Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Having Faith

Inspiration: To continue to believe no matter what...

In two weeks time, I will be taking five weeks straight off from my life in NYC. This is both scary and exciting. I am venturing to sunny L.A. to explore possibility. Some believe I will move there soon. Others say it is about me taking the risk and growing. Either way, any time you change the "energy" or trajectory, things shift in the physical.

The details are still unfolding. I still need a car and a place to stay for about five days. At moments, I feel filled with elation, while other times I am scared sh--tless. Regardless, I am going. In spirit, I am already there. I am filled with joy knowing there are so many like-minded, spirited individuals, amongst the entertainment world ( not to say that they too are, at least some anyway). Yoga studios are abundant and there are teachers I have dreamed on meeting and "flowing" with.

There are also people there I know. Some better than others. Friends,ex-husband, old "friends" and maybe a new one.:) You gotta put it out there, right? Anyway, I remain open to all possibility both personally and professionally. My ongoing prayer has been the following:

"My intention is to surrender any expectations on outcome related to my time in California. I say YES and am open to it all !!!

Life is a unfolding journey. A journey about learning and growing in beautiful ways. Open your heart and say YES ! Believe in MAGIC !!! Let's all take a chance in some small way.

Have a wonderful evening.

With Love, Denise