Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yoga in Central Park on Wednesday, 7/29

Inspiration: To feel the grass beneath your feet and the wind in your hair.....

Please join me for an evening of yoga in beautiful Central Park. We will practice barefoot on grass; no mat is required. This gives us an opportunity to feel how "rooted" we are with nature and the elements. You will leave feeling "uplifted" and "free" !!!

We will meet at 64th and CPW entrance.
Time: 6:30 pm
Fee: $ 20

Kindly r.s.v.p. at www.dbrandi@earthlink.net or 917-902-2061.

Looking forward to seeing you there.:)


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yoga-Based Intention Training

Inspiration: To honor my body and what it feels like doing.

Being a gym "rat" since my early twenties, I was never interested in flexibility. I used to poke fun of those who would stretch on the mats for a long period of time. It was cardio, weights, more cardio for me. I used to run long races with extremely "tight" hamstrings and thought this was normal. Each stride literally was painful. That was until 2003 after I found myself with a broken pinky toe. I could not run so I finally knew I must take a yoga class. I had no excuses. My training regimen was "off".

The first class I took in 1996. At this time, I was not ready to experience what would be a large part of who I presently am. So here it is seven years later. I was hooked after this one class. I felt a surge of energy go through my body during final relaxation or "corpse" pose. I knew this was something that was going to transform me.:)

Presently, the focus of my work is how to increase flexibility; both mine and the clients who I work with. Along with those aspiring to improve their yoga practice. I have developed a unique system to achieve this. It is called Yoga-based Intention Training. Intention; being mindful and present in the body. This is coupled with the breathe. Through the correct inhalation and exhalation we "flow" through the exercises;without force or rushing.

No machines are used. All exercises are in free space, with the exception of the standard lat pull down which is a "staple" for building strength for downward facing dog. Combinations of bosu balancing, core work and cables are weaved throughout. Free weights are also a large part of the regimen. Sessions end with a series of yoga postures to bring the body into a state of equilibrium. This is followed by a period of relaxation. This truly is a different kind of training "experience".

For more information on sessions and offerings, please contact me at dbrandi@earthlink.net or 917-902-2061.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Divine Guidance

Inspiration: To be an "open" channel for receiving information.

What is guidance? The thesaurus defines guidance as advice, conduct, control, direction, help or instruction. The implication is that another person is assisting with the process. Guidance that is "divine", is experienced by the individual without any outside influences.

How do we hear this? When our mind is full of constant chatter and our emotions are intensified, we cannot hear anything. We are so contracted and fearful that there is literally no room for an "answer". It is only through release that we are able to open completely.

Then, and only then, can you open to the limitless possibilities that abound. Guidance that is divine, does not show itself in the traditional way. It is usually something "out the blue". It could also be any overwhelming "feeling". I like to look at it as "trixter" or joker energy. Something that just arises without effort or struggle on our part.

When we struggle or resist, we are unable to receive the answers we are searching for. Personally, lying on the grass (without a blanket)or floor, has a grounding and calming effect. Whatever ritual takes you to a place of stillness will work. Then solutions will arise when we least expect it. Just be present, patient and take deep "breathes".

In peace,

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yoga in Central Park on Tuesday, July 14th


I am excited to be giving a yoga class in Central Park this Tuesday evening. It is truly "awesome" to be in nature as the sun is beginning to set. To feel the earth beneath your feet and the wind in your hair is magical. This is a unique opportunity to literally be "supported" in your practice. You will be amazed how transforming and "energizing" this experience can be.

We will meet at Central Park West at 60th Street.
Time: 7PM
Fee: $ 20.
The weather forecast is calling for a SPECTACULAR evening !!!

For more information, please feel free to contact me at 917-902-2061 or click on the "view my complete profile" link (in the about me section) to be forwarded to my email.


Friday, July 10, 2009


Inspiration: To stay the course no matter what obstacles I may encounter.

Distractions. It is easy to be swayed by the mundane, yet sometimes overwhelming occurrences in our daily life. When we need to focus our energies in one direction, and something arises, it is easy to give in. This way, we no longer feel compelled to move forward towards our destination since this "distraction" is so ENERGIZING. Not so much in a positive manner. In a way that sets our emotions ablaze with fire. :)

Most recently, this has happened in my life. There is a trajectory I am on where all my energy has to go. Without going into story, I had something small,but monumental, fire my cylinders on all levels. This immediately took the forefront in my body and soul. Thank heaven, for the assistance of one of my teachers. I was able to get a handle on this within a short time. If I allowed this to get the best of me, I would be "distracted" from what I need to do right now.

How many of you allow "external" annoyances to overwhelm and take over?
It is our natural response to chaos and finding order. However, we can spiral into an endless pit of mind chatter. So the next time, something "blows your socks off", take a breathe, have a calming cup of chamomile tea and breathe. Ask the situation,"What is being asked of me now?" There is always a message in the discomfort.

Lastly, remember the famous words; "This too shall pass".

Have a very "peaceful" day.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is There a True Formula?

Inspiration: To move in a way that gives my body joy.

Is there a right way to exercise? Some"MAGIC" formula we should all abide by? Personally speaking, unless you are training for some kind of event, be it a race or sport, there is really no need to be rigid. What I mean by rigid is so precise in your training, adhering to a very specific protocol. In previous posts, I have mentioned that the most important element is consistency. Listen to the body and feed it love.

Love of movement that resonates with you. Whether it is to run, bike, dance, take class or go to the gym, just be consistent with your efforts. The best thing to do is to mix it up. This way your body is challenged and does not get bored so quickly.

Many of you are probably concerned with weight. Movement increases our metabolism and burns calories, plan and simple. If we take in more than we are expending, regardless of how much we exercise, we will put on the pounds. Mind you, exercise will improve your health and fitness level. It is essential for strength and well-being.

The whole package has to be looked at. Exercise, healthful eating and balance. All three working together, provide us with the sustenance we need to live an abundant and full experience. :)

To a full life........ Warmly, Denise

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th Weekend

Inspiration: To feel the outdoors and all of its beauty.

Hope you had an "amazing" July 4th weekend !!! The weather was stellar.:)
I had a wonderful opportunity to watch the fireworks on a rooftop in NYC. I do not remember the last time I saw fireworks. Must be ions ago. It is truly "awesome" to see how "bright colors in the sky" make adults scream with the awe of a child.

All of us most likely indulged a bit more. This is good. Life is to be enjoyed. It is all about balance. If we restrict ourselves too much in any way this can cause irritability and possibly anger. Today is a new day. So if you are feeling not so great, take heart. You can begin again.

The weather continues to be beautiful this week. I cannot reinforce enough how being outside really lifts one's "spirits". Just sitting in the park, on grass barefoot for 10-15 minutes, has an extremely peaceful effect.

Yesterday I was in Riverside Park. It truly is lovely. On weekends, it is also a bit quieter than our infamous Central Park. There are beautiful clusters of flowers and bushes. The scenery is also spectacular in some areas. As I walked by a unified flowered bush, I saw the most beautiful flowers of purple and lavender. Some of the flowers reminded me of a butterfly. Upon taking a closer look, I actually stopped in the moment to connect with this flower. I wish I could bottle that moment and share it with you. It was very "peaceful".

Today, spend some time outside. Even if you feel "decadent" to leave your office. It is worth it and you will FEEL energized and more productive than you could imagine.

Enjoy today. That is really what is asked of us. To live each day to the fullest.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Exercise in Summer

Inspiration: To embrace the freedom inherent in Summer.

Summer weather is finally upon us. This time of year offers us the opportunity to truly move in an authentic way. Nature is calling us to dance on its earth. The parks in our city are a great opportunity to exercise and feel the sunshine on our faces.

Most recently, I have been conducting some of my sessions outdoors. It is an experience beyond the ordinary....... These sessions are the integration of cardio, creative strength, yoga and pilates. At the end of each workout, there is a deep period of total relaxation and letting go. It was so nice to witness a corporate client lie straight on the grass in total surrender. As he arose, his white shirt filled with dirt and grass. A softness on his face. To me, this is reminicent of being transported back to a child-like state where all is free and easy. For those of you who spend your time indoors most of the day, this is a completely liberating experience.

Beginning in July, I will begin my first outdoor yoga class in the evening. As this grows, I will be adding more group yoga and training to my schedule. For those of you who may be interested in group fitness, I have developed an outdoor workout called "Spiritual Bootcamp". It encompasses all I have described above. It is a challenge with an added element. My true love for healing shines through. You will feel "uplifted" and refreshed in a calm way. For more information, kindly contact me at www.denisebrandi.earthlink.net or 917-902-2061.

I wish you a joyful day filled with ease.