Friday, August 1, 2014

Another ONE Bites the "Dust"

Inspiration: To tune in and truly LISTEN.

Don't you just love this song by Queen? From time to time this tune enters my minds eye. Always, when something says goodbye. This is one of those times.

Recently, I believe I was "divinely" guided to take a position at an all women's spa/beauty/fitness facility. I had been there once before to audition, but something just didn't feel right. I had stumbled upon a listing for a position while casually gazing online. This caught my eye. It turned out (had a feeling) to be this same place. This time it was for a managerial role utilizing my craft thrown into the mix. So without the minutia, I applied, got the position and started to work.

Back in the day, I used to work in banking and finance. Four jobs in seven years showed me that I wasn't cut out for sitting behind a desk. Especially at my first job. After twenty minutes day one, I new I was in trouble. I literally couldn't sit still. So I decided that the fourth time around if it didn't work out, I would try something new. As you can see, it didn't. The last stint, I worked directly with a group of all women. Need I say more.

So for these past eighteen plus years, I have been working for myself, freelance and at times affiliated with a health club for a period of time (sometimes for years). But through it all, I answered to myself. So here I was entering an environment after all those years where I was held accountable. To others, literally. I thought this would be "different" since it was "organic" in it's tone, but my Morgan Stanley days were staring me right in the face.

Three and half weeks later, I received an email out of left field entitled confidential. I knew. It's lovely and quite intimate to be fired in writing. You get to look someone straight in the eyes and feel badly that you have to let them go. Not. I received this information from the company's owner, who I believed to have had a good rapor with. Truth is, her staff didn't like me. They said I was rude, disruptive and intrusive. Can you believe? These incidents of my behavior were all documented, without my knowledge and then suddenly burst out into the open in this message.

The icing of the cake was that there were blatant lies told from others. Wow I thought, really? Yes really. After speaking to some of my friends who have held pristine positions in corporate environments, they said sadly people do indeed lie. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this.

I had a difficult time from the get go and have been praying and surrendering daily to the divine powers that be. So I got my answer. This is not for me. While there are always gifts to be received in each situation, I leave with a renewed sense and inspiration for the work I do, the gifts I share with others.

The week before I was let go, I even had a dream I was back working in the daily grind with one of the woman (actually the one who fired me) from Morgan Stanley. Yes, I was fired without just cause. I just didn't fit. That is why I do what I do and will continue to do so more fully. I am committed to truth and helping others become a grander extension of their authentic selves. In mind, in body and of course in SPIRIT.

At the core, I am a spiritual teacher/healer who is blessed to teach others how to move, be in their bodies and be present. Through my own journey, I see the truth within each human being. Even in the person who initiated my firing. I am still pissed but I get it. I was a threat. I dance to the beat of my own drum and say what I feel. I have learned from this experience to be more mindful and to tune in more fully before I offer guidance, even if it is "guided".

So dearest Ones, to the inner voice that resides within. It knows the truth...

Much Love and Blessings,