Monday, November 19, 2012

Pure Acceptance

Inspiration: To allow the energetic space within and around me to take shape.

Day 15:
Acceptance. Embracing what is transpiring in our lives. Without judgment, without expectation, without pushing. Allowing everyone and everything the freedom and space it needs. This is a tough one. I know...

The more we can fully accept and embrace and let me emphasize FULLY,  the more we open ourselves up to the gifts and blessings available in each moment. The more resistance we hold in our mind and our hearts, the more we struggle against the flow. Struggle against what is.

Pure acceptance is a practice.A conscious practice of breathing into those things that may scare you and be overwhelming. A practice of "allowing" what ever feelings you may be experiencing to be there.

For me personally, I have been in a place of transition for most of this year. Desiring my work and life to shift into the glorious masterpiece I know it will be. I know it is.When I am projecting into the past and anticipating the future, this makes me uneasy. Stress and anxiety set in. Whenever there is a low energy vibration such as these, nothing, I repeat nothing has a shot in hell of showing up in an authentic way.

So what to do. Whatever it takes. Prayer, meditation, yoga, exercise, seeing a funny movie on a work night, whatever it takes to shift out of the negative emotion. I have written many a time, that there is no such thing as a neutral thought. It is either positively or negatively charged. A good reference point is to check in with your emotions. Renowned spiritual teacher Wayne Dyer suggests saying, " I want to feel good." Repeat this until you do. Think about it and sleep well.

With Love, Denise

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