Sunday, March 8, 2015


It has been quite some time since I scribed. Partly because of wanting to have the "perfect" thing to articulate. Mainly because I have been continuing to go deeper than ever before into my practice. When I refer to the word practice, it can hold a myriad of meanings.

Practice can be purely physical. For instance a fitness regimen or yoga asana. We can also add meditation to the mix. As this is an extreme practice of being with the wandering insights of the monkey mind.

Practice can be also be internal. Changing our interior dialogue. Who we are. How we move in the world. Being mindful of our thoughts; our words. Are they in alignment with our highest truth? Our greatest potential?

To practice is allowing what works to keep expanding and what does not to fade into the distance. Every day is a practice. We arise (thank you heaven) each morning and are given a gift of a new day. How to you want to be in the world?

Live your highest truth. Be the change.

Much Love and Blessings, XO