Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Spanish Man ON Broadway

Inspiration: To be open to receiving others in ALL ways.:)

It has been a few since I last posted, basically because I need inspiration in the external world so I can authentically share with you from my heart. This past week, I became inspired by a homeless man on Broadway.

I have seen the Spanish man for a couple of years now, always digging in and out of various garbage cans looking for "I don't know what." A close intuitive friend of mine suggested that maybe they aren't really so kray kray and possibly really intelligent, just a bid "off". I took this in and looked to see if what he said was correct.

So about a month ago, coming out of Fairway on 74th and Broadway (he frequents the Upper West Side) I offered him some almonds. Needless to say, he didn't have many teeth, at least in the front. He then goes into this long soliloquy of sorts...almost poetic. He said to just stop and say hello when I see him. Interesting.

Fast forward some weeks, and I run into him again, on Broadway...this time 79th street. I offer him some money and he wouldn't take it ( as he was barreling through the garbage). He said if he took the money someone would say he was stealing and then went on again in a profound and poetic kinda way. He then looked at me and said " You look familiar." To which I replied, "We have spoken before." I asked him his name and he said "Just call me the Spanish Man on Broadway."

As I said goodbye to him and  walked away I did realize this man was actually quite complex.. He needed a shower, but he was well spoken and courteous. Truth is, we never really know others until we give them, and us the opportunity...What they are thinking, feeling and going through. Maybe he was some kind of "ANGEL" meant to teach me and others a valuable lesson. In truth, we are all spiritual beings, created equal in the mind of the creator,  living a physical (or are we really) existence.

Ponder that, and talk to strangers.:)
Have a "wonderful" day.

With Love, Denise

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sometimes You Gotta Just Ask

Inspiration: To continue to listen and ask for help when I most need it...:-)

The inspiration for this musing, comes from an experience I had last night in yoga class. The students (including me) were all at the wall practicing various types of inversions. By this I mean, handstand, forearm stand etc. It's amazing having "assistance via the wall" encourages me to find the full expression of the pose at hand.

After this playful time, the teacher then encouraged us to try a bridge (wheel pose) and walk our feet up the wall and flip over. He said it was "liberating" ! A week prior, with the assistance of a different teacher, I was able to perform the "stunt" or as I call it gymnastics from when I was a youngster. So here I am getting ready...I make my way up into full wheel and begin to walk my legs up the wall. I take a breathe and my ego says YES! I will do it now....Well guess what? It didn't happen.

In fact, I know myself and my body so well that I call across the extremely large space "Get the teacher!" I couldn't move. Thank heaven, I was strong enough to stay in the pose until help arrived. It arrived in the form of both a student and a teacher. They were both encouraging me to get out of the shape I was in differently. Hence, I was still in the pose. Finally, the student helped me come down by flipping over (I think as I was kinda freakin at this point).

Anyway, you had to be there to really see and understand the complexity of it all.  In my nearly nine years of practice, I have never called; bellowed out to get the teacher. The teacher came. I needed help. The moral of this post is "Do you know when to ask for help?" Or are you too proud?

Think about it and have an AWESOME DAY !!!

With Love, Denise