Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell 2012!

Inspiration: To continue to learn, grow and expand the fullness of who I am.

On this New Year's Eve, I have chosen to have a quiet night at home; surrendering, embracing and creating space for the new, miraculous year I know 2013 will be.

This past year has been a difficult one for me and so many I know. A year of  letting go, releasing that which no longer serves. Like me, many have done this kicking and screaming (maybe not literally or yes maybe) but internally. Fighting our external circumstances to no avail. Resisting what is.

At at very unconscious level, it is we who create our outer world. Through our past conditioning, our beliefs our worthiness. Many of us say and desire one thing, but the exact opposite ends up showing up. To realize we are creators (co-creators) of our own destiny is tricky. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions in time, manifest in the physical.

Depending upon our awareness, things may "show-up" immediately or at some future date unexpectedly. If we don't like what we see, herein lies a wonderful opportunity to go within. To clear out that which no longer serves us in all ways...Personally, professionally, emotionally, spiritually. Change takes time and with perseverance, endurance and patience we slowly change ourselves and our world.

So on this eve of New Year, I will sit quietly and give thanks to all of the lessons (although difficult) and gifts that 2012 has brought. Each moment is a gift and an opportunity. When we are not in alignment with our highest truth, this makes our life uncomfortable. The more we practice mindful awareness, compassion and gratitude, the more this will be reflected outwardly.

Farewell 2012. You have been a stern teacher! Thank you for what you have shown to me (and others ) and now let's move on...Be in peace, stay in "FAITH"! From my heart to yours.

With Love, Denise

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Always X-Mas, Isn't It?

Inspiration: To enjoy each and every day, full of life's gifts, miracles and blessings.
 (A quick musing on X-Mas in general)

So as I was walking down the street this afternoon, it dawned on me, "Everyday is Christmas". Everyday is an opportunity to give and receive, whether it is a silent prayer or a material gift. The fact there is one special day for this, is in my opinion ludicrous. Except for honoring Jesus of course.

 People scurrying to find the perfect gifts. Stores open late, with added incentives to splurge on stuff that really doesn't matter in my opinion. Yes, it is wonderful to receive, but why single out one day to do this.

Maybe I am a bit cynical as family and holidays in my world have never really jived. I can only remember one Hanaukah (born Jewish but have no affiliation) in my lifetime where there was some semblence of order. I think I was 11 at the time. Maybe that's why I turned to a spiritual life. :)

Not to say that Christmas is not important. It is; for letting others know that you care about them, for giving and receiving love. Because in the end, LOVE is the glue that holds the universe together. Love will transform each and every situation if we but let it enter.

So on December 25 (and everyday) be a light in the world. Spread kindness, compassion and love, not just with those you know, but with everyone you may encounter. Think about that and have a blessed evening.

Merry X-MAS.
With Love, Denise

Friday, December 7, 2012

Another Yoga Lesson

Inspiration: To continue to do my best to stay present regardless of external circumstances.

It was a Wednesday night. I make my way into yoga class preparing for a evening of gymnastics. Just kidding. The teacher, Philip Askew has quite an advanced practice and encourages us students to play. He does one-handed crazy s--t which is great, but not for me in this lifetime.:)

Anyway, back to the important part. Prior to class, I always go to the bathroom. The door was closed, and it appeared class and begun. So I open the door and run across (mindfully) the room to my spot at the other end. My mat was directly facing the door and in my trajectory.  I went back to close it.

Many times during class, the door miraculously opened itself, and many times, I went (leaving my practice) to shut it. My friend was practicing next to me and she smiled as I continually did this. Then the noise outside the room got SO Loud, that I finally took a different approach and placed a bolster behind the door to ensure it would not OPEN yet again.

Each time, I made my way back to my practice, my breath, my intention. Class was wonderful since there were only about ten of us and the crazies who could perform his elite moves were not present. So it was more of a breath-centered flow, but still challenging. Just saying.

Afterwards, I had dinner with my friend who was with me in class and I brought up my experience to her. "Did you notice how many times I got up to close the door?" She just smiled and offered up the following to me. " We will always have distractions of some kind. Our role is to remain present no matter what is going on, to find the sweetness within, to laugh and smile at it. She went on to say that this was a lesson just for realize how I react in these situations." (not verbatim but you get my drift).

I took this in completely, kind of knowing this already, but desiring for the experience to be the way I wanted it to be, instead of embracing this annoyance with an open heart and not reacting. Just noticing. As this situation presented itself in class, it is these situations in many forms that continually show up for us in life. How to we respond? Do we become annoyed, agitated? Wanting to fix things and have it our way like I did?

The more we can surrender into the sweetness that life presents to us in each moment, the more peaceful, loving and open-hearted we become. Think about it the next time something ridiculously annoying presents itself to you and maybe choose differently.

Have a wonderful day!
With Love, Denise