Monday, June 27, 2011

What is Next For Me?

Inspiration: To continue to stay the course, with an open heart.

It has been a bit since I last scribed. Mostly, because I have been engrossed ( at least mentally) in a five plus month yoga teacher training.  On June 19th, I finally became a certified yoga teacher. Yeah me!!! Now instead of pining over homework and running to take class, I find myself in between. A place of transition.

What is next for me? I have no idea. What I do know is yoga makes me happy, and I desire to share this with as many people as I can. Presently, I am in transition; for my love of yoga and my annoyance at being in a gym. Most of work still centers around the gym. But I am fortunate to have "wonderful" clients who are extremely open to exploring ( yes yoga) with me.

I dream of the day where life will be more ease full, both professionally and personally. In this moment, I will embrace, with gratitude, all the blessings in my life now. Remember, our thoughts and attitudes create our day and the trajectory of our life.

May we all continue to shine our light as our paths unfold with ease and sweetness.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, Denise

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is It better to know or not to know

Inspiration: To continue to honor the messages that come from the spiritual realm, in time.

Intuitive guidance. Those individuals with a sixth sense, able to delve into other dimensions to retrieve information that is helpful for our life's trajectory. In the past, I have written about this and again, I am humbled, excited and saddened by the information I received this week.

So the question is " Is it better to know, or not to know?" There is always free will and destiny, but the majority of the time ( I say greater than 80%) the information received is true to form. I posed this question to a client this morning. Her response was that it depends on the subject matter and if it would be helpful in making a decision.

So today, I am melancholy.  Much of the information I recently received I knew to be true. It was just a bit hard to HEAR. Especially when the individual who transmitted it to me had no prior knowledge and repeated some of the verbiage to a  T.  Additionally, much of the information I received was extremely uplifting,  insightful, and positive, a glimpse of what is coming soon. But not now...not today, probably not tomorrow. But soon.:-)

Right now, I will lovingly embrace, with compassion, the myriad of emotions I am feeling . Out of this space, I will emerge more open and more loving. With gratitude to Tony Leroy for your clear and accurate "guidance".

With Love,

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Inspiration: To continue to get "in touch" with what is really transpiring in each moment.

Misunderstandings. Those situations where individuals see things in a very different light. To my "surprise" last night this happened to me. After spending a lovely evening with a very special person, I had said "Thank You" to show my appreciation. On this particular occasion, I said this louder and with more heart than I usually have. To my complete surprise, this began a conversation I would never had imagined.

Without going into too much story, I have spent some months open my heart and exploring friendship of a romantic nature.  I believe I always ( well usually as I am human) expressed my gratitude for our time and "sweet" outings together. However, on this particular night after saying "thank you", I was given the following information. This kind and very soulful man, told me "this is the first time I ever heard you say thank you." Something that had been on his mind for some time, but could not find the right opportunity to convey this to me. I have always believed I had expressed my gratitude. After hearing this I was saddened, dumbfounded.

After contemplating a bit more ( I am such the thinker), I realized that the majority of the time, I did express my gratitude. However, I realize I did not project my voice loud enough, or maybe I did say it in my head.... who knows. So I now lovingly convey this information to self and others. The reason I share this now, is that it is so easy to lack the words or the appreciation (and timing) to show others how we feel.

So I trust this is another opportunity to go deeper, into the way I communicate, my language and volume. May we all find the right words to express ourselves in all ways.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, D