Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Showtime

Inspiration: To take a moment and a breath, before deciding.

The NYC subway system. The quickest way to get around the city, and the most disruptive. Yesterday,  I had the pleasure of traveling down to the Wall Street area (on weekend), when the subways tend to be overcrowded with tourists and express trains tend to go local.

It took me about forty minutes to travel downtown and find my way to my friends gathering who was having a Reiki healing circle. On my way back uptown, I really was looking forward to just zoning out on the ride home and enjoying the energy radiating within. Then it happened...

A teenage or young lad, gets on the train with his "boombox'. He says, "It's Showtime!" I say to myself, "OH GOD, can't we just have a little peace here." Then his performance begins. He asks the people to clear near the doors so he could put on his act. He starts doing acrobatics, aerials and break-dancing. Minutes later a friend joins him in this adept acrobatics show. Actually, I was really impressed....It brought a smile to my face. I usually loathe when people ask for money, but these guys deserved it.

What is the moral of the story? To take a moment and reserve judgment. You never know when you are going to be amazed!!! The kid even had a ripped eight pack. Guess it was from his handstand push-ups he showcased.

Be open to the magic that is all around YOU!
Have a blissful day!

With Love, Denise

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