Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Divine Guidance

Inspiration: To be an "open" channel for receiving information.

What is guidance? The thesaurus defines guidance as advice, conduct, control, direction, help or instruction. The implication is that another person is assisting with the process. Guidance that is "divine", is experienced by the individual without any outside influences.

How do we hear this? When our mind is full of constant chatter and our emotions are intensified, we cannot hear anything. We are so contracted and fearful that there is literally no room for an "answer". It is only through release that we are able to open completely.

Then, and only then, can you open to the limitless possibilities that abound. Guidance that is divine, does not show itself in the traditional way. It is usually something "out the blue". It could also be any overwhelming "feeling". I like to look at it as "trixter" or joker energy. Something that just arises without effort or struggle on our part.

When we struggle or resist, we are unable to receive the answers we are searching for. Personally, lying on the grass (without a blanket)or floor, has a grounding and calming effect. Whatever ritual takes you to a place of stillness will work. Then solutions will arise when we least expect it. Just be present, patient and take deep "breathes".

In peace,

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