Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is There a True Formula?

Inspiration: To move in a way that gives my body joy.

Is there a right way to exercise? Some"MAGIC" formula we should all abide by? Personally speaking, unless you are training for some kind of event, be it a race or sport, there is really no need to be rigid. What I mean by rigid is so precise in your training, adhering to a very specific protocol. In previous posts, I have mentioned that the most important element is consistency. Listen to the body and feed it love.

Love of movement that resonates with you. Whether it is to run, bike, dance, take class or go to the gym, just be consistent with your efforts. The best thing to do is to mix it up. This way your body is challenged and does not get bored so quickly.

Many of you are probably concerned with weight. Movement increases our metabolism and burns calories, plan and simple. If we take in more than we are expending, regardless of how much we exercise, we will put on the pounds. Mind you, exercise will improve your health and fitness level. It is essential for strength and well-being.

The whole package has to be looked at. Exercise, healthful eating and balance. All three working together, provide us with the sustenance we need to live an abundant and full experience. :)

To a full life........ Warmly, Denise

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