Friday, April 12, 2013

The Private Number

Inspiration: To continue to be awe-struck.

The phone rings. It says "Private Number". I usually never answer my phone when I see this (tend to not answer my phone much anyway) but at this particular moment, something inside me said to pick it up. "Hello, I say?" The person on the other end says, "Denise?" I reply, "Yes" but did not recognize the voice.

So I explored a bit further. I asked, " Who might you be looking for? This is Denise?" She said she was looking for Denise from the school. I was a bit confused but stayed on the line.  I said this is Denise Brandi. She then asked who I was and what I did. For some strange reason, I told her I was a fitness, yoga and spiritual teacher. Really that my heart was into spiritual teaching and that I was intuitive. She said she was in the market  for someone to assist her with weight loss and feeling balanced and grounded. A few moments later, I recognize her voice,

Without using her real name, let's just call her Valerie. I distinctly remember meeting her almost ten years ago at Tobay Beach when I was with my mom for the day. She was with her husband and three "beautiful" kids. We spent a considerable amount of time chatting and connecting; her family and mine. It was a divine conversation. We had exchanged numbers and I heard from her once. She had called to tell me her husband was sick, maybe nine years ago.

Well fast forward to present day. It was Valerie! The woman I had met on the beach a decade ago. She had shared with me her story, and how she had lost her husband seven years ago. I could feel her heart. Her pain. She still seemed to be in a very heavy place; a place of unforgiveness and carrying a tremendous amount of guilt and remorse. At one point I remember saying to her, " I remember your husband. He was a beautiful man." I could feel her smile broadly as I said this. She thanked me for speaking so honestly and that she deeply appreciated my frankness.

The conversation lasted for a bit and we spoke about the possibility of getting together. For a drink and for me to possibly work with her on her journey back into healing and wholeness. I felt honored and humbled, simultaneously.  I have absolutely no expectation on what this means or what is to unfold or not. All I can say is that some things happen spontaneously and mysteriously and we never really know why. Maybe someone just needs a bit of support during a dark time. A safe and loving place to honestly be with their emotions. I hope I was that for Valerie yesterday.

All in all, you just never know where or when something "magical" can happen!!! Be open and allow the divine pulsation of life to guide you in each extraordinary moment. Be love and loving. And you are....

Have a magnificent day!
With Love, Denise

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