Monday, March 24, 2014

The VOICE of Karma

Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters..even dollar bills. We sometimes are just walking about and happen to look down and see something shiny and sparkly. It has been said it is a sign of good luck, that prosperity is here or on its way. At one time or another, we have all blessed with this "divine" sign which may bring a smile to our face.

About a week or so ago, I was doing some shopping in a local food store. As I approached the checkout counter, I happened to look down and see three crisp and flowing twenty dollar bills on the floor directly in front of me. While it would have been nice to keep the windfall (literally), it was clear that it fell out of someones pocket; just the way the bills were displaced on the floor. Probably even a few seconds ago.

I paused for a moment and then knelt down to retrieve the bills. Two onlookers were quick to help me retrieve what they thought was my money. But then I heard a voice within say, "NO". And then out of nowhere I stood up and saw two women online and said,"Did you happen to drop some money on the floor?"The woman checked her pocket and she said "YES".

So I handed the bills over to her and she was most appreciative. As I was checking out on another line in close proximity, I overheard her say to her friend again, "That was so nice of her." I knew I did the right thing and was even more uplifted at her double appreciation of this.

I walked away with a sense of purpose. Knowing that I did a nice thing for someone. Yes, it would have been COOL to find sixty bucks...Perhaps if it was on the city street or park when I was moving about and spoke to me: "Yes, Denise this is for you." I would have ease fully picked it up. But no, this was not for me to grasp. Maybe it was a test. Who knows. I think I passed.:)

It was then I remembered these words from a spiritual teacher, "There is no invisible act, it is all visible to GOD (or Spirit or whatever you like to call the DIVINE)."

Think about it and have a wonderful and blessed day!
With Love, Denise

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why YOGA has me Hooked and Humble

Yoga. To some the word may summon up chanting and gurus,to others a sweaty discipline. To me it is neither. It is my sustenance, my breath, my healing. For many, many years I was guided to try this, but after popping into a class back in 1996, after a nearly hours plus workout, I was disillusioned. I stepped into a fellow personal trainer/yoga instructors power yoga class and all I wanted to do was meditate. I had no idea what meditation was. All I know was I was tired from pushing my body and I needed to chill. Little did I know there was movement, funny silly purple blocks and blankets. My ego at the time was HUGE! Little did I know indeed.

Fast forward to the year 2003. I had arrived back in NYC after living in Orange County, California for a few years. Definitely not my cup of tea. In fact, while I was there, there were clients asking me to take yoga class with them. I just raised my eyebrows like "Yeah Right"! But it was this fateful year, after breaking my pinky toe and not being able to run my six plus miles, I felt compelled. That and the fact I am been praying to slow down because I just couldn't keep training as hard and long as I was. So I actually listened to the little voice inside of me. There was a new yoga studio literally down the block from where I lived, so there was really no excuse...But then again we can always make up one.:)

It was a Sunday afternoon, and I decided to check out this new space. I looked at the schedule and realized though I was in Linda Hamilton, Terminator 2 looking shape, I should take a basics class. The only one I saw on the schedule that worked was at 3pm. I thought to myself, "What decent teacher, teaches a class at 3pm." What an ego I had.

But I went and was totally blown away!!! The class began with chanting which set the tone for Zen. Not only did it kick my ass on a physical level; my body was freaking out! I had lost so much flexibility since I never, ever stretched (you read that right) and even hated stretching clients, but knew they loved it. Here I was 37 and my body was screaming. In a good way. At the end of class came the icing. The rest. The savasana. Little did I know at that moment, that my life would be changed forever. In this lifetime anyways...

The huge gift came during savasana. The yoga actually being instructed was the Jivamukti method. It combines chanting, story, asana and a nice big rest at the end of class. If you are fortunate to be picked, the teacher comes over and rubs some really great lotion on you. So I guess today was my DAY. When he came over to me, I felt something I never, ever experienced in my lifetime...An electrical surge of energy emanating from my head straight to my feet. It was not of this world. Point being, I got the memo. It was something that had to be a part of my life. Eleven years later, it has my heart and I continue to be humbled by its teachings each time I practice.  In 2011, I formally received a Yoga Certification for my 45th birthday. It is never to late to follow your bliss.

So the inspiration and offering is to really listen to what you are guided to do. To explore. For me, it was yoga and it's healing benefits and clarity. My heart continues to open more and more and I look forward to what is to come. Listen to your heart. It knows what is best. <3

From my heart to yours.
With Love, Denise

Monday, February 10, 2014

It's A ROCKIN HORSE Kinda Year

Hello Year of the Horse. Accordingly to Chinese Astrology so to speak. Check out my monthly inspiration for more delicious details. Happy 2014! Bring it!!! With Love, Denise

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

We Are ALL Beginners

Inspiration: To continue to become humbled on a daily basis.

It was a weekday afternoon. I make my way over to the Apple Store on West 66th and Broadway. Not to buy a computer, but to take a workshop on how to use my IPhone. It has taken me to late 2013 to retire my old and loyal Blackberry and join the multitude of IPhone lovers. Mostly because I was married to its keyboard and fearful of the completely touch tone screen, Who knew it would be so freeing!

So here it is 3pm and a small group of us gather in the back of the store to learn how to manuever this thing. I have had mine for about two months now and have managed to learn a bit, but I thought starting with the basics was good. Well let's just say I was the youngest of the bunch at a ripe age of 47. There were six of us in total and the teacher was late. One woman said she was on a schedule and couldn't wait any longer. It was a good thing because the "energy" of the rest of us was open, playful and eager to learn.

So finally the teacher arrives at quarter past and we begin. Two lovely women next to me made me look like I was a pro. The questions asked (including myself) to an adept user were a bit ridiculous, and our "guide" had to show us a myriad of times the answer to the same questions. Some didn't even know what version of the IPhone they had since they upgraded their operating system online. Make any sense?

I just smiled and smiled. My eyes and heart filled with wonder and possibility...Wow I thought. Beginner. Yes. Learning through new eyes. This is what it must feel like when I tell people I teach and love yoga who have never done it. A loving and gentle reminder to me what a true beginner feels like. In the land of Apple, I am pretty much as uneducated (always a choice) as it gets. A true beginner whose eyes have been cast wide open....

Do I now know how to use the damn thing? A bit better than before and I will continue to learn and explore on a daily basis. Not just how to use my phone, but to view this beautiful world through childlike eyes and wonder. Learning. Always learning. That is how we grow.

What would you like to learn??? Pole-dancing (check), drumming (check) and the list goes on....Your turn.:)

With Love, Denise

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Cat Came Back

Inspiration: To continue to believe in the kindness and compassion of others.

Walking down the street last week en route to yoga class, I noticed something odd...A cat running loose on West End Avenue. I wasn't the only one to notice this. There was a couple nearby who also seemed a bit concerned seeing this adorable creature roaming the city streets.

Our paths collided and we were trying aimlessly to stop this fearful cat from running under the nearby parked cars and possibly into the street. Finally, we were able to corner it in the entrance of a small building while eagerly attempting to look at the collar adorning its neck. Moments later, another woman walks by seeing what was transpiring and offering assistance.

After locating the cat's owners number, a phone call was placed. As I overhead the exchange, it appeared that the owner who answered the phone, seemed to be quite non-chalant. As if it was normal for a cat to be out and about. They didn't (at least from the tone of her voice) appear to think this was an urgency. Yes, cats should definitely roam freely when then need a bit a fresh air; especially in NYC. Don't you think?

Anyway, I had moments to arrive at my evening yoga catharsis (cleansing) but was able to stroke the cat along with a fearful and nervous man who was crouching to keep him from running away. So there were four of us; me stroking, the guy holding, and the other two woman eagerly awaiting the owner to show up.

Minutes later he arrives. I slowly apologize (in the distance) for having to take off but I manage to overhear the owner saying something like, "Oh, where was he. He usually goes only on this block." To him it was no big deal.

To the others present, it was a very big f**kin deal ! Just goes to show you, there are many levels of awareness, caring and urgency. What really hit me was that it was a reminder that what one person views as urgent, another views as it's no big deal.... But what I did love about this incident, was the kindness and compassion by complete strangers who were desperately trying to keep the cat out of harms way.

Always remember, there is kindness all around. What you reap you sow. One day, you may need help in some way. Why not be there for others. It's good KARMA. Just saying....

With Love, Denise

Sunday, October 13, 2013

16 Handles of Patience

Inspiration: To continue to do my best to remain present and calm under all circumstances.

16 Handles. The popular yogurt establishment that has gained popularity in recent years. With its varied array of delectable dessert flavors and toppings, it has become a staple amongst both kids and grown-ups. You can sample as many flavors as your heart desires and then create your own splendid masterpiece for digestion.

The caveat here is you can have as much as you want, but it is weighed by the ounce. So a colorful sweet and delectable dish can run you a pretty penny. Probably someone in the vacinity of ten bucks. But who cares, it so much fun to watch the spiral of swirl and yumminess fall into your cup.

Almost daily, this has been one of my added rituals, especially after yoga class. I arrive in an expanded, "blissful" state, looking forward to the possibility of having my favorite flavors; pistachio and ANYTHING with chocolate and peanut butter. :)

So on a recent weekday eve, I make my way over after a juicy and delicious yoga experience. I was pretty blissed out and rather peaceful...After I created my sweet treat, I made my way over to the checkout line. It happened to be rather short so I was elated. However, when it came to be my turn, here is what ensued.

For every fifty bucks you spend here, you receive a five dollar reward which can be used to your next purchase. You can either present a card or use your telephone number. Since my card was nowhere in sight, I gave my number. This tattooed looking young guy asked me for this number almost eleven times (I kid you not).Those gathered in line behind me were in complete awe of his lack of presence and possible capability. I finally said, "I usually have a lot of patience and just got back from yoga class, but I am losing my BUZZ...Do you need someone to help you out here?"

This young adorned guy of course said, "No. I know what I am doing." (of course you do that's why I told you the same thing so many times). If he knew what he was f**kin doing why didn't he get it right the first time? This brings me to the point of this whole musing. A question of presence. Was he present (not) or was his mind off somewhere else. I only say this because when we are totally present, everything unfolds with ease. There is no lag time whatsoever in doing or becoming one with the task at hand. Perhaps this guy just needs to get a little yoga groove on. One can only hope....The question is, "Are you being fully present to what is?"

Anyway, the desert was still pretty damn AWESOME!!!

With Love, Denise

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Mystery of the Capricorn

Inspiration: To continue to be amazed by the Universe's musings and messages...

My favorite, meditative place to go is Riverside Park NYC in the evenings. It is here I empty myself completely to the night sky, the trees and the water in the distance. This has become somewhat of a ritual for me, especially on these beautiful Summer nights.

After 9pm, the dogs are in charge and roam freely off leash. They are a myriad of different shapes and sizes and it always brings a smile to face to watch these beloved animals wander aimlessly with complete joy. I have become friendly with some of the dog owners and recently met one in particular. A beautiful woman with a labradoodle who exuded a positive vibe.  A couple of years ago, I recall we briefly spoke about what kind of dog she had. On this particular Sunday evening, as I was walking towards exiting the park, I saw her with a friend and their two dogs playing. As I walked by, both dogs gathered around me without me paying any attention to them.

This woman said that witnessing this brought her "chills" . I didn't think much of it but that my energy must have been chill, especially after yoga and meditation. We began a dialogue and soon enough I found myself walking out of the park with her. Since we lived quite close to one another, I walked in her path and I felt a familiar resonance with her.

She opened up to me about her love for nature, being out of the city and just being in flow (yoga). She shared with me a recent break-up with a man she had been with for nearly two years. After listening and having complete empathy for her (as I could totally relate), I asked the question, "He's not a Capricorn is he?" To which she responded YES. My follow up question was, "When is his birthday?" She replied, "December 24th." A great big smile came upon my face. Here is why.

In the past decade, I have been involved with three Capricorn men. Some more seriously than others but all had birthdays within days of each other:...December 23, 25 and 26. When this amazingly, beautiful woman shared with me her now ex's date I couldn't help but share a bit of my story. We both laughed and took it as some GREAT sign from the Universe! It was definitely a missing piece to some sort of puzzle. Dare I try to label it or put words to what I think. Just a friendly "sprinkle" from the great unknown that there is always a message and gift in everything.

With this experience, I gained a new amazing female friend. A woman of like-mind and heart, who practices yoga and loves nature. So perfect. As for the Capricorn male, he is fixed, rigid, practical (but not all though) and most of all stubborn. But aren't we all in some way. No judgments. Just a thought and my observation.

So dear ones, be open to the messages the Universe powers have in store for us. When we pay attention and listen, we are somehow lovingly guided to the next step. Think about that for a bit and have a blessed day!

With Love, Denise