Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sometimes "the SOUL" just knows

Inspiration: To continue to honor others paths.

A good friend of mine whom I had lost contact with came up in conversation today with a client. Actually we both met one another over a decade ago via this person. We had both received an email around Purim ( a Jewish holiday) saying a donation was made on our behalf. I thought this may have been crap mail, but since my client received the same one, I believed it was authentic.

We spoke highly about our friendship with this individual and how it would be nice to reconnect. Then I casually mentioned, ":It's interesting that this friend converted to Judiasm via a previous marriage and actually turned out to really be JEWISH!!!For years, she tried her best to turn me on to this religion, and I explored for a bit, but ultimately said, not interested.

Anyway, this friend of ours was adopted at birth. A few years ago she found her birth mother. To both our surprise, her real mother was Jewish. She always expressed such a deep connection to Judiasm beyond what I had ever seen. She was, is, so dedicated to it's teachings and esoterics in a "beautiful' way. In my naivety, I couldn't understand this (young and egocentric) but now that I am learning on so many levels, I truly understand.

The SOUL, the deepest essence of our being truly knows. If we could all just tap into our core essence and truly listen, answers to our yearnings and dreams would make perfect sense. I invite you all to tune in, to the longings and questions of your heart. If you are still and open, you will hear the answers in divine right time.

Have a "wonderful" nite.

With Love, Denise

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finding "M"'s...

Inspiration: To continue to listen to "SPIRITS" musings and messages :-)

For almost six months now, I have been finding colored coin-like metal with a scripted M on top. At first I thought my karmic soul friend was communicating with me on the astral plane (well maybe that too) but then I soon realized they were from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Granted, for some years now I have asked to invite more culture, art, creativity into my life. Two of my clients are art dealers and another heads up movie acquisitions at Sony. So between both, I feel a bit like a beginner. So finally, last Tuesday (not the best day to go btw), I make my way across the park to 82nd and 5th Avenue. I was so proud of myself for going there after living in NYC for 20 years.

So I make my way inside, a long line to check coats. Afterwards, I proceed to go in with a map that was useless to me; since I am not so great with directions...I start off visiting the COE Collection of American Indian Art. I am soooo drawn to Native American culture and feel in another life I was an Indian (or many).;-)
Anyway, I instantly fell in "love" with the artifacts and clothing. Where can I go and get me some???

Then, I made my way to see Picasso and Matisse (since I heard of them) and really enjoyed what I saw. After,  I made it to see whatever else was there. I think I may have been there an hours time. That was all I could do since I was alone and was new to this whole thing. As I was going to pick up my coat, I asked two lovely, elderly women how long it should take to view the exhibits. Their response was; "DAYS"!!! Oh, well. You gotta start somewhere right? I think next time I will go with a friend.:-)

With this experience, I will continue to explore, open up, and see what this fabulous city has to offer !!! What have you been yearning to explore? Think about it and have a wonderful day...

With Love, Denise

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Mysterious Cross

Inspiration: To continue to believe in "divine" magic. :-)

Magic, unexpected, instantaneous happenings (synchronicities) whatever you like to call it. This one was the "right in your face" kind, in the form of a large wooden cross. Let me explain.

Over a week ago, I had a really "cool" experience at a local wireless store. I met a pretty prominent music, singer-songwriter-producer. Let's just say he is really close with Steven Tyler.:-) Anyway, me and this music guy talked for a long while about life, music, L.A vs NYC ( since he is bicoastal) and life in general. It was one of those really AWESOME moments !!!

One of my ongoing prayers has been to meet and connect with more creative people. I was wondering when, or if I may hear from him again (we exchanged info). So here I am, after doing some devotion yesterday afternoon in an empty church ( I am born Jewish but like to light candles) not more than two minutes after walking down the street, I see this ENORMOUS wooden cross a girl was holding. Directly behind her was him, the music guy (she was with him) !!! He seemed rushed but we managed to have a quick exchange. Really cool huh?

I share this with you now for inspiration; our thoughts and intentions do manifest into physical form. This was "instantaneous" and I was like blown away!...Not because of the encounter, perse, but because of the ooh - aah of God, Spirit or whatever you like to call the invisible realm. Think about it ...Believe in the power of something bigger than you can ever imagine !

Have a good nite.
With Love, Denise

Thursday, March 1, 2012

On Change

Inspiration: To continue to allow the "wind of change" to move me and not scare me. :-)

It has been some time since my last posting. Actually, this is my first one since this new year began. So much has happened around me. Mostly, the interior world I know is expanding and shifting in amazing and sometimes scary ways.  I am hearing things on a deeper level. Seeing how the divine weaves her magic in the ordinary and the mundane.

At the end of last year, I took a much needed break to explore. I ventured out to sunny L.A. This experience was a roller coaster in many ways...In hindsight, it has been a great blessing. I now see clearly who I am, who I am becoming and where my path lies. At the core, I am a spiritual teacher/healer. To those that know me intimately, they know this about me (well most anyway). In my working life I am known more for my yogic approach to living and movement. This also encompasses my work in the fitness arena.

Slowly, without fear, I am embracing the new Denise that has waited a lifetime to be "seen" to be heard. As I approach my 46th birthday next month, I look forward to this next phase;opening myself up more fully on every level. I share this with you now, because there is never a better moment to start than the present.

Who do you wish to be, do, if you didn't feel limited by the confines of linear thinking? If you gave yourself permission to shine... To shine your light and experience the fullness of who you are. What would that feel like? As we continue to let go of the old and create space for the NEW, magic and miracles abound. Marinate in the feeling of what is possible. You were meant to shine that beautiful, inner light of yours...

Have a "wonderful" evening.

With Love, Denise