Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Blinded ONE

Inspiration: To really OPEN up to receive the gifts in each moment...

Back in the day, I was an avid runner. Running any distance under six miles I considered a joke. Guess my ego self was truly in the lead. Today, if I ran that distance I would be as sore as anything. In fact a few weeks ago I was.

It was a beautiful sunny day. The thought of going to the gym made me cringe. So out of nowhere I put my old running sneakers on and decided to go to Central Park; a place my feet literally made love to for so many years...I told myself I had to take it easy no matter how good a shape I was in. So on that divine day, I ran about 2.75 miles. Then I must have walked a few more around NYC and by the next day, my hamstrings were screaming!!! Ouch I thought. Especially after going to yoga class and really feeling how tight my muscles were.

It has been a few weeks, but since the weather here in the city has truly been stellar, I decided to give it another "run". This time going a bit further; not to fast. Taking in all the beauty that surrounded me. I was good to my word and didn't complete the entire loop and decided to walk. I still get the whole running thing, being in nature, connecting with the nature elements. But when I slowed down to walk at a  literal snails pace, I really saw it all.

As I was walking I was thinking about some external issues that were weighing down on me. Then suddenly, I turn to my right. I see a sweet looking younger woman. A brunette with a ponytail and sunglasses. In her hand was one of those sticks. That the blind use.

She was standing in place and looked as if she didn't know which way to go. I casually walked over and asked her what her destination was. With a great big smile, she said, " I would like to go to the East side. Eighty-eighth and Madison." After explaining to her the best way to go, she then broke it down directionally to me. East, North, etc. This is how she directed herself. A huge smile and radiance exuding from her being. She was happy to just be headed in the right direction. She thanked me politely and was on her way.

As I left this divine encounter I was amazed. Here was this girl who couldn't see with her eyes but really saw more deeply than most of us. She was truly living in the moment with an energy that exuded love, gratitude and heart. Wow I thought. A big wake up call...

Many of us (and yes me, guilty) walk around in a haze or daze at times. Not feeling as abundant as maybe we should be. Not experiencing the beauty and gifts that are around us in each moment. So who was really more blind??? As I continued to walk, I thought about a dear friend I have not seen or heard from in a while. A moment later, I found something with their first name initial on it. I pick it up and cried. A gentle reminder that it is in moment where we are truly alive. It is the small stuff that really matters. It is living with an open heart filled with possibility and awe....Are your eyes wide open?

Wishing you a day filled with grace and MAGIC!
With Love, Denise

Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Showtime

Inspiration: To take a moment and a breath, before deciding.

The NYC subway system. The quickest way to get around the city, and the most disruptive. Yesterday,  I had the pleasure of traveling down to the Wall Street area (on weekend), when the subways tend to be overcrowded with tourists and express trains tend to go local.

It took me about forty minutes to travel downtown and find my way to my friends gathering who was having a Reiki healing circle. On my way back uptown, I really was looking forward to just zoning out on the ride home and enjoying the energy radiating within. Then it happened...

A teenage or young lad, gets on the train with his "boombox'. He says, "It's Showtime!" I say to myself, "OH GOD, can't we just have a little peace here." Then his performance begins. He asks the people to clear near the doors so he could put on his act. He starts doing acrobatics, aerials and break-dancing. Minutes later a friend joins him in this adept acrobatics show. Actually, I was really impressed....It brought a smile to my face. I usually loathe when people ask for money, but these guys deserved it.

What is the moral of the story? To take a moment and reserve judgment. You never know when you are going to be amazed!!! The kid even had a ripped eight pack. Guess it was from his handstand push-ups he showcased.

Be open to the magic that is all around YOU!
Have a blissful day!

With Love, Denise

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Private Number

Inspiration: To continue to be awe-struck.

The phone rings. It says "Private Number". I usually never answer my phone when I see this (tend to not answer my phone much anyway) but at this particular moment, something inside me said to pick it up. "Hello, I say?" The person on the other end says, "Denise?" I reply, "Yes" but did not recognize the voice.

So I explored a bit further. I asked, " Who might you be looking for? This is Denise?" She said she was looking for Denise from the school. I was a bit confused but stayed on the line.  I said this is Denise Brandi. She then asked who I was and what I did. For some strange reason, I told her I was a fitness, yoga and spiritual teacher. Really that my heart was into spiritual teaching and that I was intuitive. She said she was in the market  for someone to assist her with weight loss and feeling balanced and grounded. A few moments later, I recognize her voice,

Without using her real name, let's just call her Valerie. I distinctly remember meeting her almost ten years ago at Tobay Beach when I was with my mom for the day. She was with her husband and three "beautiful" kids. We spent a considerable amount of time chatting and connecting; her family and mine. It was a divine conversation. We had exchanged numbers and I heard from her once. She had called to tell me her husband was sick, maybe nine years ago.

Well fast forward to present day. It was Valerie! The woman I had met on the beach a decade ago. She had shared with me her story, and how she had lost her husband seven years ago. I could feel her heart. Her pain. She still seemed to be in a very heavy place; a place of unforgiveness and carrying a tremendous amount of guilt and remorse. At one point I remember saying to her, " I remember your husband. He was a beautiful man." I could feel her smile broadly as I said this. She thanked me for speaking so honestly and that she deeply appreciated my frankness.

The conversation lasted for a bit and we spoke about the possibility of getting together. For a drink and for me to possibly work with her on her journey back into healing and wholeness. I felt honored and humbled, simultaneously.  I have absolutely no expectation on what this means or what is to unfold or not. All I can say is that some things happen spontaneously and mysteriously and we never really know why. Maybe someone just needs a bit of support during a dark time. A safe and loving place to honestly be with their emotions. I hope I was that for Valerie yesterday.

All in all, you just never know where or when something "magical" can happen!!! Be open and allow the divine pulsation of life to guide you in each extraordinary moment. Be love and loving. And you are....

Have a magnificent day!
With Love, Denise

Monday, April 8, 2013

Being with WHAT IS

Inspiration: To remember to breathe into the fullness of the moment.

Life. It has it's ups and downs. It's peaks and valleys. Usually the way we determine this is by what is going on in our external environment. In our physical lives. Questions may arise as, "I am not where I am supposed to be?" or " When is he/she going to finally arrive?"

What I have learned and continue to learn on a daily basis is what is required of us is our presence. Our truth, living with an open heart and embracing it all. To many, this may appear too simplistic but this is what it takes. To be at peace and accepting of all that is. Right now, in this perfect moment.

Yes, of course there are more pleasurable ones than others, but what I would like to really emphasize it is always in the way we FEEL that creates the trajectory and tone of our lives....So if you are having a bad day on earth school, embrace it. Feel it and do whatever you can to move through the uncomfortable feelings without pushing them away. Herein lies the gift. If you can feel the fullness of your suffering, you could feel the fullness of your joy.

Just like there is hot and cold, and black and white. There are ups and downs. Don't resist. Invite it in. Breathe. PRAY. Surrender...Your life is a beautiful MASTERPIECE!
Have a blessed day!

With Love, Denise