Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On Timing

Inspiration: To be as patient as possible until the desired outcome occurs.

It is said there is a timing to things. If we push too hard to try to make things happen, one of two things can result. In the short term, we get our needs met, thinking we have succeeded. OR not only are our needs not met, but our striving in an inauthentic way causes even more confusion and despair.

There is a saying, "In God's time". Whether you believe in God or not, one has to admit there are times in life when things just "supernaturally" happen. Ease, prosperity, joy and abundance abound.

We are all being asked to be true to our paths and go out into the world to make things happen. There is a quote by Caroline Myss, a medical intuitive and teacher I admire. She says, " Your job is not to make the outcome happen. Your job is to get to the door but not kick it open. You are in charge of the ingredients. The rest will take care of itself at the right time."

I invite you all to look at those areas in your lives where you are wanting something to happen. Are you doing all you can in the physical without pushing to make the outcome happen??? There is a timing to everything. Maybe there is something bigger, greater and grandeur waiting to happen.......Think about that.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

Warmly, Denise

Monday, October 26, 2009

On Courage

Inspiration: To have the courage to move forward with an open heart.

Courage. When we think of that word, the image of a lion may come to mind. The lion, in all its strength and power. That is what we individuals require to move forward. It is easy to sit back and complain, or even wait for our circumstances to change. However, this will only elongate whatever it is we are "desiring" to transform.

Courage coupled with an open heart will provide the necessary tools for living your best, most authentic self. It is also helpful to find inspiration, whether it be a book or teacher for support. Have "COURAGE" and you can move mountains.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

Warmly, Denise

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Women and Cardiovascular Exercise

Inspiration: To do less and accomplish more.

Cardiovascular exercise. You see women repeating this activity constantly, in the hopes of achieving the perfect weight. The funny thing is, this is not your ticket. Especially as we age, it is imperative to do weight bearing activities. By this I literally mean lifting weights and doing yoga.

The body is a well-oiled machine. It is very, very smart. If it knows it is going to go running 5 days a week, it goes on automatic. The metabolism finds a place where it is comfortable. Your metabolism is heightened for about an hour. Then it goes back to its normal rate. Enter weight training. YEAH !! This gives us an opportunity to increase our metabolic rate 24/7. The more muscle we have, the faster our ability to burn fat. Many women shy away from this because they think they will build bulk.

Just as a frame of reference, I am a 111 pound woman, who does 30lbs for a single arm chest press. For biceps curls, I can lift 15 pounds easily. I share this with you for purely illustrative purposes, not to "brag" about my strength for a small framed woman. What makes us get larger, is the amount of food, the timing of food and portions of food.

It is a difficult journey for most women. My intention is to show women and men, that at any age, they can be, have and look as they dream. It takes courage and a willingness to be honest with ourselves.

I invite you all to look deeply at your inner and outer selves.

Have a "wonderful" day.

Warmly, Denise

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Striving vs. Allowing

Inspiration: To move forward in an authentic way.

So many of us have goals and desires. We constantly push with our thinking mind to get things done. While this is beneficial, there comes a point where we must stop. We now must allow the fruits of our labors to manifest at the right time.

Last night, I attended a monthly group meditation meeting at the Cultural Center. Tony Leroy, a gifted intuitive, leads these seasons. The theme was " What are we striving for? How do we get there?" Interestingly enough, for the majority of us there, it was really to let go and receive. Stop thinking it is going to show up in a certain way according to our expectations. This is easier said then done. It takes an open heart, practice and patience.

I invite you all to look at those things in your lives you are striving for. Take the necessary actions steps, and allow a space for the miraculous to enter.

Have a very "peaceful" and heart-filled day.

With Love,

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Inspiration: To live your best life now.

The above is the title of the best-selling book by Joel Osteen. For those of you unfamiliar with him, he is a well-know pastor of Lakewood Church. He has a weekly broadcast on television. In each session, he provides a truly inspirational and uplifting approach to life. Although he is religious, his teachings have a theme and can be applied in all of our lives.

I have just begun to read this book. In the first few pages, he speaks about us enlarging our vision. If our vision is not large, how can we hope for great experiences to come into our existence. " What you think about expands", is a quote I recall from "Conversations with God."

So it is true for many of us. WE say we would like things to change, instead of living the change in this moment. This is the place where miracles abound. I invite you all to take a closer look about what you are envisioning for yourselves. A thought and/or belief can be changed. The time is now. Life your best life Now.

May you all have a very "peaceful" and blessed day.

With Love,

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Inspiration: To find the courage to deal with things that are necessary.

There are some things in life that we all just do not want to acknowledge. Whatever the subject matter is, these are things we would rather avoid. Truth be told, the more we look the other way, the more these situations escalate in nature.

The best thing to do is to meet these situations head on. Look them in the face and just deal with it. It takes much more energy to not take care of something. The repercussions are much greater than you might even imagine. This is something I am consistently reminded of. The more I avoid, the more it escalates.

Has there been something you need to take care of? The best suggestion I can offer is to just take a breathe and move forward. The quicker it is dealt with, the more at ease you will feel.:)

Have a very "peaceful" day.

Warmly, Denise

Monday, October 5, 2009

Living in the NOW

Inspiration: To stay open to the opportunities in each moment.

Living in the NOW. So many articles and books on the subject. So easy to say, more difficult to do. For most of us, we are concerned with what has to been done and what has already transpired. By living in the past and future, we cut off the opportunities that are here for us now.

There are a myriad of ways to connect to this state of presence. A walk in nature, a meditation practice or yoga class to name a few. All of these activities offer us an opportunity to be absorbed in what is happening in the moment. Only out of this place (or space) can our eyes be wide open to what is real.

It is easier said than done. Consistency is key. It does not matter what length of time you spend in the above mentioned activities. What is asked, is for us to be fully present. Then our lives begin to unfold in miraculous ways.

Have a very "peaceful" day.
Warmly, Denise

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October !!!

Inspiration: To feel the calms wind of Autumn and the change of seasons.

It's official. Autumn is here. Although the exact date was on September 22, to me it feels like October is the real time to embrace this season. Yesterday while teaching yoga in the park, I found myself all bundled, hood and all.

This time of year provides us with an opportunity to move forward in a new way. Summer is about expansion. Autumn is a time for harvesting. Really taking in all we have worked for and reaping the benefits. It is also a time for letting go that which no longer serves us. Many are afraid to release people and situations because they do not know what lies ahead. That is where having faith comes in. Faith is the unmanifested (or unseen) made physical. It is oh so easy when we see things, but how about when we don't. Believing things will come to pass, that is what true "faith"is.

This is an excellent time to begin some form of authentic movement; whether it be yoga, tai-chi or mediation. It helps us to get clear and remain centered no matter what is going on around us. I invite you all to take a look at this month as starting anew. Embrace change, while moving forward with an open mind and heart.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

Warmly, Denise