Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Having Faith

Inspiration: To continue to believe no matter what...

In two weeks time, I will be taking five weeks straight off from my life in NYC. This is both scary and exciting. I am venturing to sunny L.A. to explore possibility. Some believe I will move there soon. Others say it is about me taking the risk and growing. Either way, any time you change the "energy" or trajectory, things shift in the physical.

The details are still unfolding. I still need a car and a place to stay for about five days. At moments, I feel filled with elation, while other times I am scared sh--tless. Regardless, I am going. In spirit, I am already there. I am filled with joy knowing there are so many like-minded, spirited individuals, amongst the entertainment world ( not to say that they too are, at least some anyway). Yoga studios are abundant and there are teachers I have dreamed on meeting and "flowing" with.

There are also people there I know. Some better than others. Friends,ex-husband, old "friends" and maybe a new one.:) You gotta put it out there, right? Anyway, I remain open to all possibility both personally and professionally. My ongoing prayer has been the following:

"My intention is to surrender any expectations on outcome related to my time in California. I say YES and am open to it all !!!

Life is a unfolding journey. A journey about learning and growing in beautiful ways. Open your heart and say YES ! Believe in MAGIC !!! Let's all take a chance in some small way.

Have a wonderful evening.

With Love, Denise

Monday, November 14, 2011

Being Grateful For What Is

Inspiration: To continue to be grateful for my health, my life and this moment...

I have been thinking a lot about the trajectory of my life, my path and what is next for me. At times, I feel stagnant, sad that my physical world is not where it should be at 45 years of age. Then again, my interior world, my connection to spirit and all that is, is so abundant.

Yesterday was a challenging day. I was tired, filled with a bit of despair. My favorite yoga class was a 6pm and I just didn't know how I was going to go. Something inside of me said "You have to go. It will bring you clarity." So after indulging in an overload of peanut butter and some snapple iced tea ( this is decadent for me), I got dressed and headed over to Pure Yoga for my favorite teacher Ariel Karass.

To my surprise, class began in an unexpected way. Ariel had graciously spoke of a young membership advisor who worked at Pure who had passed away this week. I did not know her, but tears instantly began to fall down my face. Ariel's words were so beautiful...He asked us all to send her love and light and to know she is finding her way in between worlds. Whatever selfishness I was feeling prior to this moment, instantly disappeared.

Each moment is a gift. Our days and our life are priceless. It is human to worry about the future and what is going to happen as we are conditioned to be conscious of time. Truth is, we are not really in charge. There is a force greater than we can ever imagine running the show.

Let us all be grateful, for what we have....right now. Even if there is heartache and despair, embrace this with gratitude. That you have an opportunity to be here and feel fully your experience. Anything can change in an instant.  When we are positive we attract positive experiences. It all starts with a "feeling" an emotion. Choose wisely, be grateful and be love.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With gratitude, Denise

Friday, November 11, 2011


Inspiration: To continue to believe all things are possible.

Greetings. It has been some time since I last scribed here. Partially because of laziness and partly because my ego thinks that no one reads this. Interestingly enough, subbing a yoga class this past week, a student asked me why I haven't written in my blog in a while and that she enjoyed it. So here I am writing again.

Today is 11-11-11. A numeric configuration of divine proportions. It has been said that if you see 1:11 or 11:11 repeatedly, it is a "sign" that you connected to a greater vibration and your thoughts are manifesting into physical form. Well today 11-11-11 is BIG, huge!!! There are events all around the world; meditations, gatherings.

On this sacred, numeric day, I send out positive vibrations, love, healing and dreams, to each and every one of you. May we continue to live our highest truth and be open to receiving "guidance" from above. (in whatever form may speak to you, or not)...

Every moment offers us an opportunity.To choose to expand who we are in the world...On this blessed day, I invite you to make a wish; set an intention and send it out into the ethers. At the perfect moment, may your wish come to fruition.

Have a "wonderful" evening.

With Love, Denise

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finding Joy

Inspiration: To see the gifts inherent "everywhere"...

Living in NYC can be challenging at times. Especially if you like to spend time in nature. So for the past couple of days it has been raining. Probably not the best time to unravel a blanket and recline against a tree.

So today, on my walk to Whole Foods, I stop in at the APPLE Store at 66th and Broadway. Now I realize why so many individuals are in love with these products. I still have a humble desktop computer from Dell. Maybe it is time to step into this decade.:) Anyway, I leave the store feeling uplifted.  Reason being, I realize that my world needs to expand. Not just from a new computer, but new experiences in all ways. More joy.

After making my way downstairs in Whole Foods, I notice an "eclectic", funky, older woman sampling some dessert treats. As I pass her by she asks me if I would like one to which I replied "Too much sugar". On my way back from finding my necessities, her demeanor and silver jacket catch my eye yet again. So I decide to stop and sample a "treat". Turns out there is no sugar, just honey. Her product was called "JOY" by Kaffa.

Our conversation takes us into a realm I guess intuitively I sensed. She moved out to the country, after living in Tribeca and owning restaurants in NYC. She was totally at peace. A zen-like quality exuded throughout. She asked about the mala beads I was wearing and if I was a Buddhist. This spurred a whole conversation about health, healing and yoga. I could have stayed there talking to her for hours. Instead, I was guided to politely give her my card, you never who the "angels" are. As I walk away, tears begin to swell in my eyes. I feel a sense of gratitude with possibility.

The reason I share this is because there are many times (today especially) we can become frustrated and feel stagnant in some way. For me personally it is because I don't know what the next step is. Period. After this encounter, I am now filled with faith that we are always guided and looked after in some way. If I could only bottle that feeling....

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, D

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On Clarity

Inspiration: To continue to follow my bliss :)

For years I have prayed to surrender my preoccupation with the gym and working out. The time has finally arrived where I look upon the gym differently. It is an opportunity for my body to getter stronger; end of story. No longer does it provide a safe haven for me to run away from my feelings. I am finally present, in my body...Thanks to yoga and meditation.

From this space, I now can see clearly. How I have run away from being present with what is. Not being fully "in my body." It takes courage and fortitude to be with your true feelings.  At times, it is quite painful.  The more we can embrace these difficult times with compassion,  the more grace and ease will step in ( in time anyway).

As with anything worthwhile, this takes practice. And patience. And perseverence. The gifts you will receive are priceless. To be in the moment, fully, without avoidance. From the space, arises clarity and clear vision.

So, with gratitude, I share with you what I know in my heart to be true. A daily consistent practice of being with what is, without resistance and pure acceptance, will provide the key to leading you into the light. Yoga has provided me with that peacefulness. It is with deep intention I now more forward fearlessly with the wish to share my love of this great practice with others.

What makes your heart sing? What brings you joy? Let you heart be your "guide".

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, D

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Soulmate Wish

Inspiration: To continue to believe in miracles.

This post comes from my work and friendships with women who are desiring to be in a deeply, committed, romantic relationship. I too am one of these woman. Back in January, I read an inspiring book called "The Soul mate Secret" by Arielle Ford. In her book were inspirations and suggestions for how to manifest great love. So with some resistance, I followed the exercises she prescribed. Not long after, I found myself in a romantic situation with a man. Here is the prayer I scribed back on January 5, 2011:

~ I am open to meeting a man of like-mind and heart. A man who is spiritual, intuitive, soulful, kind, available, grounded, creative, secure, has integrity, at least 5'11 and younger than me. A man who sees me for who I am and accepts me unconditionally. Who I embrace fully and allow them to be who they need to be. May this man flow to me at the perfect time when we are both ready to receive one another. I give thanks for this wonderful relationship and release it to the ethers. Amen.~

Within a month's time, he showed up. Actually, he was there all along. Problem being, I wasn't ready. So after spending six months learning and growing, for reasons beyond my control, things have shifted. After going over the events, I realized what my prayer was. I had asked for a man who was available, meaning single. Yes, this man was single (available), but was he emotionally available? Ready for something more? (Everything I scribed showed up here too).

The reason I share this is because it is essential to be "clear" and specific with what you intend to manifest. Whether it be a relationship or something else, your intentions will create what you desire. All relationships bring us closer to who we are. We learn and grow in amazing ways... It is the greatest opportunity (romantic relationships) to see what part of us wants to show up and be authentic. From this space we expand who we are in so many beautiful ways.

In this moment, I amend the above to include a man who is open to the possibility of a long-term commitment and not afraid to take a chance...To live in the present and believe...I will continue to have faith and trust and know in divine right time, this will come true.

In truth, all that exists is the eternal NOW. All else is illusion; all else is fear. As long as we stay present to what is real, from this space....anything is possible !!! Let's all marinate in this feeling.:)

Have a very "peaceful" day. With Love, D

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Manifestation Monday

Inspiration: To follow the guidance that will bring my dreams to reality.

On the second Monday of each month, there is a monthly gathering held at the Cultural Center on the Upper West Side. It is referred to as manifestation Mondays or embracing your future self. The group is led  by "intuitive" counselor Tony Leroy. He is well known for giving amazingly accurate, detailed information. You never know what will come through on these evenings.:)

The topic last night centered around the question "What is my next step, where does my true power reside?" It was an intense evening where we were all being asked to go deep, really deep. He also asked us to tap into the period of our lives where we lost our power ( at what age).  Each of us (about a group of 25) had different answers stemming from 2-25. We then sat quietly,  meditating on uniting who we are now with that part of us that felt we lost control. It was tough, but liberating.

Additionally on these evenings, we all pull a tarot card surrounding the question at hand. When it was my turn I closed my eyes, took a breathe and asked for whatever I needed to know to please show up. I received the card The Four of Wands- Completion. I knew this was positive and couldn't wait to hear what Tony had to say. To my surprise he told me the universe had this big "JEWEL" it wanted to hand to me. It was holding out it's hand and waiting for me to take it. To receive and to let it be. He then went on to elaborate as follows:

" You know how you think everything has to be arranged a certain way. This has to be over here, this in front, etc. STOP it! Let it go. Let it in." Sounds so simple, but we live in a world of constantly striving and pushing to make things happen. So today, I lovingly embrace this "guidance" and say YES to it all."

I share this with you because we are all guilty of pushing and trying too hard. We feel that things have to be arranged in a certain way before we can allow our desires to come to fruition. Let's create space and peace within to let it be. Let go and let God, the universe or whatever you call it handle the details.  Think about it and have a very "peaceful day...

With Love, D

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

If You Build IT He Will Come

Inspiration: To continue to follow my heart in all ways.

The title for this posting, comes from the movie "Field of Dreams" with Kevin Costner. The premise of this film was about an Iowa farmer turning all of his prime corn crop into a baseball field. He did this because he was "guided" by outside forces. He didn't know "why" he was doing this, he just followed his intuition.

So it is with our lives.We are continuously given insights or cues into what action steps to take. Question is "Are we listening?" As I am first and foremost a student, I have to admit, I am guilty here. Whether it be in the personal or professional areas, we are subtly given the signs what to do.  However, many of us (me too) do not listen.

We hold true to our ego agendas of logic and rationality. Our hearts say one thing but our minds tell us otherwise. Can you think back to a time when something miraculous just happened....Out of the blue? Really cool, huh?

When we listen to and follow the guidance of our hearts, things just flow....with ease. When we rationalize  and make lists ( literally or in our minds eye) we obstruct the natural order of our world. For example, this has to be a certain way, etc. Or when this happens then I can follow my dreams....Let go, breathe. Feel the fullness of your feelings and act when you are "guided". You will be amazed what happens ! Just some food for thought.:)

With Love, D

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Angels All Around Us

Inspiration: You just never know where your "angels" are...

The inspiration for this post comes from my visits to Riverside Park in the evening. As the sun is setting, I enjoy going here to scribe my thoughts and just sit in the peace and quiet. Living in NYC we are constantly surrounded with external stimuli. So going here is my dessert for the day. A settling into the sweetness and calmness I know is possible.

There are the "regulars" that also enjoy this ritual. One elderly man in particular comes to mind. He sits on the same bench each evening, listening to his music and looking out at nature. A quiet man, who one may even think is homeless. Initially when I first saw him, I had my "blinders" on, making sure it was safe for me to sit on my "favorite" bench near his.

One evening, I recall it being almost 9 pm and as he passes me kindly says; " It's going to get dark soon, and there are not a lot of people. You should probably go." His voice was caring, with an accent I could not make out. This has been going on for some weeks now.  Each time I smile and feel blessed that I am being looked after. Let's just say he is one of my "angels" in the flesh.:-)

Last night, I happened to be there and he was on my favorite bench (we usually sit one bench away). I kindly asked him if it would be okay if  I sat there. Of course he said yes. I usually enjoy having my own "space"( we all need that literally and metaphorically) but on this particular evening it felt right, especially since I have been processing some deep emotions. And as he left, he said " It's getting dark. You should probably go..."

This is a gentle reminder that we are all looked after in some way. There is a famous saying " You never know where God is." Well, when I am sitting alone in Riverside Park at West 79th street at night, I know where God is.

Have a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love, D

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Embracing Sadness

Inspiration: To allow my sadness to move through me, inspire me and empower me.

We all experience times in our lives full of change. Most recently, a very dear relationship has shifted. This change was in the ethers for a while, but when it really hits, you never are prepared. This is what happened yesterday, on Independence Day. You can say I got my independence.:-)

After a very "sweet" and endearing weekend, I begin to feel the energy shifting. My fears and anxieties were being absorbed by a very "sensitive" and intuitive individual.  This person is going through a lot of change, and transition ( literally relocating for work and expansion). I was doing my best to be kind, sensitive and understanding but energy speaks for itself.

There is no such thing as a neutral thought. I remember reading it in some "spirited" text but cannot recall which one. Anyway, all this change, transition and energy floating around, brought a very sincere, and heartfelt relationship to an ending. Or did it? Nothing really ends, it just transforms....It is all how you look at it. I now feel pregnant with possibility, amongst my sadness. Every chapter is an opportunity for us to grow, learn and love. It may just be a bit difficult to see when we are going through it.

So for this moment, I lovingly embrace all of my  feelings; the sadness, the longing, the desire, without pushing them away. I continue to be surrounded by wonderful, compassionate, loving people. When you say the prayer "God help me" out loud, you do get support.:-) May we embrace all experience with an open heart and compassion.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, D

Monday, June 27, 2011

What is Next For Me?

Inspiration: To continue to stay the course, with an open heart.

It has been a bit since I last scribed. Mostly, because I have been engrossed ( at least mentally) in a five plus month yoga teacher training.  On June 19th, I finally became a certified yoga teacher. Yeah me!!! Now instead of pining over homework and running to take class, I find myself in between. A place of transition.

What is next for me? I have no idea. What I do know is yoga makes me happy, and I desire to share this with as many people as I can. Presently, I am in transition; for my love of yoga and my annoyance at being in a gym. Most of work still centers around the gym. But I am fortunate to have "wonderful" clients who are extremely open to exploring ( yes yoga) with me.

I dream of the day where life will be more ease full, both professionally and personally. In this moment, I will embrace, with gratitude, all the blessings in my life now. Remember, our thoughts and attitudes create our day and the trajectory of our life.

May we all continue to shine our light as our paths unfold with ease and sweetness.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, Denise

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is It better to know or not to know

Inspiration: To continue to honor the messages that come from the spiritual realm, in time.

Intuitive guidance. Those individuals with a sixth sense, able to delve into other dimensions to retrieve information that is helpful for our life's trajectory. In the past, I have written about this and again, I am humbled, excited and saddened by the information I received this week.

So the question is " Is it better to know, or not to know?" There is always free will and destiny, but the majority of the time ( I say greater than 80%) the information received is true to form. I posed this question to a client this morning. Her response was that it depends on the subject matter and if it would be helpful in making a decision.

So today, I am melancholy.  Much of the information I recently received I knew to be true. It was just a bit hard to HEAR. Especially when the individual who transmitted it to me had no prior knowledge and repeated some of the verbiage to a  T.  Additionally, much of the information I received was extremely uplifting,  insightful, and positive, a glimpse of what is coming soon. But not now...not today, probably not tomorrow. But soon.:-)

Right now, I will lovingly embrace, with compassion, the myriad of emotions I am feeling . Out of this space, I will emerge more open and more loving. With gratitude to Tony Leroy for your clear and accurate "guidance".

With Love,

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Inspiration: To continue to get "in touch" with what is really transpiring in each moment.

Misunderstandings. Those situations where individuals see things in a very different light. To my "surprise" last night this happened to me. After spending a lovely evening with a very special person, I had said "Thank You" to show my appreciation. On this particular occasion, I said this louder and with more heart than I usually have. To my complete surprise, this began a conversation I would never had imagined.

Without going into too much story, I have spent some months open my heart and exploring friendship of a romantic nature.  I believe I always ( well usually as I am human) expressed my gratitude for our time and "sweet" outings together. However, on this particular night after saying "thank you", I was given the following information. This kind and very soulful man, told me "this is the first time I ever heard you say thank you." Something that had been on his mind for some time, but could not find the right opportunity to convey this to me. I have always believed I had expressed my gratitude. After hearing this I was saddened, dumbfounded.

After contemplating a bit more ( I am such the thinker), I realized that the majority of the time, I did express my gratitude. However, I realize I did not project my voice loud enough, or maybe I did say it in my head.... who knows. So I now lovingly convey this information to self and others. The reason I share this now, is that it is so easy to lack the words or the appreciation (and timing) to show others how we feel.

So I trust this is another opportunity to go deeper, into the way I communicate, my language and volume. May we all find the right words to express ourselves in all ways.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, D

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My EGO in Yoga

Inspiration: To continue to be aware of when my ego is taking over the experience.

Yoga, yoga, yoga and more yoga. The choices, classes and teachers are endless. The best way to decide is to feel what is right for you in the moment. This past weekend, I felt a yin for devotion. So I sought out a new teacher who I never practiced with before.

So at 3pm on Sunday, I find myself at Jivamukti yoga. A place I have practiced at on and off for years, depending on what I needed.  Class usually begins with chanting and devotion. But on this day we started with some puttering in downdog and chaturanga. Then began the devotional piece. What I was hoping for was something uplifting, transformative that invoked a specific god or goddess. Instead what we received was " Lokah  Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu"...translation:

May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts words and actions of my own life in some way contribute to that happiness and freedom for all...Beautiful, right?

Not for me. Not at that moment. My EGO wanted something more, greater.  I was annoyed, especially since we chanted this endlessly ( at least it felt that way). But after the teacher began to explain devotion more eloquently, I slowly began to dissolve my judgments and allow surrender in. When the first tune began to play, I loved it! It uplifted me... Needless to say, after listening more closely, the chant was Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu.

Class was beautiful, ecstatic and flowing. Tamir Samir is a lovely teacher. Another example of me softening my ego in yoga ."You can't always get what you want, you get what you need"...RStones
 Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, Denise

Monday, May 23, 2011

How Does Time Limit Us?

Inspiration: In truth, time does not exist. It is ALL happening now...

Time. We are slaves to the clock, our schedules and our own agendas. We may feel that we are running out of time. What does that really mean?

Yesterday, I was immersed in a six hour bhakti devotional class for my yoga training. As it turned out, I was facing directly in front of the clock. My first response was " this day is gonna last forever". My friend offered to turn the clock around but I insisted it stay in the exact place it was. The reason being, I needed to confront my attachment to the clock and time STANDING still.....As I continued to stare at the clock for most of the day, I had moments of complete release to the teacher and the subject. In those moments, I felt time did not exist as I enjoyed these insights and musings.

I share this with you because at times, (hence time) we may all feel stuck. Such thoughts as "I am not where I am supposed to be.....When will this or that happen....I can't wait any longer." If we could just accept where we are and let go of our ego agendas of the how and when, a lot more space would be created within. These are the seeds of creation. Then time does not hold us hostage. We allow each moment to be as it should be; to enjoy what is. This takes practice and patience.

So I invite you all lovingly to embrace time. This moment, right now. Allow for the sweetness and the unexpected to happen.....:-)

With Love, Denise

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Mysterious Flowers

Inspiration: To continue to believe in miracles...

A short, true tidbit from Mothers Day......On Sunday evening, I received a call from my mom saying "Thank you for the flowers, they are different." This was after I had taken an "amazing" yoga class at Pure Yoga with one of my favorites Ariel Karass. Not only is this man soulful, kind and creative; he has the unique ability to bring tears to my eyes with his words before we begin to FLOW.

Anyway, back to mom. So I give my mom a call after working through my feelings. Again, she says "thank you for the flowers." I reply " Really? Did I send some." to which she really does say YES. I thought about it but did not send them. There were really flowers delivered to her. I asked if there was a card and she said it must have fallen off. Talk about the twilight zone......To whatever "powers" that be, I say a big THANK YOU. In the real world, this must have been meant for someone else, but in the world of "spirit" or the divine, these were meant for my mom. :-)

Another reminder, that there are powers beyond our rational understanding that are at work. I savor in these divine events that cannot be explained by the rational. So whenever you have doubt, try to hold space for possibility beyond your conscious comprehension.

Have a very "peaceful " evening.

With Love, Denise

Sunday, May 8, 2011

How Much Should We Sacrifice For Our Mom?

Inspiration: To do what feels right, especially when it comes to family.

Happy Mothers Day! A day when mothers are celebrated for being  loving, caring, compassionate and nurturing to their children. Today they are doted on with flowers and gifts. While this is a lovely day to honor them, sometimes guilt or should's arise. On a very personal level I will explain. I adore my mom.
We used to be "best friends". I told her everything, well, almost.:-). Believing in unconditional love from a parent, I thought that whatever I was feeling I could share. Big, huge mistake.

While having dinner with a friend last night she asks "Are you going home for Mother's Day? To this question, my answer is no......Without going into story, at that moment situations from early on in my childhood arose, with specific details I have not remembered in decades. This brought up a lot of the old wounding I thought was already cleared through varies modalities. Interesting, how the body holds onto painful memories.

The reason I share this with you now, is the "awakening" (they keep on coming) into why I (we) experience feelings in seemingly unrelated situations that push my buttons. It is not the situations per se, it is the underlying emotions that we bury, deep, inside that are triggered by certain people. For years, I have allowed these unconscious emotions to spiral. Through my own journey and love of yoga and healing, this is softening. Many tears have fallen over the past few days. This has created more space within as my heart is opening more fully. :-)

So today, mothers day, I will spend taking care of me, the divine feminine, mother energy. I will send love and blessings to my mother with the deepest intention of her finding her own truth, clarity and freedom. Honor thyself, without guilt.  Be loving, be soulful, be free.....

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, Denise

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Lack Of Awareness

Inspiration: To continue to speak my truth, kindly...

Yesterday was a Friday. Not just any Friday. The last full day of this "intense" Mercury retrograde cycle. A time when I know it is in my best interest to mind my our business and be still. So since I was in need of stillness and silence, I decided not to practice yoga with a group and do a self-practice.

So here it is almost 4:45pm and I decided to visit the lovely yoga studio at my local Equinox club two blocks away. I was a bit hesitant, and will explain why....The moment I arrived in the studio, there were no yoga mats. They were being washed. NOT one mat. So I go downstairs and begin to complain, like a typical New Yorker (yes, some judgment here, but working on it). The staff finds me a mat and I proceed to listen to a rockin yoga mix and do my thing.

When it came time to final relaxation, I felt yummy, wrapped in a myriad of blankets. In a short time, I hear the door open. A membership advisor is touring some potential members. Upon turning the light on they realize there is someone "sleeping" on the floor, so they quickly depart...Maybe a few minutes later, I hear the sound of footsteps, yet again. This time it was a couple. I feel brightness come through my eyelids. Then, the stereo is being fiddled with. I was annoyed, pissed, agitated. You get the point. Normally I would just walk out, with a possible dirty look but I decided differently.

As I rose from this calming position, I started to address the male in the room. I said " It would be respectful if you had asked to put the music on." His response was " You looked relaxed and peaceful." Was he kidding? I couldn't help but lash out a bit at him. Not the best tone, but something I am consciously working on. Without going into more story, I said my peace and left. Communication is something I need to work on, saying my peace, coming from my truth so I can express how I feel in all areas. Many times this is difficult for me and I can seem unkind. A dear "friend" of mine is helping me to clear this and be more aware. So thank you, M.:-)

Some of us may exhibit more conscious awareness than others. Does this make us any better? The answer is no. It just makes us more present to what is going on around us. Think about it and have a "sweet" day...

With Love, D

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mala Beads

Inspiration: To continue to be "inspired" in some way.

Greetings...It has been over a month since I have scribed something here. Not for lack of inspiration, for lack of energy. The yoga teacher training program I am currently enrolled in is "draining" my life force. Unless we practice asana, which has not been enough, the time is spent sitting on the floor. Being 45 (or any age) and sitting on the hardwood floor, plus some blankets is not the cat's meow. So this past week has been spent (and am in process) reclaiming my energy....

At teacher training last weekend, we were required to bring in a set of mala beads. For those unfamiliar with what these are, it is a long necklace made up of either wood or fancy crystals. I opted for the "simple" sandlewood kind, being it is my first one.:-) These beads are used to count manta, or devotion. There are 108 beads on each mala. The number combination 108 is sacred ( astrology , maybe). Anyway, we were introduced to how to use the mala and various chants to help us ground and connect to the divine.

I have been wearing these around my neck quite often since then. At a health club this week, a few hard-core lifters I know casually (model like), commented on these. They were drawn in some way. Said they looked "tribal" and asked where to get them. This was music to my ears (and heart). Whether or not they were aware, there was some vibration that was emanating from these. A reminder that you never know where you can inspire and be inspired. So with this, I did share a bit of about these beads.

The gift I received that day is you never know where and when you can inspire others. Maybe they needed something "spiritual" at that moment, or maybe they just really liked the beads....Have a very "sweet" day.

With Love, D

Saturday, March 19, 2011

On Fear

Inspiration: To allow the fear to speak to me, but not overwhelm me.

Fear. That paralyzing force that comes like a bolt of lightening. An emotion so powerful, it can unground us. Many of us allow this fear to dictate what is real. What is real, is the eternal now. Fear is just that voice, of insecurity, reflecting back to us a multitude of things: Our worthiness, our desires, our dreams.

Most recently, a deep wish of mine has come true. Initially, I was filled with a sense of freedom and expansion. But after I thought about it, (should never really think but feel), my fear started to erupt like a powerful volcano. Instead of externally directing this right now,  I will lovingly embrace the fear itself. Ask it the questions, "Why are you here? What message do you have for me now.". Out of this place will emerge the true answer.:-)

We all have fear? Do you allow it a "place" within, or do you push it away? Remember, "What you resist persists." (Neale Donald Walsch). Think about it, and have a very "peaceful" day !

With love and heartfelt compassion, Denise

Monday, March 14, 2011

Feeling our "True" Feelings

Inspiration: To continue to "feel" those things I would rather PUSH away.:-)

Our feelings. Of happiness, joy, sorrow and pain. It is easy to feel the fullness of expansion, but much more difficult to embrace our contraction. What I mean by this, is to feel our despair, sadness and longing.

Most recently, challenges I thought were in the distant past have resurfaced. Feelings that have been so very painful that I have spiraled; when I wasn't my authentic self and was living from a very fearful place.

Maybe it is all the yoga I have been practicing, which is literally "ripping" my heart space wide open. While this is truly a blessing, going through these emotions is in no way pleasant. Many tears have been falling from my eyes. The gift of this, is clarity. Into those areas that need to be seen and released for healing.

New situations and people have entered which has asked me to go deeper than I ever have. When we enter those hidden parts of ourselves that need to come to the surface, it can be very, very painful. If you can just stay present, with this discomfort, out of this space will emerge a very "beautiful" rainbow.

Think about it and have a very "blessed" day. :-)

With Love and heartfelt appreciation for what is real.......Denise

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On "INTUITIVE" Counseling

Inspiration: To continued to be in "awe"of those with extra-clairvoyance and INTUITION.

Intuitive counselors. Those individuals who have what is called a "sixth" sense. Insights into other realms and dimensions where information is received. In English, what this means is that there are gifted individuals who can SEE what is going on, what has gone on, and what is yet to come. They can help assist you in making the best choice..

Most recently, I have entered a new "phase". Call it a celestial speed-up in the life of Denise Brandi. While this is exciting, it is also a bit scary. A time when I needed to connect with people who can truly SEE.......For years, my dear friend and mentor Elana Kilkenny has helped me to transform into the grounded, secure, goddess I am today. :-) (I use the word goddess because I am finally embracing my feminine,divine energy). Another  individual who has been truly "AWESOME"  this last year is Tony Leroy. Both are extremely "intuitive" and have their own unique viewpoints and personalities.

Since beginning my yoga teacher training a month ago, heightened  "energies" have bloomed. New opportunities have presented themselves which has left me a bit ungrounded. So in the last three weeks, I visited with both of these divine beings. It has been a real gift and blessing to hear what they had to say.:-)

While sessions were different, there was definitely an overlap in one particular area. Without going into story, they both agreed and yet disagreed. For now I will lovingly sit with both viewpoints. With that said, do you think it is better to know or not to know? There is always destiny and free will, but these two people are always correct in their "guidance" or should I say "guided" guidance......What should I do?  Guess I will have to go to church and  light some more candles.:-)

Have a very "sweet" evening.
With Love, Denise

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Etiquette at Pure Yoga

Inspiration: To continue to surrender judgment about people who are rude in yoga class.

Compassion, openness, love, seeing people as the divine "light" that they are. This all depends at what frequency you vibrate. Many times, I do my best to see the truth (satya). Sometimes it is a bit difficult. :-(

I consider yoga class a sacred sanctuary. It appears that this may not be the general consensus (especially here in the WEST), or at least at Pure Yoga; an Equinox affiliated "high" end studio. Recently, I  joined after deliberating for some time. Personally, I prefer smaller yoga studios. But since daily travel has increased, I thought it best to belong two blocks from my apartment which offers classes daily from 6am to 9pm. This way, I don't have to deliberate about where and when I am going to take class.

Another reason for joining, was that many of my FAVORITE teachers happen to teach here. Ariel Karass, Derek Beres and Scott Harig to name a few.  On this particular Tuesday evening at 7:00pm, I took class with  Jivamukti Teacher Matt Lombardo. He has the unique ability to teach class in an authentic way which invites the novice to begin to explore the deeper dimensions of this practice(with a sense of humor). Class was taught with detail to alignment, breath and intention. This is always a plus. He spoke about contentment and having enough right where we are now. "I have enough friends", "I have enough money", " I have enough bootleg cds." You get my drift.

All around it was a balanced class. For those who are unfamiliar with this practice, class always ends in deep relaxation called "savasana". When it was time for this (after a seated meditation where I was blissed out) I heard many individuals leaving the room and shutting the door. Not very discretely I may add. ....A lack of respect for the students, the teacher and the practice. This is the cherry on top of the sundae, so to speak. The icing on the cake.

Regardless, I did leave class in a daze,"buzzed" so to speak. My eyes half closed as I walked out of the studio. Needless to say, the benefits of practicing always happen. It would just be "nice" if everyone present was respectful of one another. I guess I will just have to embrace the POSSIBILITY that these individuals are just unaware. OH well. I feel good........Have a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love, Denise

Saturday, February 19, 2011

On Being Grounded

Inspiration: To continue to be more "FULLY" and present in my body.

What does it mean to be grounded; present ? To feel the fullness of what is happening, right now. To not emotionally or energetically "escape" through either zoning via substance, movement or any addiction.  While what I just scribed may appear a bit harsh, my intention is just to bring to light what I know to be true. When we are somewhere else, we are ungrounded.

Groundedness (balance) has been something I have been asked to work on for years. This past week, I was gently reminded by my teacher and friend Elana, that anyone or anything that takes me away from my center, is not in my best interest. Being an Aries, or just being DENISE,  historically I am an all or nothing kinda person. Black or white. Gray does not exist or dabbling as she so eloquently puts it.

Being grounded means being in your body. Literally. Not denying what is. Feeling your true feelings. Addressing and embracing the positives and negatives you may be experiencing right now. Avoidance of any kind shows up in sometimes destructive and harmful ways. This week I was lucky, I only sprained my toe. A "subtle" yet powerful  (feet and legs represent grounding and the first chakra or rootedness) clue to start to really pay attention to my actions and behavior.

We are all being asked to be present. To experience the richness and fullness (or what may appear to be lack thereof) in our lives. To pay attention. To act according to our "inner" guidance or gut feelings. Think about it.......and have a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love, Denise

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Isn't Sanskrit Fun?

What the F--k?
Inspiration: To continue to be open to expanding; in all ways.

Sanskrit. A language of India based in Hinduism. This past weekend, I spent many hours sitting on blankets, attempting to make sense of this. Having not slept more than six hours ( usually 4.5 each night) in the last two weeks- seeing squiggly lines in varying directions was an enigma. Fifteen hours to be exact over three days. Words I am unable to pronounce, especially write. I am screwed if I don't learn this by June. Plenty of time. It would have just been "nice" to learn this when I was there. But I was somewhere else.

This was my second weekend, in a six month Yoga Teacher Training I have committed to. Now I know why I have put this off for some time. I wasn't ready; until now. There is so much power in being among like-minded individuals. Whether individual or collectively, there is a subtle exchange that go way beyond words. In a short time, I have met such wonderful people. One who feels like my soul-sister. Turns out we actually have the same acupuncturist ( see below blurb). :)

The past couple of weeks has brought many insights. New "energies" are birthing within me. During this time, I have been on an adrenaline high (spiritual high), training clients, practicing yoga, working out, etc.  Thank heavens for my Chinese herbs ( Gabriel Sher acupuncturist -AWESOME ! :) I am so very grateful for this, but at the same time, need to get "grounded". After spraining my toe yesterday in my "humble" abode, I realized I better get myself in check. There is only so long you can run around, even in a state of bliss, before you are asked to come back to earth.

There are times in our lives, when we ask the question "What is next for me?" This has been marinating within for some time. Once you ask, be open to receiving. The universe responds "quickly" to taking ACTION. Not just thinking about something, but actually DOING IT ! When I committed and began this Yoga Teacher Training, is when my physical life began to shift in miraculous ways. I see "possibility" on a daily basis. It is said, that "God is in the details." .....

Think about it.... Be happy..... Sleep sweetly. :-)

With Love, Denise

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Waking UP Before the Birds

Inspiration: To continue to listen, be still and move forward, fearlessly in the direction of my dreams.:-)

I awoke this morning (actually got out of bed) at 4:44am. A divine number series which according to Doreen Virtue means I am surrounded and protected by thousands of angels. All is well. Nice.:) It is in these early morning hours, that the greatest "insights" or inspirations can be received. Messages from above.

To some that may sound very new-agey, but it is true. The silence in the early AM can facilitate much clarity and focus towards the trajectory of your life and path. In the last week alone, I have noticed the importance of this. There is a POWER in rising early in the morning. A peaceful stillness; before the day can become muddied with our thoughts and projections of what should be.

Waking at these hours may seem obscene, but this is where answers to questions can be most easily accessed. I welcome this opportunity to go deeper. Would be nice though to sleep until 6 am.

So, If you happen to find yourself "buzzing" early in the morning and cannot go back to sleep, have a cup of tea or coffee. Then when you are more conscious, sit for a moment. The answers may start to flow out of "nowhere".......metaphorically speaking.:)

Have a "sweet" day.

With Love, Denise

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why Do Individuals Workout So Hard?

Inspiration: To continue to be in my body, no matter what is going on around me.

Working Out !!! How much, how often, how long. There are endless professionals, writers and websites catering to this very question. Truth be told, the big question is "Why"? Are you a professional athlete or competitor? If not the answer is quite simple. Listen to what your body needs. Do not escape through such intense physical exertion that you no longer feel your true feelings.

This realization has become quite apparent to me as I deepen my love and practice of yoga. It is healing me in the physical and helping me to slowly let go of that which no longer serves. Yes, it is attractive to be cut and ripped, but at what cost? Your health possibly.

I never really viewed the body as such until I reached my forties. Various injuries and a surgery last year, has really caused me to look and search deeper. While this is an ongoing process, it is becoming clear that individuals that live and plan their life around workouts are in denial. Sorry, but true. They are denying themselves the fullness of their feelings. This was me and still is from time to time, but with conscious awareness. 

It takes courage to be in the moment, present in the body. Until our health or well-being is in jeopardy, we rarely are concerned. The body is a temple. As you honor it, it will honor you. With ease, joy and sweetness.

Have a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love, Denise

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Healing "POWER" of Almond Butter

Inspiration: To give myself permission to "let go" and savor; everything.

Almond butter. The texture, smell and taste. So yummy.:) This has become my (almost) daily indulgence. I look forward to visiting Westerly Market in Hells Kitchen NYC where they have an almond butter machine. Only almonds, free flowing when you press the button. I watch with a child's excitement as this oozes into my container. Why does this excite me? Because I am now allowing myself the freedom to let go. You have to start somewhere, right?

Savoring this creamy delight, will a spoon in hand in abundant portions has brought me much comfort this winter. Don't know exactly why, but it does. This is the beginning of allowing myself to release my strict and very ritualistic daily routines.:)

Wherever our inspiration comes from, we should just go with it. For now, it's almond butter. Next up, dance classes at Alvin Ailey. I was there once a few years ago, to take West African Dance. On this particular day all I wanted to experience was the loud drums playing and just moving to the rhythm. To my dismay, there were only four students present and the teacher, nearly forced me to do the dance perfectly.  This has kept me from returning, but my almond butter experience is helping me to release this.

Whenever we give ourselves permission to explore, and let go a bit , new avenues of creativity and direction begin to unfold. So I lovingly invite you all to "open" a bit more. In whatever shape speaks to you. From this space anything is possible.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, Denise

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What Is the Soulmate Secret?

Inspiration: To continue to create space within, so true love can enter.

The word soul mate. We see this loosely used to describe the "perfect" person. The ONE who will change our lives forever. We tend to think of this only in romantic terms, but a soul mate can apply to anyone who you feel "connected" to in a profound way.

For this post, I am only going to speak to the love kind of soul mate. Last month a friend of mine fowarded a teleseminar to me given by Arielle Ford. She is the author of "The SoulMate Secret". Since I have been home sick this entire week, I snuck out to the bookstore to pick up this decadent read. As I am only in the early pages, I can already see where some of my "blocks" or preconceived ideas are slowly falling away.

We all desire true love. To be seen for who we are, without judgment or expectation. For someone to witness us in all of our beauty and suffering. To be there no matter what. So under this new moon solar eclipse yesterday, I put out my wish list. The first item being a romantic partner. Here I will briefly scribe out my wish:

~ I am open to meeting a man of like-mind and heart. A man who is spiritual, intuitive, soulful, kind, available, grounded, creative, secure, has integrity, at least 5'11 and younger than me. A man who sees me for who I am and accepts me unconditionally. Who I embrace fully and allow them to be who they need to be. May this man flow to me at the perfect time when we are both ready to receive one another. I give thanks for this wonderful relationship and release it to the ethers. Amen.~

So, I lovingly invite you all to dare to dream! What is your ideal partner? Are you ready and open to let them in or is there some clearing that needs to take place.Think about it and have a "wonderful" evening.

With Love, Denise

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011 !!!

Inspiration: To live my truth and shine my light.


Hope you all had a very "sweet" New Years. Me, I passed out from utter exhaustion before the clock stroke midnight. The evening before I went to see one of my favorite bands, Govt Mule at the Beacon Theatre in NYC. It was a school night; meaning I was working in the morning. I scored a single ticket, 5th Row center, about five hours before. The heavens were on my side. Prior to the concert, I took yoga class with one of my favorite teachers at Pure Yoga, Ariel Karass.

It has been a bit since I have taken his class downtown at Kula Yoga Project.  It was 4:30 pm on Thursday. The energy oozed Upper West Side. You get my drift.:) Class was ecclectic, creative and "soulful" . He is a truly beautiful man. I thanked him afterwards and gave him a hug. I told him "you always bring tears to me eyes." (at the end of class he always says something inspirational). So my celebration was really on Thursday 12/30/10.

Last night, I did manage to light a candle, bless this year and welcome in the next. I am so very grateful for all of the experiences and people in my trajectory. As this year begins, I will continue to remain open, loving and non-judgmental to the best of my ability. (I am only human). May everyone I meet and connect with be blessed and may they extend that out into the world.

So I lovingly invite you all to shine your light this year. Be the vessel for your "soul". What makes your heart sing? What brings you joy?

Have a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love, Denise