Thursday, December 31, 2009


Inspiration: To embrace all I have learned and experienced this past year with gratitude.

Another year has flown by. For many, a year filled with great life lessons. Personally, I have learned that humility has no boundaries. It has been a year of great change. An awakening to what fills me with joy and that which needs to be released. To honor the deep wishes of my soul.

We are all being asked to step into our authentic selves. We have a choice to surrender with grace or to resist with struggle. The later will only cause turmoil. I lovingly invite you all to embrace all of the shifts and changes that have or are occurring in your world.

Astrologically speaking, we are in a period of a Mercury Retrograde cycle which affords us the opportunity to revisit our past, where we are now, and what we would like to bring in for 2010. This can bring up a lot of frustrations and fears. Please do not give in. Breathe through the challenges. A more evolved "YOU" will emerge with more light, love and patience.

So thank you 2009. You have been a true teacher.
On this New Years Eve, make a wish, in writing and thank the stars for the many blessings that are here for you now.

With Love,

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Red Velvet Cake

Inspiration: To continue to indulge more in the "sweetness" of life.

Red Velvet Cake. Thick, creamy, white frosting surrounding a decadent, scrumptuous red layer. To say it is delicious is an understatement. My whole body was in sheer delight. Last week was the first time I ever ate this. Now I know why people get so excited when this is served for desert.

Desert is very important. It represents sweetness. Both literally and
metaphorically. It is necessary to both taste and experience sweetness in our lives. When we deprive ourselves of life's simple and great pleasures, we can create an undertone of anger and resentment. While structure and rigidity can be helpful at times, it can also be constricting and cut us off from our flow.

So the next time you have to think about something, feel it first. Feel it deeply and then from that space, make a choice. Will it bring me joy right now. Then the answer is obvious.

Continue to enjoy the remainder of this year with lightness, sweetness and love.
(and of course desserts):)

Have a very "peaceful" day.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On Desire

Inspiration: To remain centered in the wanting of earthly desires.

Desires. We all have them.Our wanting something so badly. Whether it be an inanimate object or a physical person,we all have these feelings.

It is wonderful for our desires to be fulfilled. We are constantly creating new ones all the time. This helps us move forward in life with enthusiasm and hope. Desires are a natural extension of what is inside of us. The key is not to get swept away by believing this will create ultimate happiness.

Most recently I was reminded of this. A pair of boots I eyed early in the season were on sale at a dramatically reduced rate. I remember that the moment I first saw them,at some point, they would be mine. These were really COOL motorcycle looking boots with an "edgy" flair. So I purchased these babies and brought them home. After trying them on again I was pleased. Then, very shortly afterwards I thought, "Now what."

Nothing in the external world as we know it will bring us a deep inner peace. Being present and grateful for what is, is the catalyst for providing us with appreciation for life itself. Then when we lovingly have our deepest wishes fulfilled, our lives become an amazing dance.

May you all reach your deepest dreams and desires with ease, grace and sweetness.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

Thursday, December 10, 2009

On Judgment

Inspiration: To allow everyone the freedom to express who they are without judgements.

As I was taking the crosstown bus this am, I noticed an elderly woman feeding the birds right inside Central Park. She was surrounded by them. In the background behind me I heard a few people make comments about this woman. They were not kind. Comments such as "She must be mentally ill to be doing that" or " How can she stand there in the middle of all those dirty birds?" There was a tone in each of these voices I heard. Like they knew better.

Could it be there was a reason the woman was feeding these birds? Aside from the obvious, they need to be feed, maybe it gave her joy. A peacefulness of giving to them with her heart. What her state of mind may or may not be is not any one's business.

The reason I share this with all of you is because we never really know what is going on. We are quick to assume, usually the worst in a situation. The saying "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything" holds true. It is a leakage of our energy. By judging another we ultimately have judgement about ourselves. When we let go of the need to think or behave in a certain way, life becomes more easeful.

So next time you see or hear something that you may not resonate with, simply bless those situations and move on.......

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December!!!

Inspiration: To embrace the entry into the holiday season and the gifts that it offers.

Hope you all had a very "peaceful" Thanksgiving. We are entering the time of year where we are bombarded with incentives to purchase material goods. This provides us with the opportunity to think about all the wonderful people in our lives and how we can show our appreciation. While it is pleasing to receive a wonderful gift, in some ways it can be stressful. Especially if you are feeling a "crunch" financially.

There are many ways to show gratitude. Anything that is made by hand comes from the heart, the deep place within. A card, painting, homemade goodies are just a few ways to show people we really care. It shows that you really took the time and energy to create something authentic. The energy emanates directly from you and the receiver will be more than overjoyed.

This is a wonderful time to explore your creativity. Especially as the weather grows colder, we can feel a sense of retraction. The best way to deal with this is creative expression. This past weekend I felt I needed to create something. I started to paint expecting it to come out a certain way. There was too much rigidity so I dropped the paint brush and started to use my hands. It felt wonderful.

I invite you to explore the artist within. The modality can be paint, clay, paper, or whatever you can think of. Color is also very inviting. There is a wonderful art store on the Upper West Side called Lee's Art shop. Just a walk inside with open your "spirit" to new heights.

For many, this may seem to be a foreign activity. Just think about creating something, even if it is a paper airplane. Then take your creation, and let it sore across the room......

Have a very "peaceful" day.

Warmly, Denise