the perfect gifts. Stores open late, with added incentives to splurge on stuff that really doesn't matter in my opinion. Yes, it is wonderful to receive, but why single out one day to do this.

Maybe I am a bit cynical as family and holidays in my world have never really jived. I can only remember one Hanaukah (born Jewish but have no affiliation) in my lifetime where there was some semblence of order. I think I was 11 at the time. Maybe that's why I turned to a spiritual life. :)

Not to say that Christmas is not important. It is; for letting others know that you care about them, for giving and receiving love. Because in the end, LOVE is the glue that holds the universe together. Love will transform each and every situation if we but let it enter.

So on December 25 (and everyday) be a light in the world. Spread kindness, compassion and love, not just with those you know, but with everyone you may encounter. Think about that and have a blessed evening.

Merry X-MAS.
With Love, Denise

Friday, December 7, 2012

Another Yoga Lesson

Inspiration: To continue to do my best to stay present regardless of external circumstances.

It was a Wednesday night. I make my way into yoga class preparing for a evening of gymnastics. Just kidding. The teacher, Philip Askew has quite an advanced practice and encourages us students to play. He does one-handed crazy s--t which is great, but not for me in this lifetime.:)

Anyway, back to the important part. Prior to class, I always go to the bathroom. The door was closed, and it appeared class and begun. So I open the door and run across (mindfully) the room to my spot at the other end. My mat was directly facing the door and in my trajectory.  I went back to close it.

Many times during class, the door miraculously opened itself, and many times, I went (leaving my practice) to shut it. My friend was practicing next to me and she smiled as I continually did this. Then the noise outside the room got SO Loud, that I finally took a different approach and placed a bolster behind the door to ensure it would not OPEN yet again.

Each time, I made my way back to my practice, my breath, my intention. Class was wonderful since there were only about ten of us and the crazies who could perform his elite moves were not present. So it was more of a breath-centered flow, but still challenging. Just saying.

Afterwards, I had dinner with my friend who was with me in class and I brought up my experience to her. "Did you notice how many times I got up to close the door?" She just smiled and offered up the following to me. " We will always have distractions of some kind. Our role is to remain present no matter what is going on, to find the sweetness within, to laugh and smile at it. She went on to say that this was a lesson just for realize how I react in these situations." (not verbatim but you get my drift).

I took this in completely, kind of knowing this already, but desiring for the experience to be the way I wanted it to be, instead of embracing this annoyance with an open heart and not reacting. Just noticing. As this situation presented itself in class, it is these situations in many forms that continually show up for us in life. How to we respond? Do we become annoyed, agitated? Wanting to fix things and have it our way like I did?

The more we can surrender into the sweetness that life presents to us in each moment, the more peaceful, loving and open-hearted we become. Think about it the next time something ridiculously annoying presents itself to you and maybe choose differently.

Have a wonderful day!
With Love, Denise

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Signs are ALWAYS There if You Listen

Inspiration: To continue to watch, look and listen when "guided."

It was a Thursday evening. The beloved inspirational teacher and author Marianne Williamson was here in New York City to promote her new book, "The Law Of Divine Compensation" on work, money and miracles. This was the second of her two night stint here. The night prior she was a the New York Open Center and I was finishing up my monthly November Wellness Newsletter.

I am always exhaused and elated after I complete these, never knowing how they will be received by others. So Wednesday night I did not sleep very well (feedback was inspiring btw). I had it in my mind's eye to go here Marianne lecture four blocks away from me at the local Barnes and Noble. I was even going to give up my favorite weekday yoga class. But at 5:45, after finishing up with a client, I felt depleted. Not only was I not going to do yoga, I wasn't energized to go to the book reading and signing.

So I check my messages, and I see an email from my friend Jessica who resides in Laguna Beach, Ca. It says, Subject: Marianne Williamson. "Denise, She's speaking tonight at the Barnes and Noble in the Upper West Side 7pm. Ok, I got the memo, I was told, yet again to go. So I did.

Marianne was running a bit late due to traffic, so I began to speak to those around me. I met a few lovely people that I happened to exchange info with but here was the twilight zone part; in front of me were two Denise's sitting right next to each other, and next to me, was a man who shared the same birthday as me. Could you believe! Do you think I was supposed to be there or what? Thank heavens I listened.

The lecture was inspiring, uplifting and just what I needed to hear. Another reminder to trust, listen and take action when I am both "guided' and inspired. So dearest ones, have you been listening to the messages in your lives. Taking action or not when appropriate. Spirit speaks to us constantly, but are we paying attention or letting the ego run the show. Think about it, and sleep peacefully.

With Love, Denise


Thursday, November 29, 2012

November Wellness Newsletter

The year is coming to an end. We have seen the passage of Thanksgiving and are now beginning to think about the holidays. Thank you to those who have continued to support my path in all ways. Below is a link to my monthly wellness musing for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

~When you begin to touch your heart or let your heart be touched, you begin to discover that it's bottomless, that it doesn't have any resolution, that this heart is huge, vast and limitless. You begin to discover how much warmth and gentleness is there, as well as how much space.~
Pema Chodron

Check out my #constantcontact newsletter

Read on for inspiration on being vulnerable...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Not So ZEN Experience

Inspiration: To accept there are still parts of me that exist that are not to my liking.

I awoke early this am ready for a full day of work, training and yoga. It was a crisp morning in NYC. The forecast was for rain and snow in the 30 degree range. My ultimate favorite weather! Just kidding. Anyways, I didn't sleep very well last night knowing I had my early morning client on the Upper East Side. I adore this man (as a person) and that is the only saving grace for my traveling.

After making my way back from East to West side, I had a few minutes to spare before my next session, and decided to go to Rite Aid to pick up some photos I had ordered. The moment I walked into the store I felt a constriction of my energy. That, and it didn't look like the new and "chic" Duane Reade's I have grown accustomed to.

I asked a guy behind the register, "Where do I pick up photos?" His response was " Get in the line?" His tone was not very inviting which was a bit annoying. Anyway, I wanted to pick up some things but since time was not on my side, I decided to get online. When I approached the register they told me they didn't have any photos. Last night, I received a confirmation saying they were ready. Before I found this out, I silently said to myself not so nice things about the staff, especially the one who was looking for my prints. Not nice at all.

Like I always say, what we think about expands and I turned into somewhat of a hissy New York City bitch! I was frustrated and annoyed with the incompetence and the rudeness and just couldn't help myself. I saw this was getting me nowhere and was determined to get my prints. After a few minutes, they did find my order. I paid and happily bolted out of there...No wonder I never shop there.

The reason I share this with you now, is that our mood and energy help us to create the situations we find ourselves in. If my initial thoughts, could have been a little softer, maybe they wouldn't have been so blatantly rude and incompetent. Ouch! Did I say that? This I write for my friend on the West Coast Sim Lucien. A brilliant trainer and writer with a big heart.:)

So the next time you find yourself in an annoying situation, take a breathe, surrender and know you we be finished with it in no time. Of course depending on what that is. Think about it and have a wonderful nite.

With Love,

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 21 Of Promise to Self to Scribe

Inspiration: To continue to live my truth, shine my light, and let go...

Yeah! I made it! Twenty-one days of consistently writing in this blog. Who would have thought? Not me. At best I have written maybe four times a month in the last year. I have to admit, I am proud of me.:)

Promises we make to ourself our important. They keep us accountable, they keep us consistent. This creates a habit as Deepak Chopra and others say. Today, also makes the completion of twenty-one days of meditating with Deepak in the morning. So a double whammy for me this month.

May this continue to occur in ever area of my life. Being consistent and creating good habits that will assist me along my journey to healing, wellness and abundant living. It has been a long, arduous road of my forty-six years here on earth school. So many triumphs, so many losses. But throught it all I have stayed the course and stayed connected to my spiritual path, knowing I am always watched and looked after by the benevolent ones as my teacher Kathleen Kelley refers to them.

So it is with deep intention and heart I wish all of you your hearts dreams and desires fulfilled. Stay the course, be true to you and shine your magnicificent light for all to behold. Have an amazing evening!!!

And thank you to those who have supported me along this journey dance of life.:)

With love and much gratitude,

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Jokes ON ME

Inspiration: To not allow myself to fall into addictive patterns of behavior, especially through exercise.

Greetings: I am almost there. This is day 20 of my promise to self to scribe. My musing for today is about exercise and yoga. I rarely ever write about this but truth be told I move often. I do some form of exercise usually six days per week.

In the past, I would exercise to escape my true feelings. To surpress what I was really feeling. While I no longer do this, thanks to yoga and meditation, I have been moving too much in the last two months. The reason; because someone I was involved with and care for deeply was coming to NYC for Thanksgiving to visit his family. We had tentative plans (but he says he was looking forward to seeing me and that he loved me).This is a man I had known for a few years. I was his trainer. We dated for about six months and since he was moving and I "wasn't the ONE" (or anyone else btw), we ended things.

I saw him while I was in L.A. last year and again this past May. We are psychically and karmically connected; a deadly combination. There is still chemistry between us, so I wanted to look "HOT" when we got together. Well, his week here is coming to an end and I have not heard from him. So the jokes on me. I have trained and done yoga, often days both, wanting to feel great and empowered.:)

Knowing him, it is not personal. This is who he is, and although he says communication is so important, he does anything but. I am not angry. I am free! Energetically, I also let my feelings for him spill into a blossoming friendship I am exploring with someone else. This even caused me to sabotage (energetically speaking what is growing ). He now needs "space".

So I will use this as a great lesson to self. A lesson to not give my power away or become distracted. To focus on me and surrender more deeply to SPIRIT, for healing and transformation...Maybe this sounds familiar. We, woman often times forget about what is really important and worry about pleasing others, when in fact the more we please ourselves, the more love there is, both internally and externally.

Think about it and have a "wonderful" evening.
With Love, Denise

Friday, November 23, 2012

Our Thoughts Have Creative Power

Inspiration: To continue to have faith no matter what.

Day 19: Promise to self to scribe.
Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I wasn't sure what my plans were, yet alone gather with others and eat my favorite thing, a turkey leg. Sounds so simple but let me explain.

Back in the day when I was living on Broadway, Upper West Side, there was a small, hole in the wall diner that made a giant turkey daily. Their specialty was fresh turkey sandwiches and they even sold it by the pound. Many times a week I would have an exquisitely, large, King Henry the 8th leg. I looked forward to this and it became a staple in my diet. And yes, plenty of protein.:)

So fast forward to the day before yesterday. I was sitting outside my apartment in the hallway, having a conversation with my next door neighbor. We spoke about Thanksgiving and I told him how I wished I could have a turkey leg. Mind you, I had no formal plans until the evening. So I thought anyways.

A new yogi friend of mine asked me to stop over to say hello before they had Thanksgiving dinner. I said I would for a bit as I was thinking of seeing a movie and then meeting a friend later on. I then received a message saying, "If you don't have plans, what I meant to say was come join us for dinner."

Well, my prayer was answered! I would never have expected or anticipated such a lovely day, wonderful people, good conversation, and yes, a turkey leg. It was even free-range. So happy...The moral of this post is, if you plant a seed and let it go, you never know how it will turn out. If I could only do this for the bigger stuff that would be wonderful....I will do my best.

Hope your turkey day was filled with lots of love, divine surprises and joy.

With Love, Denise

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gratitude Day

Inspiration: To continue to FEEL grateful for all the blessings and miracles that are here for me.

Day 18: Promise to scribe to self. Almost there...

Greetings: Today is Thanksgiving. A day when most gather with family friend for turkey, decadence.Whatever you have planned for today, do what speaks to you. Whether it is in fact getting together with loved ones, going to a movie, or eating Chinese food, do what makes you happy.:)

Be grateful for each moment. As there are no guarantees in life. Marinate in the fullness of who you truly are. Shine your light and bless others. As you do this your life will become even more blessed. And have a "magical" day!!!

With Love and Many Blessings, Denise

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Pre-Turkey Day

Inspiration: To do whatever it takes to stay inspired and uplifted.

Day 17
Well, I am almost there. Twenty-one days of my commitment to self to scribe in this blog. To continue to be inspired takes work. It is a consistent and ongoing practice of keeping your thoughts, feelings and emotions elevated.

This can be extremely challenging at times. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. The day when family and friends gather around to eat a huge amount of turkey, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. For me, this day has not been celebrated with my immediate family in years. Out of the gate, one knows it is not a positive experience. Truth be told, I have no idea what my folks are doing tomorrow. Probably what they know best wallowing in self-pity and doubt.

This is why I am not going to be with them. It has taken me a long time to get to where I am today. So no matter how it may look to the outside world, I am doing what makes me happy. What makes me grateful. Presently, tomorrow is still in gestation. Yoga, a movie, a friends gathering. Whatever feels good.

The reason I share my own experiences in most of these musings, is that I teach by example. I have gone through just about all of the muddy layers, and crap one could possibly imagine. What I am referring to is more of an emotional nature.

So tomorrow, on gratitude day (which is really everyday), I will surround myself with people and situations that bring me joy and uplift my "spirit". I hope you all do the same. Wishing you a very peaceful, ease full and blessed turkey day!

With Love, Denise

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dare to DREAM!

Inspiration: To keep on moving on...

This past month, and year, has been extremely challenging. Having to really take a good hard look at what is working, what is not, and what I really need to let go of. This has been a painful but freeing process. As I tell others, anyone and anything that "zaps" your energy needs to be released. Often times, it may appear selfish if others are involved, especially as it relates to family. But if you are not being supported, seen and uplifted, then it is best to lovingly let go; at least for a time.

The holidays are approaching. This week arrives the gratitude holiday, Thanksgiving. While everyday is a blessing, many of us particular find ourselves being a bit more grateful; of all the miracles and blessings in our lives. Reaching out to those we may have overlooked in the past.

Recently, I received the most beautiful and loving email one could possibly imagine. It was from my beloved, dear friend and Intuitive Counselor Elana Kilkenny. We met nearly nine years ago, when I was a very different Denise, searching to be different, looking for a guide to lead me. She arrived in my life at the perfect moment. For many years, we worked together unraveling all the layers and resistence that were not serving me. We have become dear friends and her family is a testiment to the beauty that is possible.

So last night, after saying to myself (as I often do), when is my physical world, work life going to radically shift, I received the most humbling message. Without my ego desire to share, let's just say it was divinely timed and guided by SPIRIT. This brought tears to my eyes and expansion in my heart.

I awoke today, with a greater sense of purpose and desire. My heart is beginning to burst open and expand in amazing and miraculous ways! I will not give up...I have yet begun to fight (Samuel Adams I believe). Well fighting is not the exact word....But you get the jist.

So dear ones, never ever give up on your DREAMS. Stay in the energy of what is possible. Vibrate positive feelings and emotions. Take "guided" action when appropriate. And most important "Dare to DREAM"!!! I am.

With Love and gratitude.
From my heart to yours, Denise

Monday, November 19, 2012

Pure Acceptance

Inspiration: To allow the energetic space within and around me to take shape.

Day 15:
Acceptance. Embracing what is transpiring in our lives. Without judgment, without expectation, without pushing. Allowing everyone and everything the freedom and space it needs. This is a tough one. I know...

The more we can fully accept and embrace and let me emphasize FULLY,  the more we open ourselves up to the gifts and blessings available in each moment. The more resistance we hold in our mind and our hearts, the more we struggle against the flow. Struggle against what is.

Pure acceptance is a practice.A conscious practice of breathing into those things that may scare you and be overwhelming. A practice of "allowing" what ever feelings you may be experiencing to be there.

For me personally, I have been in a place of transition for most of this year. Desiring my work and life to shift into the glorious masterpiece I know it will be. I know it is.When I am projecting into the past and anticipating the future, this makes me uneasy. Stress and anxiety set in. Whenever there is a low energy vibration such as these, nothing, I repeat nothing has a shot in hell of showing up in an authentic way.

So what to do. Whatever it takes. Prayer, meditation, yoga, exercise, seeing a funny movie on a work night, whatever it takes to shift out of the negative emotion. I have written many a time, that there is no such thing as a neutral thought. It is either positively or negatively charged. A good reference point is to check in with your emotions. Renowned spiritual teacher Wayne Dyer suggests saying, " I want to feel good." Repeat this until you do. Think about it and sleep well.

With Love, Denise

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our Expectations

Inspiration: To continue to surrender my EGO attachment to have things my way.

Day 14:
Our expectations. We may desire this or that to happen in the physical, on our timetable. An event, an interaction, a work opportunity. Whatever it may be doesn't really matter. When we expect, we ultimately set ourselves up for disappointment.

When we get "out of the way" and live in the present, the universal intelligence unfolds to us physically in mysterious and magical ways. When we push, or force, whether verbally or energetically, it will not work out for our highest good.

Specifically, this past weekend, I was hoping to see someone. Although we communicated by text, he mentioned nothing about getting together. I was expecting or anticipating to see him since we have become closer over these past few weeks. So when I received a text this morning responding to my channeled guidance last night, I was pissed off when he responded and closed with have a grt8 day! Not the most intimate of things to say. You get the undertone here.

So, I have decided to practice what I so often lovingly preach. Expectations don't serve us. So right now, I will surrender these negative feelings and be a good parent to myself and trust the divine plan. Everything is as it is supposed to be in each moment. The more space we create within, the more space there is for our desires to flow at the right time.

What might you have some expectations about? Maybe there is something even more magnificent available that is unfolding? That said, I think I will take my own advice...That and go to yoga now to clear out my chakras.:)

Have a wonderful and blessed day!
With Love, Denise

Saturday, November 17, 2012

To First Love on His Birthday

Inspiration: To continue to cultivate loving relationships.

Day 13: Of promise to self to scribe

Today, is my first love's birthday. He turns 47. We first met at sleep-away camp when I was thirteen. We became friends when I was going out with one of his best friends (whatever that means at such a young age). Turns out we were from the same hometown and went to the same school. So at fifteen he was my boyfriend. We dated very on and off until I was twenty-two.

Fast forward to present day and we still communicate. On our respective birthdays in November and April, we look forward to hearing from each other as if it was yesterday. He is the first one to always call me on my special day.:-) When we do connect, it is as if we are both fifteen again. This warms my heart.

So today, on his birthday we caught up. For some reason this past April, he left me a message and we didn't get to speak. But today, we connected fully. It is truly beautiful and a gift, to reminisce with someone who truly knows you and loves you unconditionally. A gentle reminder, that love never dies. It just transforms in relationship. My dear friend was very vulnerable on this day and opened up to me more fully than ever before about his life, and what he is experiencing.

I felt truly blessed that he was able to do this with me as he is not one to share his deepest feelings. I was grateful to hold space for him and allow the conversation to unfold in whatever way it was meant to. I always say, on your birthday, it is about you! So today, it was about being a friend and reflecting back what I knew to be true. That he was a good man. That he will always hold a space in my heart. That there is nothing in the world I wouldn't do for him. True unconditional friendship and love. A gift, a blessing.

I share this as a gentle reminder to embrace all of those wonderful individuals who have touched your life in some way. For me, these two days a year, hold so much purity and heart. If I, we, could always live from this place, life truly is a miracle....Have a blessed day.

With Love, Denise

Friday, November 16, 2012

Grounding IN the Big Apple

Inspiration: To continue to stay peaceful, focused and grounded amidst the noise and the chaos.

In the past, I have written how at times living in New York City can really get the best of you. The crowds, the noise, the rushing from here to nowhere. You get my drift. So for me, being a high octane "Aries", it gets to me even more (in my opinion anyway).

Personally, I find it is extremely helpful to have a daily ritual or two to ground, to stay as present as you can. Years ago, teachers of mine said that when I meditate I will be calmer, not thinking this would ever happen consistently in this lifetime. So now I am completely humbled and grateful for this practice which I do every morning before leaving my home.

It has become second nature. Not to say that I am completely "empty" when I meditate, but I sit and surrender and let go. That's what it is all about. This helps to set the tone for the day. Have you ever woke up in a pissy mood and the day just carried on this energy? Probably even escalated? So meditation is key.

My favorite grounding ritual is nature. In the summers I love lying in the grass until sunset, savoring in the beauty and majesty all around me. Now that it is getting colder here, I have gone on pre-sunset nature walks in Riverside Park to empty myself. To let go of whatever I may be carrying that is weighing me down in my mind and heart. I leave feeling refreshed and invigorated!

Whether you reside in a big city or not, grounding in general helps you to stay focused in the midst of whatever is going in your internal and external world. Being grounded or present, also helps you to culivate more patience and acceptance with self and others.

These are just a few examples of what might be helpful. And of course my Heart, my joy; Yoga...What keeps you sane, grounded? Ponder that for a moment and sleep peacefully.:)

With Love, Denise

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Heart

Inspiration: To continue to allow my heart to burst open.

 My heart has opened like a wildflower
Waiting to be touched by your sweetness
      I am ready to dance again
 Let me hold you in my arms, MY Love
     Come find me. I am waiting for you.

I wrote the above to myself on May 18, 2012. My heart is dancing. Is yours?

With Love, Denise

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Being More Visible

Inspiration: To continue to show up more fully in all ways.

Day 10:
How can your desires find its way to you if you are not willing to be seen? Visibility. How much are you willing to put yourself out into the world so that your deepest heartfelt dreams come true.

For example, how do you expect to meet a romantic partner if you sit home in hiding? Unless the UPS man/woman comes your way. No seriously. Many of us (and me too) desire things to be different in our lives. Whether it is personally or professionally it is essential to show up, show your face in some way.

I am a masterful at hiding.(I must have been a monk in a prior incarnation.) So this evening, I was invited to a friends art exhibit and performance on the Upper East Side. I didn't want to get dressed up, which is normal for most folks. I didn't want to venture all the way across Central Park. But I did...

I ended up having a nice conversation with a few people that would never have happened otherwise. There is also the possibility of one of these individuals working with me. No expectations of course, just saying. I realize its no big deal for many to go to these things but I have my routine, my rigidity. I wasn't able to practice my Wednesday night yoga so I readjusted to go earlier in the day. Not my favorite, but I did it.

What I am trying to say, is that we can get stuck in our comfort zones. I love alone time.My life is extremely physically, especially for a middle aged 46 year old woman.:-) I am miss independent, self-sufficient. Maybe it was my survival mechanism early on from my wonderfully dysfunctional family; who knows...But now, I am working shifting this in lieu of new experiences, even if it feels like a burden at times.

What might you have been hiding from, not showing up more fully? The next time an invitation or something comes your way you would normally decline, go out of your way and dance with possibility. Think about that and sleep well.

With Love, Denise

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Learning to Surf the Waves of Life

Inspiration: To ride the wave relinquishing my fears.

Day 9 of promise to self.
The inspiration for this musing comes from an article a friend just sent to me entitled, " The Surfer's Guide to Taking Risks" by Srinivas Rao. In his article, he compares each stage of surfing to our life. From standing on the shore to riding the wave from start to finish.

It was very interesting. In surfing he says, one has to be truly present. There isn't much time to let distractions and fears take over or you will wipe out. In life, we aren't actually on a surf board but his comparisons make a lot of sense.

In a nutshell, here is what I got.

If you are standing on the shore, you are not in the game.
If you are waiting for the perfect moment, you create it by getting out there.
If you fall down, you just get up and do it again until you succeed ( My interpretation).

Life is a series of waves. We have moments of complete elation and moments of complete depletion. The key is to keep on keeping on. Our wipe-outs will ultimately make us stronger; or not. It is all the way you look at it. For me, my deep wish is to write a book. Am I doing anything about it. No. I am standing on the shore waiting for the sky to part and some unseen force hand me a book contract.

This isn't going to happen. I have to take action. It is scary and I don't know where to start. How about starting to write that bio I promised myself about six days ago to send to a publisher here in New York City.
What am I so afraid of???

We fear failure. We fear success. Is there a happy medium? Yes. Acceptance. Accept that no matter what happens in the physical, you are an abundant, blessed being. From that space have the courage to act on your dreams while embracing the fear and stepping into the unknown.

Maybe tomorrow I will just do that. What about you?

With Love, Denise

Monday, November 12, 2012


Inspiration: To continue to be blessed with practicing and teaching my love of yoga.

Namaste. Many of you may know what the word means, especially if you practice yoga. Some may not. This inspiration comes from an email I received from a new yoga client today.

Earlier, I had sent him an email confirming possible times for the week. The last time we met, at the end ofg session, I asked him if he ever heard the word Namaste. His response was no. I explained to him that it was was something that is said often at the end (or beginning ) of yoga class. He completely took this in with an open heart and mind.

So when I received his kind response to my email, he signed Namaste and his name. This was really touching for me to read.:-) Namaste: translated means- The divine light that is within me, bows down and honors the divine light that is in you.

We are all divine beings of light. One doesn't have have to practice yoga to say Namaste. So the next time you say hello or goodbye to someone, try this greeting. If they don't know what it means, tell them. You may be surprised at their response.

Namaste and goodnight.

With Love, Denise

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Simple Things

Inspiration: To appreciate the little things many of us take for granted.

Day 7 of promise to self to scribe.

About a year and a half ago, I threw my television out. I did this for a myriad of reasons. Here they are:

Reason 1: It was an old monstrosity.
Reason 2: I was enrolled in a six-month long yoga teacher training and thought it would distract me
Reason 3: I live in a studio and it was ruining the feng shui.

All pretty good reasons, especially number 3. I am beginning to rethink this as last night was the first time I watched t.v. (other than on computer) in a very long time. Let me explain. I was over at a friends home last night giving her and her husband a much needed date night. Let's say I was watching the kiddies.:-) To be able to sit and channel surf was something I missed. I finally decided to watch a movie, and found the first Rocky, circa 1976 to be on (Yo Adrienne). Sly definitely has come a long way. He was so young and looked rather tall (not in real life) in the film. Amazing what the camera can do.

Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that is was wonderful to be distracted, or entertained. Something I feel I have been missing in my home, instead opting to read and immerse myself in healing and meditation. I used to have over 300 stations and never even watched a movie. Perhaps there is a balance...

So now I think I may have to succumb and find a place in my very humble abode. That or move really soon...Anyway, what might you have taken for granted? Not really appreciated when you had it. It can be anything from a material possession to a friendship. Think about it and have a wonderful evening.

With Love, Denise

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Saturday!!!

Inspiration: Simply put, day six of my commitment to scribing.

I love Saturdays! Most recently, my weekly ritual is to rise, eat breakfast, chill and go back to sleep. Wake-up, have lunch and then go to gym and yoga class. The rest of the day is up for grabs.

It has taken me some time to really listen. To rest, to pause and not feel guilty. That is why I love getting up today and going back to sleep. When others view Saturday, as a "let's get it done kinda day", I look at it as let's relax into rest. For me, this rest is not leaving my apartment until after noon.:-)

Weekends can also be a time of deep introspection if one chooses. When most of us are off, there is an opportunity to reflect, on how we feel; without the hustle and bustle of the usually work week. For me, I do my best to reflect daily, often times not particular thrilled, but present so I can make conscious empowered  choices in a positive direction.

So on this first day of the weekend, how are you feeling? How will you spend your day off.?  In this in-between the week time, are you being good to you? There is no better time than now. Today. Whether it is a Saturday or not. Think about that had RELAX into your sweetness.

Have a magical day!
With Love, D

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Prayer for the Dying

Inspiration: To continue to be grateful for my life, no matter what is going on in and around me.

Greetings. Day five. Yesterday was a full day. Emotionally. I felt great, I felt anxious, I felt sad. But most importantly I felt and feel grateful.:) Grateful for all of life's mysteries and opportunities.

My Thursday night ritual is going to yoga class with one of my favorite teachers and friend Eddie Teboul. Eddie has been trained in the Jivamukti style of yoga. Jiva means individual soul and mukti means liberation while living. It is a beautiful system that combines devotion, chanting, story and of course flow.

We always begin class with a call and response. A sacred chant that sets the tone to open ourselves up. As we began this invocation, Eddie took the opportunity to devote his teaching last night to a dear friend and fellow teacher who was going to pass in about two days time. He spoke of her devotion to yoga and it's principles and even shared that this extraordinary woman made peace with her impending passing and was ready to surrender her physical body with an open heart, joy and gratitude. That it was her time to end this part of her journey.

He had mentioned her name, but I didn't think much of it. From the onset, class held a heightened energy and created a space for us, me, to really embrace the fullness of this life, and to appreciate "everything". That the day to day mundane dramas, inconveniences and distractions will always be a part of its ebb and flow.

As usual, class was magical and afterwards my friend and I went out to grab a bite and hear some music. Then it hit me as we spoke and reflected on class. There was a recognition, when I heard her name again echo within me. I knew who this woman was, not personally, but I did attend some of her classes many years back. A woman now in her fifties, at peace with the life she has been given. I don't know what it is, but when you know who the person is, it really does hit closer to home.

So today I awoke early, excited to be given this life, my body, my mind and heart. Full of possibility about the magic each day brings to us. The more I, we, can live with gratitude, the fuller our experiences will become in each moment. This is my mantra for today:

"Each and every day is a divine opportunity to experience the fullness of who we are. I am grateful for the gift of my breath, I am grateful for this life."

Enjoy the journey and have a blessed day!
With Love, Denise

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Don't Panic, It Doesn't Help

Inspiration: To remember to take a pause, a moment before freaking out to see things clearly.

Day 4 of promise to scribe. I literally just had a mini-freak out! Yes, miss zen as some think of me. A situation I thought would be resolved today did not. I was counting on it. Expecting it. Blame it on Mercury Retrograde and people being off so to speak.

Not that this was intentional in any way. Just an oversight. So what did I do? I did my best to negociate in the moment and when that wasn't working I surrendered. After my disappointment and fear escalated, I took a moment to really go inside and ask for a resolution. The best possible scenario. It came in a manner I never would have expected. So I went with it and it worked out.

Of course I am purposefully being vague about the details but what I wish to share is that when we expect and or freak it is totally USESLESS! This is why it is best to have no expectations or rely on others in any way.

So the next time you begin to panic, take a moment to pause, to breathe and to ask. There is always another way, another option. We just have to look outside of our comfort zone. As I am still calming down from my mini-storm, I will now take my own advice and go to yoga class. OM.

Be good to you. Always.
With Love, Denise

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The GREAT Procrastinator!

Inspiration: Simply put, not to procrastinate anymore.

Day three of my "commitment" to scribing. So here it is almost 9pm on a blistery, snowy and cold New York City winters day. It wasn't enough that we had Sandy last week, now we are being visited by a so-called Nor'easter and I had to take out my snow boots on November 8th.

I loathe the cold. So why do I live in NYC? Maybe because this is where I am going to meet my next husband and find work and vocation that makes my heart soar! Just kidding and maybe not. Anyway, New York City is really one of the only places where this is still some semblance of life pulsating amidst the snowy chaos.

So today, my dear friend Tony did a reading for me over the phone. This is why I am now writing. When I say he did a reading, what I mean is an intuitive card reading. Without going into the airy fairy details, what most important, was to look at my present situation. It said not to procrastinate any more. Was there anything I have been putting off ? How funny and how true. I have been a procrastinator all of my life. So to unlearn this behavior takes A LOT of practice.

He asked me what I have been procrastinating about and something crystal clear entered my minds eye. I had asked the Universe (and the universe has asked me) to somehow, someday connect me with someone who may assist ( or motivate) me to write a book. Not that I am even close, but an opportunity came my way to submit a bio to a publisher here in New York. This was over three weeks ago. Did I do it? You already know the answer...A big Negative! Why? Because of my fear and what it would actually feel like. That and I would actually have to write the damn thing.

So right now, I am using this medium as a promise to myself to get this done. Within a weeks time ( actually longer than one needs), I will do this. Whatever happens happens. I need to step into my deepest dreams while lovingly embracing the fear of the unknown. I have been asking for some time "What is next for me?" It is much easier to stay stuck in what is familiar than move forward. I am pretty much done with the last sixteen years incarnation of being known as a fitness trainer. Anyone that says that to me I want to ----. Yoga teacher or GODDESS is okay though.:)

So people, what might you be procrastinating about. What have you been putting off that you know would be beneficial to do, to explore? There is no better time than the present. Dare to live your wildest dreams! Think about it and have a "magical" night.

With Love, Denise

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Grass IS Always Greener

Inspiration: Day 2 of being consistent in my thoughts, deeds and actions.

So yesterday I decided to commit to writing 21 days straight in this blog. I am excited to continue to express whatever musings and insights come into my minds eye. When contemplating what to scribe today, what "popped" in was a conversation I had with a friend last week.

This friend is a very talented musician who is married with two adorable children. His wife is an extremely successful international performer/singer. So for the past few years he has become mother so to speak; staying home, putting his creativity and dreams aside. They lead a very "comfortable" and abundant life on the surface, traveling all over the world, taking vacations to wherever they desire.

But on this particular day, I received a text from this friend asking if I had time to meet with him. He has never done this so spontaneously before, so I knew it was important. We met at a local coffee shop and I immediately knew when I saw his face what had transpired. His wife had an affair...He looked so vulnerable, so sad. But out of this space I saw a tremendous future for him. Let me explain.

For some time, he had conveyed to me how unhappy he was in his marriage and how the light, spontaneity and luster had disappeared. How he had pretty much felt like an invisible doormat. So we sat down and chatted for a bit. I told him, "This is a huge blessing and opportunity! You have told me how unhappy you have been and this is the doorway. It might not FEEL like it right now, but in time you will be amazed how wonderful this is."

He then when on to tell me he found a new studio space to practice his drumming and that new opportunities had already been presented to work with prominent musicians. All since this news went down with his wife!
Interesting right?

The universe or world we live in is like a cosmic computer. Our thoughts, feelings and actions ultimately manifest in some way in the physical. Many times, it is not to our liking. We would much prefer sugar coated ice-cream sundaes and magic fairy dust (just like how that sounds for some strange reason). What we usually get is a kick in the ass to wake us up!

So for my dear friend, I feel (and intuitively he knows this), he has turned a corner. A door is opening that he is beginning to walk towards. This will take time, but what he received is a divine opportunity to step out of that which no longer serves and to give birth to what makes his heart sing in all ways. With patience, kindness and compassion, may he find his rainbow...

In closing, I invite you all to lovingly take a good look at what your life looks like. Are you happy?  Is there something that needs some fine-tuning or letting go? Ponder that for a bit and have an amazing day!!!

With Love, Denise

Monday, November 5, 2012

My 21 Day Challenge

Inspiration: To continue to be consistent as my dreams unfold into reality.

Consistency. Something I have been asked to work on by those that inspire me for many years. To keep the energy and my joy growing on a consistent basis. I am so good at what others may find challenging; a disciplined workout/yoga/meditation regime and mindful eating. This comes easily to me because I practice consistently.

Today, international spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra is beginning his worldwide 21 day meditation challenge. I watched this inspiring man yesterday on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday. He said it takes twenty-one days to create a habit. So today I begin my own 21-day challenge. It is to write for twenty-one days straight in this blog.

My writing is something I have been called to do for some time. I don't really know why, as it has not been my focus or study at any particular point in time. For years, I have been keeping journals; documenting my life struggles, dreams and wishes. As  I had gone back over these, I realize many of my dreams have come true in miraculous and amazing ways! Additionally, I have been sending out monthly wellness newsletters and the feedback I have received has been extremely positive.

So today begins for me. I am a writer! I am an inspiration to others and I surrender the need to figure it out! I will do what I am "guided" to do whether it makes logical sense or not. I will continue to keep inspiration near, in whatever form moves me in any particular moment. I have no idea whatsoever what will flow out of me in these next remaining days...but I will use this as an incentive to no longer procrastinate with what makes my heart sing.:)

So what do you aspire to create in your life?  Be honest with yourself. Maybe it is to join Deepak in his meditation challenge? Maybe it is to be of service to others in some way? Think about it and have a beautiful and blessed day!

From my heart to yours. With Love, Denise

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Post Halloween

Inspiration: To continue to be inspired.:)

Greetings. I cannot believe how time flies! It is already November and we have just seen the passage of pumpkins, witches and super heros. I am fortunate enough to reside on the Upper West Side where our block on 78th hosts many little peeps dressed up in adorable costumes on Halloween. So with post Hurricane Sandy, it was truly a gift to be able to sit outside my brownstone steps and give sweet treats to these amazing kids.

A few days prior, we witnessed one of natures biggest extravaganzas on the East Coast. This hurricane of epic proportions, bringing most of our beloved city to a standstill. I am fortunate enough to be spared the loss of power and had plenty (too much) food, too much yoga and too much gym as these were the only things to really do; for me anyway.:)

The rest of New York, New Jersey and other places, not the case. Many are still left without power and will be for some days. Our subway system has started to revive itself with limited service. Let's just say, as a whole we got hit Hard! But there is also a gift in all of this. For us to bond, for community to work together as a unit. We tend to forgot that we really do need one another and this was an excellent opportunity for people to come together.

It has also been a time of introspection. Seeing what is real. The truth is, we never really know what is going to happen. This not only applies to national disasters but to what transpires in our own lives. How we live each day, each moment, creates the next. How are you living? What are you thinking, feeling and experiencing? Nature spreads her wings to get our attention. Are you listening now?

Think about that and spread your wings. Make a difference in some small way.

With Love, Denise

Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Searching"...for the Sugarman

Inspiration: To continue to learn from and be inspired by the journey of others.

It was a recent weekday evening, when my yoga teacher did something bold; very bold. He played the soundtrack from the movie, "Searching for Sugarman" in its entirety. A movie I had been guided to see a couple of months ago by a client, who happens to be an executive at the company that released it. So here was a very BIG sign.

He briefly went into a short description of what the movie was about. An incredible documentary based on the life of musician Sixto Rodriguez. A story of loss and redemption. A story about humility and faith. A young musician who had recorded two rock albums but had no commerical "success". He never saw a dime. A man who supposedly took his life onstage in front of others. Supposedly...Little did he know that he was a rock icon in South Africa. That's all I will say about this film without giving too much away. That and I am in no way a movie critic.:)

So flowing to this wondrous collection of songs in class really touched the deepest core of my being. The songs, inspired from Rodriguez's own journey and gentle heart.You could feel how geniune this man must be; body, mind and spirit.

The very next day, which was a perfect, rainy afternoon, I made my way to Lincoln Plaza Cinemas. I got my aisle seat (my fav) and fastened my seat belt to be enlightened. To say that I was touched and humbled is putting it midly. This man was like a prophet. His humility was truly awe-inspiring.

To say that anything is possible is an understatement. All I know to be true is that there is really divine timing in everything. Not when we "think" we are ready, but when a power beyond our comprehension turns on the lights. In the physical, we may have expended much time working towards the fulfillment of our dreams. Many of us give up prematurely, just before a loving hand miraculously steps in and makes miracles...

If we can all embrace this journey, one step at a time, we will savor in the magic and mystery that can only be experienced in the present. May you all realize your deepest, heartfelt dreams. And definitely, go check out this flick.

With Love, Denise

Monday, October 1, 2012

We Attract WHO we Are

Inspiration: To continue to fine tune my desires.

Have you ever had a completely, weird, disastrous date? Well, most recently, a good friend of mine had. Not that it was bad, it was just UNBELIEVABLE!!!

A woman he met through a friend asked if he would like to have lunch. She happened to be a chef, an amazing natural kinda cook who preferred "organic" ingredients. In my naive days, I thought that "organic" eating and people who were, were normal, so to speak. More grounded more zen. As I got older, wiser, I realized there are all kinds.This is in no way a judgment, just a fact.:)

As, I tend to keep these musings clean, please forgive me if this turns into something a bit raunchy at moments, as when I scribe, it is a stream of consciousness flowing forwards.:-) So this woman arrives at my friends house and stirs up a fabulous lunch. As this guy has been a radio broadcaster and interviewer of some very famous rock icons, he loves to find out more about others. So he asks her the question, "What are you most proud of?" According to him, she hemmed and hawed for a good five minutes or so. Then she reveals the following:

"I am most proud of the time I was on the Howard Stern Show, as the naked chef!" I can only imagine how wide his eyes opened (and he has beautiful, big, blue ones) when she began to utter these words. She then went into some story:

Howard was not happy with me, or something to that effect and she was thrown off the set. She later came back on set when Kid Rock was there and was standing naked, while cupcakes were being thrown at her. She even seemed to enjoy this for some reason, although she said the frosting could have been better tasting.

Anyway, a few more encounters on her part, some kray kray behavior and you get the rest. So my dear friend asks me, "Tell me what I did to attract this?" I had to go inside myself for a moment and don't think I gave him the BEST answer; my true feelings.. So initially I say, knowing him quite well (or at least I think), "There is a part of you that doesn't want a commitment, You say you do, but don't want to get married and need a lot of space." I then go onto say, " Your energy is all over the place, so you are attracting this chaos as a reflection, parts of who you are, where your energy is going.." I also told him that you have to be clear about your intentions, create the space to receive.

He deeply took this in. In hindsight, I realized a bit more. We are always presented with a mirror of ourselves. What is reflected in the outside world is a reflection of what is going on in our interior. So for him, there may be a desire for intimate connection, but a larger part fears it. (Sorry babe). From my own personal experience, we have to make peace with our past, our hurts, our wounding and forgive; to allow for our beautiful desires to move forward. We are consistently shown this in our external world.

So if you take a good look at the people and events going on in your life, this is an indication, a snapshot of your energy. Are you happy with what you see? If not, you have the POWER to change it. This is an "inside" job...No matter what, you are safe, you are loved and have the ability to shift anything that no longer serves you. Always; in all ways.

With Love, Denise

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Real Housewives of NYC Encounter

Inspiration: To continue to remain open to infinite possibility...

Sitting  upon a simple terry-striped, purple towel in Riverside Park, birkenstocks at my side, I look up and notice a familiar face. A beautiful, tall, toned woman in a red, flowing dress appears before me. She is walking her "sweet" white dog enjoying this summers day. I happened to be on the phone when I noticed her, with my mentor in Laguna Beach, CA doing card divination, invoking the oracular.

But something inside of me said to call out to this woman. Without naming who she was, I say "Are you ...?" Her reply was "Yes." Then she casually asked what I was doing (or I may have told her so she didn't think I was off my rocker) and I said I was on the phone with my teacher doing divination with cards. She seemed intrigued and engaged a bit more. As I am not a multi-tasker, I was having a healing session with the West Coast and a celebrity encounter on the East Coast.:)

We chatted for a few brief moments about what I was doing, and she said she could really use some of that after the season she had. For some strange reason, I went out of my comfort zone and offered her my card. Not that she asked me, I just felt guided somehow. She took it to which I said, " I would love to hear from you and if not I bless you." I then brought my hands together in front of my forehand to bless her as she walked off into the distance.

One last thing...she did ask me if I watched some new reality tv show on mediums, to which I oddly answered, " I threw out my television during my yoga teacher training, but I did watch your show!" I cannot believe those words came out of my mouth !!! As it would be truly wonderful to connect with this woman in some way, I take this encounter as a gift from SPIRIT; for me to vocalize and shine my light more fully in the inspire others to live their highest expression.

As I now complete this musing, I believe the message is to dare to risk!!! You never know what might happen, for the "divine" weaves her magic in mysterious ways, hence the fabulous tune by U2.

Be present, be loving, be free....From my heart to yours.
With Love, Denise

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Life Is A Rollercoster

Inspiration: To be fearless, grounded and present; always :)

For years, I have been wanting to go to Coney Island. Not really sure why, maybe just to reconnect with the kid in me who used to enjoy going on rollercoaster rides. It has been many years since then, well over twenty.

This past Labor Day was no ordinary day, but a Cyclone kind of day. A friend of mine suggested we go, and initially I was hesitant because it was a holiday. There is no time like the present, right? So I went outside of my comfort zone and said "yes" on a Holiday weekend. From the moment we stepped off the subway steps onto the streets of Coney Island, I felt extremely peaceful.

After having some pizza, which btw, I haven't had in over a year, I felt myself letting go of my rigidity and structure. A brief stint on the beach until the rain started to fall and I knew it was time to venture into the amusement park. I felt like a little kid, with eyes wide open, filled with joy and enthusiasm!!! At some point in the day, I was determined to make my way onto a rollercoaster ride. The last time I can remember going on one was at Hersey Park, PA back in the days when I was a group leader at sleepaway camp. That and the early days of Great Adventure (70's, early 80's)  I remember fondly. Days filled with overindulging in icecream, fudge and whatever my heart desired without guilt.:)

So after playing many games of skeeball (one of my favorites) I was determined to go on a roller coaster. I was so excited and felt like I was 15 again. I opted for "The Steeplechase" since it was baby-like in it's view but not intensity. It was a short ride with an initial decent that made the adrenaline pump through my entire body. I made it. I had arrived (where I don't know) ! At a distance away, I noticed the world famous "CYCLONE", something I had heard about but didn't know it's place in history as it was now 85 years old.

My ego wanted to check it out, take a ride since I boldly mastered the steeplechase. My friend and I walk over to this wooden monstrosity. You could hear the cars rattle and people scream as the coaster peaks and drops with abandon. I was determined to go no matter what but a part of me was weary. The architecture of the structure seemed to be original, with red leather seats and one straight bar for protection. For one-minute, fifty seconds, I held on for dear life and prayed I would make my way off this thing. 

When I got off I was in a whirlwind. Spinning metaphorically. Totally ungrounded and out of sorts. I asked my friend, "Why would anyone enjoy this.?" He said, " Because their life is unfilling  and they need a rush."  This brought me back to the days of when I needed a rush, emotionally. Thinking it was normal and serving me to feel the high of being in a setting or situation where you could feel every fiber of your being pulsating at a frenetic, chaotic frequency.

I realized, I know longer needed that, or liked this feeling. A good reminder of what it means to feel grounded and present in my body. Listening to our ego often gets us into trouble. Thanks heavens, the trouble I felt myself in was for only under two minutes that day. A great lesson.

So what rollercoaster may you be riding? Does it serve you? Why do we sometimes venture on a path that is not in our highest good, for our highest potential? Think about it and have a blessed day.

With Love, Denise

Friday, August 17, 2012

More Meditation Drama...

Inspiration: To continue to breathe no matter what is going on around me.

This morning brought me an amazing opportunity to breathe and be present. For some time now, I have committed myself to sitting, meditating in the am hours. Whether it be really early or a bit later depending on my schedule, I sit..I pray..I surrender.

This morning presented me with another excellent opportunity to focus, especially on the breathe. It is our breathe that either creates ease or discomfort. Unfortunately, most times we don't even pay attention as we allow our mind to run the show. If only we took a moment, a pause, and focused our attention to our breathing. Our moments and days would be that much more ease full.

So it was 8am when I committed to sitting. I began with my daily chanting and then prayer and then stillness. As I was entering a tranquil state, there was noise on the street. Not just any noise mind you, jack-hammer, excruciatingly (is that a word) painful noise. I said no matter what this is a good exercise. I am going to sit for my allotted time (which was longer today as I had the time) and just breathe.

The more I continued to focus on my breathe, the more the noise began to diminish. It was still there, but it softened. There was a bit more space, a bit more ease. Eventually the jack hammer took a vacation and it ceased completely. Then I fell into a very peaceful place.:)

So it is with most of life. There is noise; both the internal noise in our heads and the external noise (and people) in the world. When we take some time out of our busy days, even for a few moments it assists us in becoming more peaceful, loving human beings. As with anything worthwhile this is a practice. But I promise you, it is worth the effort. Try it on for size. And see what happens....

Think about it and have a wonderful day.

With Love, D

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Simple Truth

Inspiration: To live simply, from the heart.:)

I hope everyone is enjoying summer. For me, this has been a time of great growth. Taking  inventory of what is really important. Going inwards and clearing out that which no longer serves.

The simple truth is you just never know what is right around the corner. For better or worse. Not to put a negative spin on anything but just to remind myself and whoever may be reading this, that what really counts is what we are doing right now. Not tomorrow, next week or year, but NOW.

To appreciate those close to you, your health, your body, your freedom. At times, we can become self-centered (guilty) and think only about what is going on in our world. My needs, my this, my that. If we could just embrace the myriad of gifts and blessings that are around us now, we would experience each moment with bright eyes; like those of a child.

So I lovingly invite you to reflect. How are you currently living? From a state of gratitude and expansion or a state of negativity and contraction. Remember each moment is a choice.Choose wisely. Think about that and have a beautiful evening.

With Love, Denise

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Spanish Man ON Broadway

Inspiration: To be open to receiving others in ALL ways.:)

It has been a few since I last posted, basically because I need inspiration in the external world so I can authentically share with you from my heart. This past week, I became inspired by a homeless man on Broadway.

I have seen the Spanish man for a couple of years now, always digging in and out of various garbage cans looking for "I don't know what." A close intuitive friend of mine suggested that maybe they aren't really so kray kray and possibly really intelligent, just a bid "off". I took this in and looked to see if what he said was correct.

So about a month ago, coming out of Fairway on 74th and Broadway (he frequents the Upper West Side) I offered him some almonds. Needless to say, he didn't have many teeth, at least in the front. He then goes into this long soliloquy of sorts...almost poetic. He said to just stop and say hello when I see him. Interesting.

Fast forward some weeks, and I run into him again, on Broadway...this time 79th street. I offer him some money and he wouldn't take it ( as he was barreling through the garbage). He said if he took the money someone would say he was stealing and then went on again in a profound and poetic kinda way. He then looked at me and said " You look familiar." To which I replied, "We have spoken before." I asked him his name and he said "Just call me the Spanish Man on Broadway."

As I said goodbye to him and  walked away I did realize this man was actually quite complex.. He needed a shower, but he was well spoken and courteous. Truth is, we never really know others until we give them, and us the opportunity...What they are thinking, feeling and going through. Maybe he was some kind of "ANGEL" meant to teach me and others a valuable lesson. In truth, we are all spiritual beings, created equal in the mind of the creator,  living a physical (or are we really) existence.

Ponder that, and talk to strangers.:)
Have a "wonderful" day.

With Love, Denise

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sometimes You Gotta Just Ask

Inspiration: To continue to listen and ask for help when I most need it...:-)

The inspiration for this musing, comes from an experience I had last night in yoga class. The students (including me) were all at the wall practicing various types of inversions. By this I mean, handstand, forearm stand etc. It's amazing having "assistance via the wall" encourages me to find the full expression of the pose at hand.

After this playful time, the teacher then encouraged us to try a bridge (wheel pose) and walk our feet up the wall and flip over. He said it was "liberating" ! A week prior, with the assistance of a different teacher, I was able to perform the "stunt" or as I call it gymnastics from when I was a youngster. So here I am getting ready...I make my way up into full wheel and begin to walk my legs up the wall. I take a breathe and my ego says YES! I will do it now....Well guess what? It didn't happen.

In fact, I know myself and my body so well that I call across the extremely large space "Get the teacher!" I couldn't move. Thank heaven, I was strong enough to stay in the pose until help arrived. It arrived in the form of both a student and a teacher. They were both encouraging me to get out of the shape I was in differently. Hence, I was still in the pose. Finally, the student helped me come down by flipping over (I think as I was kinda freakin at this point).

Anyway, you had to be there to really see and understand the complexity of it all.  In my nearly nine years of practice, I have never called; bellowed out to get the teacher. The teacher came. I needed help. The moral of this post is "Do you know when to ask for help?" Or are you too proud?

Think about it and have an AWESOME DAY !!!

With Love, Denise

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On Meditation

Inspiration: To continue to "breathe" through the noise with ease.:-)

Each morning, I start my day by sitting, noticing, breathing (I guess meditating). Yesterday I awoke later than my usual time of around 6am. The light was already passing through my window and the street noise was beginning. Either way, I was committing myself to my seat.

Perched up on about three yummy, velvety pillows to support my lower back, I began to breathe. I began to let the thoughts and prayers move in my minds eye. Then it was time to invite in everything. To hold a space for all of it. As I began to deepen into a more peaceful state, I heard the cleaning lady from upstairs (I reside in a brownstone) make her way down. She began to have a conversation with my landlord who had just walked in from his morning dog walk. I say " breathe Denise breathe." Then, about five minutes later it happens...What always happens at 9:30am on Mondays. The vacuum cleaner in the hallway.

I was ready to scream!!! Instead, I turned inward to remind myself that this is part of the practice. To let go of distractions. What a perfect way to practice, right?  So I breathe more deeply, surrender more fully. But the vacuum cleaner is now outside my door, which is right near where I sit. My blood was starting to boil. Again, "breathe Denise breathe."

This is how much of life is. Noise and distraction. But there is the gift: Can we remain peaceful in the midst of the chaos? Can we stay true to this present moment? This is what meditation is for. To create that space, that pause for everything to be as it is. For guidance and answers to flow our way (that is the wish anyway, and often it does). But on this particular Monday morning, my sitting was less than divine. A gentle reminder for me to embrace perfection in the imperfection. So perfect.:-)

So the next time you sit, sit with an open heart, an open mind and just breathe in the fullness of who you are.
Think about it and have a blessed day !!!

With Love, Denise

Friday, May 11, 2012

A "DIVINE" Conversation

Inspiration: To continue to know and believe, thought know no distance...:-)

For some years now, I have been thinking about my ex sister-in-law from California. We were both married to identical twins and spent many Friday evenings together at our local Laguna Beach hangout. At the time, we weren't very close. This was because of me, my unhappiness in my situation.

During the last few months of my living in California, we became closer and I really enjoyed spending time getting to know her better. Mainly because I was finally at peace after having made the decision to leave and start over again in NYC. At 36 years young, I felt that I had to be true to myself and not stay where my "SOUL" was not happy. The year was 2003.

We had spoken only once since then, after I received a lovely card and picture in the mail. This was in 2004. She will never know how helpful and "heart-shocking" that conversation was to me. It helped me change the course of my actions in the final dissolution of my "starter" marriage (meaning warm-up for the right ONE). I was so very grateful !!!

So here it is 2012. I have been thinking about her a lot recently. Wondering if it would be "cool" to connect with her at some point since I last knew she was also looking to get divorced from the other twin. I just kept on hoping she was well and happy.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned her to a friend and said something to the effect of " I really liked my ex-sister in law. I wasn't nice very kind to her a majority of the time (could you believe) but we bonded as my stay in California was coming to a close." A week later after coming out of yoga class, I see an email message from HER !!! I was like WOWWWWW! Thought knows know distance...

We have since spoken and I so look forward to continuing the dialogue and seeing her again in the future:-)...The "BIG" message is that you should never underestimate the creative power of your thoughts; coupled with pure intention and complete surrender for the highest good of all concerned.

Think about it for a moment, and have a blessed day.

With Love, D

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is It " The Best EXOTIC Marigold Hotel?"

Inspiration: To continue to be in awe of the "magic" of exotic lands. :-)

This past weekend, I took myself on a date to see the limited release. "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel."  The main star of  the film is the fabulous Dame Judy Dench. She is one of seven retired, elderly who venture to the land of India for change and inspiration.

Upon arriving, the guests are greeted by the uplifting, hotel owner Sonny (played so well my Devi Patel of Slumdog Millionaire fame). The hotel is a bit run-down and in need of work, to say the least. It is not quite what the retirees had expected.

Without giving too much away, Sonny tells one of the guests when she wants to go to another hotel:

" In India we have a saying, everything will be alright in the end. So if it is not alright, it is not yet the end." 

As the movie progresses, it's characters begin to see the beauty that is all around in the ordinary and mundane. How life pulsates with color and experience... So it is with us. We desire and ask for change. When this occurs, we may experience feelings that run counter to our expectations. But as long as you can stay true to you, your path, the more you will begin to enjoy "the dance of life".

So if you get a chance, check out this inspiring flick. It makes you believe in MAGIC again!!!

Think about that....and have a "wonderful" day.

With Love, Denise

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Infamous Ryan O'Neal of "Love Story" Fame

Inspiration: To continue to honor and bless every person and situation with compassion.:-)

Celebrities. At one time of another, many tend to write a book about their life. Ryan O'Neal can now be added to that list. He is the father of infamous child actress Tatum O'Neal and life partner of divine "angel" Farah Fawcett (who has passed over).

This past Monday evening, he was giving a talk and book signing for his new book "Both of Us". An account of his life with the beautiful Farah. So at nearly 7pm, I make my way into Barnes and Noble at 82nd and Broadway in NYC. I thought it would be nice to get a signed autographed copy of this book for my mom . I was thinking (assuming he was) of asking him to write "for Beverly." So I quickly purchase the book and rush upstairs; since it had already started.

To my complete surprise, I hear no speaker and cameras flashing. Then I am told he wasn't speaking and only signing. I was quite agitated, because for almost $30 bucks, I was expecting a brief (at least) reading. I then see line forming and I proceed to go over.  I chat briefly with a couple of fellows waiting as well. Here are the brief dialogues.

Denise: " I thought he was going to speak?"
Guy 1 :" You know celebrities; they are too good for that."
Denise: "OK, I am a bit disappointed but am not going to judge."

Guy 2 : " He has stage two prostrate cancer and even cancelled his talk this am on the Today Show."
Denise:  " Oh, so sorry to hear that."

While waiting online with guy 2, he told me he attended high school with Farah. He was a warm, inviting, happy man that exuded a sense of real compassion and patience. A sense of peace radiated in every fiber of his being...

So now, it's my turn...He signs the book, Ryan O'Neal. What happened to "Your name?" Anyways, he looked much, much older and weathered. His "soul", spirit, felt drained to me. I had compassion for him. After he signed, I shook his hand and uttered these words; " May peace be with you." I then left the bookstore and made my way back home.

The gift I leave you with is that you never really know the story. Many of us tend to be quick to judge. At the core, we are all doing the best we can in each moment...May our hearts grow as we continue to honor the deep self with love and compassionate action.

Have a "wonderful" day.

With Love, Denise

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Monthly Wellness News-Healing Addiction

April Wellness


Each month,  I create an inspirational and healing message. If you are interested in receiving these, please email me and I will add you to the subscription. Wishing you all a blessed journey into wholeness.

With Love, Denise

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Who Would I Be Without the Story?

Inspiration: Just let go of the old stories we tell ourselves

Everyone has a story...This happened, that happened. I can, I can't ...blah, blah, blah. S--T happens. We have all been dealt some pretty crappy cards. Then again, we have also been blessed. :-)

There are stories we tell ourselves about our past, stories we project onto our future. These stories (mostly subconscious) create the flow and trajectory of our daily life. As an example, If you were deeply wounded in a past relationship, your heart carries an appendage. This keeps you safe, and guarded, from not letting anyone ever hurt you again. This also cuts you off from feeling the fullness of your heart.
You may believe,deeply, that you desire union with another. However, there is a underlying core belief that "I never want to hurt again". If you can just allow yourself to FEEL the longing, the loss, your heart will burst OPEN and heal. Once this occurs, you are ready to open yourself completely. When you truly love yourself, with your beauty and flaws and acceptance that this has happened, (hugging your heart), you then create the energetic space for that which you desire.

This can apply to anything. Any situation at all. Let's all let go of our stories and create some new AMAZING ones. As Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame sings in the song  Amazing; " with the blink of an eye you finally see the light, when the moment arrives, you know you'll be alright" ! Let the divine spark shine from within. Let go of that which no longer serves and invite in new and exciting experiences.

Think about it, and have a wonderful day.

With Love, Denise

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sometimes "the SOUL" just knows

Inspiration: To continue to honor others paths.

A good friend of mine whom I had lost contact with came up in conversation today with a client. Actually we both met one another over a decade ago via this person. We had both received an email around Purim ( a Jewish holiday) saying a donation was made on our behalf. I thought this may have been crap mail, but since my client received the same one, I believed it was authentic.

We spoke highly about our friendship with this individual and how it would be nice to reconnect. Then I casually mentioned, ":It's interesting that this friend converted to Judiasm via a previous marriage and actually turned out to really be JEWISH!!!For years, she tried her best to turn me on to this religion, and I explored for a bit, but ultimately said, not interested.

Anyway, this friend of ours was adopted at birth. A few years ago she found her birth mother. To both our surprise, her real mother was Jewish. She always expressed such a deep connection to Judiasm beyond what I had ever seen. She was, is, so dedicated to it's teachings and esoterics in a "beautiful' way. In my naivety, I couldn't understand this (young and egocentric) but now that I am learning on so many levels, I truly understand.

The SOUL, the deepest essence of our being truly knows. If we could all just tap into our core essence and truly listen, answers to our yearnings and dreams would make perfect sense. I invite you all to tune in, to the longings and questions of your heart. If you are still and open, you will hear the answers in divine right time.

Have a "wonderful" nite.

With Love, Denise

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finding "M"'s...

Inspiration: To continue to listen to "SPIRITS" musings and messages :-)

For almost six months now, I have been finding colored coin-like metal with a scripted M on top. At first I thought my karmic soul friend was communicating with me on the astral plane (well maybe that too) but then I soon realized they were from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Granted, for some years now I have asked to invite more culture, art, creativity into my life. Two of my clients are art dealers and another heads up movie acquisitions at Sony. So between both, I feel a bit like a beginner. So finally, last Tuesday (not the best day to go btw), I make my way across the park to 82nd and 5th Avenue. I was so proud of myself for going there after living in NYC for 20 years.

So I make my way inside, a long line to check coats. Afterwards, I proceed to go in with a map that was useless to me; since I am not so great with directions...I start off visiting the COE Collection of American Indian Art. I am soooo drawn to Native American culture and feel in another life I was an Indian (or many).;-)
Anyway, I instantly fell in "love" with the artifacts and clothing. Where can I go and get me some???

Then, I made my way to see Picasso and Matisse (since I heard of them) and really enjoyed what I saw. After,  I made it to see whatever else was there. I think I may have been there an hours time. That was all I could do since I was alone and was new to this whole thing. As I was going to pick up my coat, I asked two lovely, elderly women how long it should take to view the exhibits. Their response was; "DAYS"!!! Oh, well. You gotta start somewhere right? I think next time I will go with a friend.:-)

With this experience, I will continue to explore, open up, and see what this fabulous city has to offer !!! What have you been yearning to explore? Think about it and have a wonderful day...

With Love, Denise

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Mysterious Cross

Inspiration: To continue to believe in "divine" magic. :-)

Magic, unexpected, instantaneous happenings (synchronicities) whatever you like to call it. This one was the "right in your face" kind, in the form of a large wooden cross. Let me explain.

Over a week ago, I had a really "cool" experience at a local wireless store. I met a pretty prominent music, singer-songwriter-producer. Let's just say he is really close with Steven Tyler.:-) Anyway, me and this music guy talked for a long while about life, music, L.A vs NYC ( since he is bicoastal) and life in general. It was one of those really AWESOME moments !!!

One of my ongoing prayers has been to meet and connect with more creative people. I was wondering when, or if I may hear from him again (we exchanged info). So here I am, after doing some devotion yesterday afternoon in an empty church ( I am born Jewish but like to light candles) not more than two minutes after walking down the street, I see this ENORMOUS wooden cross a girl was holding. Directly behind her was him, the music guy (she was with him) !!! He seemed rushed but we managed to have a quick exchange. Really cool huh?

I share this with you now for inspiration; our thoughts and intentions do manifest into physical form. This was "instantaneous" and I was like blown away!...Not because of the encounter, perse, but because of the ooh - aah of God, Spirit or whatever you like to call the invisible realm. Think about it ...Believe in the power of something bigger than you can ever imagine !

Have a good nite.
With Love, Denise

Thursday, March 1, 2012

On Change

Inspiration: To continue to allow the "wind of change" to move me and not scare me. :-)

It has been some time since my last posting. Actually, this is my first one since this new year began. So much has happened around me. Mostly, the interior world I know is expanding and shifting in amazing and sometimes scary ways.  I am hearing things on a deeper level. Seeing how the divine weaves her magic in the ordinary and the mundane.

At the end of last year, I took a much needed break to explore. I ventured out to sunny L.A. This experience was a roller coaster in many ways...In hindsight, it has been a great blessing. I now see clearly who I am, who I am becoming and where my path lies. At the core, I am a spiritual teacher/healer. To those that know me intimately, they know this about me (well most anyway). In my working life I am known more for my yogic approach to living and movement. This also encompasses my work in the fitness arena.

Slowly, without fear, I am embracing the new Denise that has waited a lifetime to be "seen" to be heard. As I approach my 46th birthday next month, I look forward to this next phase;opening myself up more fully on every level. I share this with you now, because there is never a better moment to start than the present.

Who do you wish to be, do, if you didn't feel limited by the confines of linear thinking? If you gave yourself permission to shine... To shine your light and experience the fullness of who you are. What would that feel like? As we continue to let go of the old and create space for the NEW, magic and miracles abound. Marinate in the feeling of what is possible. You were meant to shine that beautiful, inner light of yours...

Have a "wonderful" evening.

With Love, Denise