Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On Desire

Inspiration: To remain centered in the wanting of earthly desires.

Desires. We all have them.Our wanting something so badly. Whether it be an inanimate object or a physical person,we all have these feelings.

It is wonderful for our desires to be fulfilled. We are constantly creating new ones all the time. This helps us move forward in life with enthusiasm and hope. Desires are a natural extension of what is inside of us. The key is not to get swept away by believing this will create ultimate happiness.

Most recently I was reminded of this. A pair of boots I eyed early in the season were on sale at a dramatically reduced rate. I remember that the moment I first saw them,at some point, they would be mine. These were really COOL motorcycle looking boots with an "edgy" flair. So I purchased these babies and brought them home. After trying them on again I was pleased. Then, very shortly afterwards I thought, "Now what."

Nothing in the external world as we know it will bring us a deep inner peace. Being present and grateful for what is, is the catalyst for providing us with appreciation for life itself. Then when we lovingly have our deepest wishes fulfilled, our lives become an amazing dance.

May you all reach your deepest dreams and desires with ease, grace and sweetness.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

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