Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lost It IN A Cab Ride Today

Inspiration: To realize that no matter how much inner work I do, I am still HUMAN and possess some qualities that are not so great. :(

Anger. Not a positively charged emotion. But certainly one. Today my anger came out full-force on a very kind cab driver. It was not his fault that the cars were crawling through 79th Street Crosstown. It was my mistake not "listening" to my gut.

I was in need of a yoga class, but not just any class. A class that spoke to my mind, body and spirit. Who better than acclaimed Equinox yogi Adrian Molina. The only class that fit into my schedule he taught was at 6:15pm on 33rd and Park Avenue. Mind you, I reside on West 78th Street.  So about 45 minutes before the start of class, I make my way to the 79th Street Crosstown stop. It was about 5:35pm and I just missed a bus. The safe thing was to just grab a 6pm class on the West Side but that was just too easy.

So now it is nearly 5:45pm, no bus in sight. I quickly jump into a cab with a very kind driver. We muddle crosstown and I am beginning to "FREAK the F--K" Out ! I personally know Adrian well, and I did not want to be disrespectable and show up late. Truth be told, I have a lot of judgment about people who show up late to class. After today's experience, I will surrender this attitude.

To make the story shorter, traffic was rampant and I began to have a bit of a hissy fit. The old Denise was emerging. The angry, aggressive, but apologetic, "fiesty"Denise. A part of myself I long thought I threw away but just guess it was buried down inside. So I finally make it to class about 8 minutes late, jump in, and begin to breathe. Instantly, I feel better.

After class, I shared this experience with Adrian who gently reminded me that I am human and to try my best not to judge myself. It is so "wonderful" to have this reflected back to me.:). Life continues to be a journey and a process. Be kind to yourself, be present and stay positive.

Have a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love, Denise

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jivamukti Yoga: On A Blizzard Day in NYC

Inspiration: To continue to venture outside of my neighborhood, regardless what the weather is doing.

Greetings. It it the day after Christmas and my ex-husbands birthday. Truth be told, this is the first year that I really didn't curse him and actually wished him a happy birthday (silently of course). A year of growth for me, right? So what does this have to do with this post? Absolutely nothing.....

Anyway, today is a rather snowy day here in the Big Apple. They are expecting nearly 16 inches by this time tomorrow evening. For the most part, I canceled most of my appointments tomorrow because travel can become "complicated."  A good day for reflection , introspection and some kindness.

Well for some reason today, I decided I need to take a yoga class full of chanting, breathing and devotion. What better place than Jivamukti yoga in Union Square. A place I had practiced much prior, but the devotion (and cultish attitudes) began to get on my nerves. Sometimes, it is just nice to flow and not think so much. So today, I ventured down in this winter wonderland at 3pm to try out a teacher who had been in my trajectory (or list of teachers to experience) for a while.

Class started out will oming and a call and response. The warm-up consisted of about one minute of do whatever you want. Within five minutes we were attempting handstand in the middle of the room. The standing series was short, and we were at the wall for most of the class going upside down and doing hip opening poses. Sounds like fun right? Not really.  The instructors voice ( a she) was speaking via microphone in a tone reminiscent of performing. Performing for who? I just needed to have a decent class, flow, structure and mediation. Is that too much to ask for?

If I am complaining, I really don't mean to as complaining is a negative energy. I was just a bit disappointed as was hoping for a better experience being I traveled downtown and crosstown. However, the healing benefits of a yoga practice always shine through. I am calmer and more in my body. Ready for anything to happen, or not. Sounds good. :-)

What did you do on this "magical" wintry day ? Hopefully something divine.:)

Wishing you all a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love, Denise

Thursday, December 23, 2010

To Live in the World But Not be of The World

Inspiration: To continue to participate in life more fully.

For many years, I have been a on a deep, interior journey into the core of my being. It first began when I was 29 years of age, in a totally different place. Without going into story, I asked the question out loud "There has to be another way to do this, because this way of living is not for me." I was extremely unhappy.

Fast forward to December 2010 at 44 years young. I was living in California from 2000-2003 with a man I thought would be a lifelong partner. During this time, I completely abandoned my spiritual beliefs and what had sustained me prior. After this ended, I was back in NYC committed to begin my life in a whole new way. Through a series of events, both physical and emotional, my world as I knew it was transformed profoundly. Many times the great suffering we are asked to endure, is necessary to bring us to where we are headed.

So after many introspective and contemplative years, I am ready to enter the world in a much more grounded, secure and spirited way. The deep appreciation I feel now go way beyond words. I am so grateful for all of my teachers and "guides" who have stood by, waiting for me to birth this new chapter. Being an Aries, first sign of the Zodiac, I tended to be an all or nothing person. All the way or no way. You get my drift.:-) Now I am integrating all that I have learned and experienced without completely losing myself as I have done prior.

Mind you, it takes me many a ritual and prayer to be here. There is truth and protection through "communing" each day in some small way. Whether it be a walk in nature or a meditative practice, quieting down is essential if we are to be able to be among this world, but not lose ourself to this world.

My wish is for all of us to find our way with ease, beauty and grace.

Have a very "sweet" evening.

With Love, Denise

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Be True to You

Inspiration: To do my best to live the highest truth.

In a week's time, it will be Christmas. A festive and "soulful" holiday that unites individuals from all walks of life. Although, I am born into a JEWISH family, for some reason I feel a deeper connection to this day. Maybe it is all the lights and greenery.:-) Who knows. I do tell some people that  I don't  have a Jewish soul and they think I am insane.

Anyway, it is important for all of us to be true to ourselves. No matter what anyone says or thinks. To really listen to that voice within, that speaks quietly but oh so powerfully. This season gives us the opportunity to be still, listen and give accordingly. Giving can mean something as simple as a silent prayer. There is so much "power" in this that cannot be explained by the rational. A lovely card or compliment is also sweet.

So whatever it is that moves you, let it move you. Give accordingly, but also be OPEN to receiving. Receiving love, blessings and miracles.....Always.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, Denise

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Be Carefull What You Wish For....

Inspiration: To take my own advice I give to others.

Well, where do I begin. I have been praying for romance. A man who embodies a multitude of qualities and characteristics. I even have written then out numerous times, in detail asking God to fill in any missing blanks.  As in the title post, be careful what you wish for....

Most recently, I had dinner with a man I have known casually for years. He embodies many of the qualities I have asked for, but on the "physical"  we are very different. Meaning, I am quite active and health conscious and him not so much. But is the physical the most important ? It does play a role, but is it everything??? As I am in awe of the miracles that abound through spirit, I will take my own advice. Not be "superficial." Let it go.I pray for clarity.....

Maybe I am getting too far ahead, since we only went out once (so far). What can I say, he understands who I really am.......He is a good looking guy who has a few pounds to lose and here I am, miss obsessive, addictive ( historically and sometimes), the exerciser and healthy foodie. What is a girl to do.:-) Guess I will just continue to breathe and surrender even more deeply.....

For right now, I will lovingly embrace the possibility that someone "gets me.". Who knows what will happen. That is the gift of "mystery".

So what have you been wishing for? Hoping and possibly praying for? The spirit (non-physical) world has no conception of time and space. Patience, practice and persistent truth is essential to keep the faith. So go ahead and make as many wishes as you desire. Be very clear as you will get exactly what you ask for.:-)

Have a "sweet" evening.

With Love, Denise

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How Are You Managing Stress?

Inspiration: To do my best to listen to what I teach to others.

Stress. The accumulation of a multitude of obligations and responsibilities from the outside world. The more we take on, the more important it is to have an "outlet" to handle the frustrations that may arise.

As a teacher, I am really good at instructing others. To guide them in a direction that may assist them in living more "peacefully." While I am a teacher, I am first and foremost a student.  Most recently, my accumulation of "stress", whether real or mentally created has been overwhelming.  My vocation has brought AMAZING people into my life. The flip side, is that I do a lot of daily travel, sometimes to four to five locations, which leaves me exhausted.  Add to this mix, I keep up my own integrity of movement a multitude of times per week.

So I just got back from my favorite acupuncturist, Gabriel Sher. He told me what I knew to be true. When he first saw me he said you look exhausted. After checking my pulse and tongue (this is what they do to get a sense of how your organs are functioning in Eastern Medicine) he was a bit surprised how depleted I was. So I received an hour long treatment and left feeling refreshed. :-)

Then I made the mistake of doing errands and rushing around. My mind started to spiral. A quick stint to Riverside Park was needed to ask "God to Help Me! Wish I could have stayed there, but being I was the only one there with a designer purse, probably not the best idea. Now back home, I quickly ate a rushed dinner and turned on the computer to check face book. So very shortly I will take some of my own medicine. An epsom salt bath, lavender incense burning and a "sweet" book.

No matter what the day has brought you, it is good idea to have some sort of calming ritual before bedtime. While I was hoping scribing this would calm me a bit, I seem to find myself "buzzing". Probably best to head to the bathtub soon.

Have a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love, Denise

Sunday, November 28, 2010

To "FEEL" What Doesn't Feel So Great

Inspiration: To allow myself to feel the fullness of my emotions and let them move through me.

As I do my best to convey positive and uplifting experiences, I too am only human. As much as this long weekend has been a blessing, it has also brought up a lot of emotions.

I am really, really good at uplifting others. Many have told me I have a calming effect on them. Yes, in the fitness arena I do appear very zen, but compared to the yogi's (pure yoga practitioners),  I have more distance to travel. Although after yoga I do feel very zen.:-) But truth be told, after a gym workout, I feel a lot of aggression and anger. It is documented that working out is a stress reliever, but depending upon how you are wired ( I am a fire sign through and through), it may not be the best medicine.

So over the past three days, I had two gym workouts, and one yoga cleansing. Meaning a class where there were many twist and breathe work which helped my energetically "charged" body. Today is Sunday. In many traditions, it represents a day of rest. This morning, I have been with my feelings. My feelings of loneliness, sadness and desiring my physical life be other than what it is.

To feel the fullness of these feelings takes courage. In the past, I would bolt to the gym or some other avenue to ease this resistance. As it is part of both my path and work, I am embracing this uncomfortableness (is that even a word). My wish is that I will learn what needs to be learned so I can help transform myself and others more deeply.

It is my deepest intention, to be of greater service and to move and empower more individuals to live their highest truth.....To a day filled with discovery and enlightenment.

With Love, Denise

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Interpretation Of Thanksgiving

Inspiration: To honor, give thanks and bless each and every moment.

Hope you all had a very "sweet" Thanksgiving. As most people in the U.S. gather with family and friends for this "grateful" day, there are some of us who have our own interpretation. For me personally, I couldn't wait to sleep in, have a "peaceful" workout and check out a movie.

Thursday was a rainy day in New York City. I awoke without a feeling of obligation. In advance, it was discussed that my family would most probably not gather together for various reasons. So there was acceptance by all parties. That said, I decided I would take a much needed "me" day.:) That may sound selfish to some, but it is what I call "taking care of oneself".

So taking care of myself was the theme of the day. Did I feel a bit or remorse not seeing family? Maybe a bit but the intention of the day was for me to feel good and express my version of gratitude to myself while silently blessing others.

The day began with some silence, a long workout, and trip to the movie theater where I got to escape my thoughts for two hours. When I left, I felt energized and stopped at the market for some ready made organic chicken (Fairway was still open). This may seem sad to some, but to me it was just what I needed. What my soul needed to do for that day. What does your soul need? Thoughts???

Have a very "peaceful" Saturday.

With Love, Denise 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Being In MY Head During Yoga Class

Inspiration: To continue to be mindful of my thoughts during yoga class and in daily living.

As many of you know who have found this site, I love yoga. I love yoga because it helps me to creatively connect with the breathe and the body relationship. It helps me to "tune" in to what I am feeling in each moment. Some moments are more joyful than others, as with all of life.

As I am both a teacher of fitness and yoga, many gym practitioners have told me that it is difficult for them to be still and pay attention. In other words, to not let their minds drift. In conversations, I have told them this is completely normal and regardless of where the mind may be, the healing and energetic benefits are there. Yes, it is more easeful to be in the moment and enjoy what you are experiencing.  But if the mind drifts, just notice, take and breath and accept where you are.

This particular experience happened to me in class yesterday. I was downtown practicing at Kula Yoga with Ariel Karass. If you want a completely authentic and ZEN experience, you should definitely check out his classes. Anyway, during class yesterday, my mind was wandering all over the place. I had to go to the bathroom and was wondering when a more vigorous standing series would take place and so on.

My mind was controlling the experience. Yes, I did have to go to the bathroom and did "sneak" out. :-) But Ariel knows what he is doing. This class was very purposeful and sequenced accordingly. Who was I to get in the way with my ego's desire to perform warrior one and half-moon poses. So I lovingly decided to embrace what was in front of me, challenges (and challenging poses) and all. I listened when my body told me to hold back, due to numerous injuries. I left feeling at total peace.

That is one of the beautiful benefits of a yoga practice. It helps you to listen.  The mind wanders. Watch it. Take a breath. Be still.:-)

Have a very "peaceful" evening.

Namaste, Denise

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Everything has a Purpose

Inspiration: To continue to let go on my ego's need for fulfillment and simply live from my truth.

Greetings. Hope everyone is having a "sweet" Autumn. The weather here in NYC these past few days is in the 60's. So great. Almost feels like springtime. Infinite possibility.....:-)

It's amazing that you never really know how you or something you do reaches another. When I started writing this blog about a year and half ago, it was because I was guided by my "intuitive" counselor that this is something that would be helpful. For creative expression and reaching more people.  As far as computers and techy stop goes, I really have no interest. So it was a challenge for me to set this up ( although much easier now) on eblogger.

So over time I have been scribing less and less. Partially because I am busier and partially because I have much to say and find it difficult to limit to one posting.  Well, today here I am. My inspiration comes from a post written back in September about a lovely yoga teacher in NYC whose classes I frequent. Somehow, he found this and reached out in appreciation. My initial response was a feeling of deep gratitude and then a "friendly" reminder that I need to keep this up. It doesn't matter how many people this touches, just that I keep this going in some small way.

A reminder that I really love sharing my ideas and inspirations, and hey "who knows". The saying " you never know where god is." Well yesterday was a glimpse when this teacher sent me a lovely message via facebook.
Thank you Adrian Molina. AWESOME yoga teacher and inspirational healer.

So let the message today be to live from your highest truth, without expectation. Do what you love; what brings you joy.  When you are coming from a place of expanded awareness and appreciation, the world will open up to you in miraculous and exciting ways.......

Have a "sweet" Sunday.

With Love, Denise

Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's November Already?

Inspiration: To not allow the passage of time to get the best of me....

Wow! I cannot believe it is November already. How quickly time passes. We have just seen the passage of pumpkins and will soon be preparing for our day of turkey.  These "transitional" months of Autumn are a time of really getting clear on what it is that moves us. The deep inspiration that makes us want to jump out of bed in the morning, and the miracles the day may bring forth.

On a physical level, we all have deep dreams and desires. It may be quite some time and nothing has seemed to move. Or another way to look at it, is you cannot see anything physically. Hold true to your vision. It is said "Patience is a virtue". A day can seem like a year, and so on. When we release our need to have it now, our world becomes brighter. Each moment is filled with the potential of what could be.

Last night was a new moon. A time of  beginnings. Externally directed energy. Going for it! Blocks will soon appear to be lifted, and again, we can move forward fearlessly. This is a great time for wishing. If you could ground this by scribing on some paper, you will have a reference of what it is that is important to you. The key here is not to "check up" but just to allow a space for the miraculous.  God is in the details.:-)

I wish you all a very "peaceful" an sweet day!!!

With Love, Denise

Monday, October 18, 2010

Women, Food and Weight

Inspiration: To continue to listen to the needs of the body in each moment.

Many of us, especially women, wake up each morning with the intention of having a guilt-free eating day. By this I mean, " I am going to stick to my diet." In Spanish the word morir means to die. If we translate this into our daily life, we metaphorically do "die" when we deprive ourselves.

Depending upon your level of physical activity, it is essential to eat in a balanced way. We need a minimum of calories (somewhere around 1200 according to your metabolism) to sustain our bodily functions. The beating of our heart, the functioning of our brain and organs.  Add to the mix some exercise, and you can clearly see, it is not about being restrictive, or dieting.

This is actually counter-intuitive to lasting and healthy results. In the short-term, you will succeed in reaching your so-called "goals" of maintaining what you believe to be the perfect weight. But what really is perfect? Personally speaking, perfection is peace. To be at total peace with this moment. If a number on the scale brings you peace, what happens when it changes? That is really not peace at all.

In particular, women are held to such high standards by society and the media. We see airbrushed magazines of starlets that may make some of us feel less than. Truth be told, in real-life, (but Uma Thurman really is stunning), most women do not look like this.  At the very core, all of us just want to be happy. We all have our own set of circumstances, regardless of who we are.

So today, I lovingly invite you all to enjoy some sweetness. Yes, in the form of food. A "little" bit of something good, will go a long way. It will make you "happy".:-).

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

Friday, October 8, 2010

You Just Never Know....

Inspiration: To allow room to learn the truth about an individual without judgments.

Yesterday, while working with a client at a private gym, I commented on a beautiful bracelet another trainer was wearing. For some reason it just stood out and spoke to me. It was a handmade, sterling silver wing wrapped in leather.

Shortly after, I inquired as to where he got it. After sharing the details, he told me this replaced the bracelet that Lance Armstrong ripped off his wrist after meeting him. (Guess Lance liked what he was wearing.) Anyway, this led to a conversation that I would have never expected in a million years.

As it turned out, this day represented five years since he had been cancer free. He had Hodgkin's lymphoma. This type of cancer is a cancer of the lymphatic system, which is part of the immune system. Mind you, the guy is a perfect looking specimen. He was a professional ironman competitor, placing in the top ten prior to this diagnosis. Before this particular moment, I had my own; "judgments" about him. Good-looking, cocky, successful and a bit arrogant. Not my energy.

But after this conversation, I was completely humbled. Tears were beginning to fall as I was continuing to work with my client. My heart was burst wide open. Another level of softening judgment. The level of compassion I felt go way beyond words. On some level, he obviously felt a need to share this, maybe unconsciously, with people he did not know very well. In any event, it was a true gift. We both saw one another differently for the first time.

Many us assume the worst, or possibly resent others for their success, looks or their seemingly "perfect" life. We never really do know what is going on or what someone has been through. Life is filled with many challenges. At one point or another, there comes a time where we are tested. How we rise to the occasion is totally up to us.

So I lovingly invite you to embrace each and every situation and person you may come in contact with. To look beyond the surface and be open to the possibilities that may exist.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Finding Sweetness

Inspiration: To find the joy inherent in each moment.

Sweetness comes in many forms. It can be the taste of ice cream on a warm summer's day. It could be a beautiful sunrise or sunset. It could be the stillness of this moment.

We can all get caught up in the daily and mundane rituals in our lives. Not stopping to pause, breathe and embrace the magic that is all around us. Just a moment of finding sweetness, can shift our perspective and change the trajectory of our day.

My favorite, is to go commune in nature. There is always something "magical" that happens for me here. Whether it be a bird that sits besides me, or the fresh air, there is always a gift. When we are connected to the natural, earth elements, there is a sense of groundedness that takes over. We feel a connection to something "larger" than what we perceive with the senses.

The pure joy of waking up each morning with the potential to create is a blessing. What we create and how we utilize our gifts, is totally up to us. Finding the joy, or sweetness, helps us to find our true essence and live our highest truth possible.

So I invite you to lovingly embrace the simple pleasures that surround you. To find something that makes your heart sing, on a daily basis. Even if only for a moment. Your world will be brighter.....:)

Have a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On Complaining

Inspiration: To do my best to remain positive regardless of what is happening.

Why do we complain? We complain because we are annoyed. Annoyed with how our lives currently may be, or possibly our annoyance with another. Regardless of the specific cause, when we complain it is a drainage of our energy. It is not optimistic and cannot yield anything positive.

So why do we continue to do it? Is it just a habit or do we think in some strange way this will control something. Regardless, we are all guilty at one time or another. A dear client/friend of mine says to me on occasion, "You are leaking". Meaning I am complaining. We all need to vent. A better way to deal with "stuff" may be to say " I don't want to put any more energy into this, but I am feeling......" Thank you for this option, Tony Leroy.(gifted intuitive:).

So I invite you all to lovingly, STOP. Just stop before you need to verbally acknowledge something you may not like. This takes practice. Eventually, this will only occur in your thoughts. OR in time, not all all. Think about it.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What is Boredom Really?

Inspiration: To find my way through inertia which creates boredom.

Exactly what is boredom. One dictionary definition is "boredom is an emotional state experienced during periods lacking activity or when individuals are uninterested in the opportunities surrounding them." This about sums up my present feelings. Don't get me wrong, I am "grateful", just a bit restless. Restless because events are not unfolding, connections have not yet come to fruition, and my work is shifting.

That is the big one for me. Work or career. For the past fourteen plus years I have been in the health and fitness arena. The majority of this work has centered around training others to be stronger, leaner, or just a better version of themselves. Most recently, I am finding I enjoy being in a gym less and less. In the short term, this is a bit scary because it is presently my sustanence.

As I continue to be drawn to yoga and the healing arts, it makes me a bit sad to be surrounded by hard-core, aggressive people. Really because I have been one of them. This softening is new to me. In the past, I have used the physical to "escape" my true feelings. Sitting with these emotions can sometimes pierce right through you.

So again, now I am bored. Bored with the present day to day mundane. What to eat, who am I training now, when do I workout or do yoga. This is getting old, rather boring. I pray and seek "guidance" on a daily basis; from within. These answers are unfolding at a snails pace. Mostly because I do not like what is coming through.

How are you feeling today? Are you content or wishing things were different. We all go through these periods. How do you handle them? Sometimes, just an acknowledgment is required. Then from that space, you have a frame of reference.

What is really going on? For me personally speaking, this boredom arise because I am not living my truth to the fullest. Waiting for a genie in a bottle to grant me my wishes, when in truth, I am in control of my thoughts and actions. Divine intervention does help though......

Have a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love,

Friday, September 17, 2010

On Trust

Inspiration: To continue to be more present, surrender more deeply and to trust in something "BIGGER"....

Trust. What does the word mean to you? For some, it may invoke a myriad of responses. Trust in myself, trust in others or trust in something which I will call "Other".

When we really trust, we are at peace with all that is happening, right now. There is a knowing that we are somehow taken care of in some way. The human condition teaches us to struggle and strive for what we desire. This pushing mentality can actually have the opposite result of what we are trying to achieve.

Authentically trusting, is a deep inner knowing that no matter what is going on in the physical, there are "wheels spinning" behind the scenes to ensure that we are alright. Knowing this, can help you to create a place for the miraculous.

Whenever we worry or are in fear, this is a negative pull or energy that obstructs the flow. Flow; the easefull unfolding of our lives. When we are at peace, calm and "grateful", this creates a positive energy that draws the right people and situations to us at the right time.

So I invite you all to lovingly be still. Take a breath and "feel". Feel the gratitude for this wonderful life we have been given. I remember reading " Life is a schoolroom." When times get challenging, I silently say this to myself or out loud and begin to smile. Think about it.:-).

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, Denise

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Religion: A Paradox

Inspiration: To continue to learn from and be inspired by others choices.

Religion. It is said to separate men and countries. Personally speaking, I am do not adhere to any "organized" religion. My own beliefs center on the "oneness". That we are all connected in some strange way.

Most recently, I had a conversation with a client of mine. She is Jewish and keeps Kosher in her home. She is a "cool" hip woman, who is fairly open minded. Last week she had mentioned to me that her husband needed to read a book in synagogue during Rosh Hashanah. I remembered he enjoyed Steven Hawking, who is a physicist and has written many books disputing the existence of God. So I had mentioned that he had a new book out that she picked up for him and he took to the temple in instead of following along with those in attendance.

Funny thing is, her husband grew up in a "religious" home on the trendy Upper West Side. When they first were married he observed the faith but since has questioned "If there really is a God then why do bad things happen to good people." Maybe not his words exactly, but you get my drift. Anyway, he takes this book to temple to read and then is called up to OPEN THE ARC, which houses the sacred Torah; an esteemed honor. That is the Paradox. A highly respected gesture exhibited by someone, forgive me "Who really couldn't give a sh-t".

The reason I now scribe this, is that it is fascinating to me how people find themselves in situations that may no longer serve them. Problem being, they cannot or do not have the opportunity to choose differently. It is my deep intention that he finds his way, since family observes all the Jewish holidays.

So I lovingly invite you all to examine your core beliefs. Whether they are religious or otherwise. Does it serve you? Have you changed? Does it really matter?

Have a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love, Denise

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Warrior Flow Yoga

Inspiration: To continue to honor and be present for the teaching of great "healers".

What is Warrior Flow Yoga? It is an intense, breath-based, present moment vinyasa yoga class developed by Adrian Molina who teaches exclusively at Equinox. From the moment, he walks into the room, you feel a calming, serene presence that go way beyond words.

The class begins in balasana, child's pose, giving students an opportunity to be still and connect with the earth. From that space, the class moves through an eclectic series of sun salutations to drum-based rhythmic pulsations. Adrian consistently reminds his students that the movement follows the breathe and to surrender our EGO (love this) to be where we are in each moment. It is our ego, in class and in life, that causes frustration when things do not go as planned. Even in a challenging posture he kindly instructs "be where you are. breathe into it. open the heart.:)

Over the course of time, I have had some conversations with Adrian. He is all about presence. The deep healing. Yoga is one avenue to reaching a place of stillness. I couldn't help but ask Adrian a question after class yesterday. I asked " Do you bless the space before you teach?" His response warmed my heart. He said, not only do I bless the space, but I bless each and every individual that is there. Intuitively, I knew he did.

I share this for inspiration, to know that we all can silently bless one another. The power of this goes way beyond words. He shared this with me only because I had asked for he is a very private soul, really directed to a path of health and wholeness.

So I invite you all to lovingly embrace those around you. No matter what your vocation, sending love and healing light can not only shift another, but it can have profound shifts within you.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Embracing Sadness

Inspiration: To be with what is, and let it move through me.

Most times, I begin these posts with something uplifting. As I am human, my intention is also to share those "not so happy moments." For the past week, I am in my body. Maybe for the first time in my life. What I mean by this, is I have not used movement (aka exercise), to make me feel better.

As always, the body is our greatest teacher. So with my back in spasm, an allergic reaction to some food I consumed and my "female" time, what was being asked was to be still. This brought up a lot of sadness. Sadness mostly for what I feel is "missing" from my life. But what is really missing? After I sat quietly with this I received the answer " Your ego is making you unhappy. Your expectations and dreams of what has not happened yet."

While this was momentarily comforting, it did help me to feel better. I spent a lot of time in nature crying and journaling, asking a force greater than me for help. After many days, I am beginning to feel better both physically and emotionally. But the most important piece of this blog is to really sit with your feelings; do not run or try to escape. It will only get louder and louder.

During this time, I was guided to go back to the spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle and his writings in the book "A New Earth". There is a section called the Pain Body and how we identify with it and let it overwhelm us. An excellent read for those of you who really want to get in touch with the self. Especially, the spirit self.

Lastly, we are in a very "intense" Mercury Retrograde cycle. What mercury rules is communications, contracts and electronics. This period is all about review. Going inside, seeing what needs to be seen. To release that which no longer serves us and prepare for what will bring us more ease and clarity. The more we struggle, the more difficult it becomes.

So feel what you are feeling. Deeply. Embrace change. "What we resist persists"...From Conversations with God, Book 1

Enjoy this sunny weather!!!

With Love,

Monday, August 30, 2010

A New Perspective

Inspiration:To remain true to what soothes my soul.

It's amazing how when we leave the day to day mundane, we can become "instantly" restored. Last week, I had the pleasure of being invited to a client's place out on the East End. It was a truly "beautiful" space with many bedrooms, a lap pool and bicycles galore.

Since the majority of my time (and most who reside in NYC) is spent indoors,it was incredible to have the freedom to roam. So this past week, I decided to take advantage of the natural elements and what was around me.

It must have been nearly two years since I have been swimming in a pool. For real. From the moment I immersed myself in the heated water (87degrees), my spirit was soaring. :) I began to swim laps while embracing the beauty around me. At this time, I was the only one there, and I felt my "deepest" self come alive.

As there was only one car available, I decided to venture out by bike. It had been over a decade (actually more), since I had been on the open rode. At first I was a bit intimidated, but soon enough I found my groove and my joy. I proceeded to do this many times during my stay.

In the evenings, we cooked "AMAZING" meals and embraced the sweetness of our surroundings. For the first time, I surrendered my rigidity around food and ate some of my favorite things; including bagels and haagen daaz, vanilla swiss almond.

As I am now back in NYC, I will continue to hold a space for this feeling of expansion, aliveness and ease, while expanding my world in all directions.

May you all have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hot "Caponyasa" Yoga

Inspiration: To continue to explore new teachers and styles of yoga.

This past week, I took my first-ever "HOT" Yoga class. This was a Pure Yoga West in NYC. The teacher was Carlos Rodriguez, a young- spirited yogi. He has created a new style of yoga called "Caponyasa". This class is a fusion of yoga, martial arts and capoeira. An eclectic mix.

Class started with a brief meditation asking us to honor our solar plexis, our third chakra, our place of power and self-esteem. We began to flow right away into a series of high lunges, warrior two and core plank variations. Then after a few minutes the fun began.:) Balancing with martial art movement, cartwheels into back bends, a place for letting go. This all moved in a 360 degree fashion; facing all four corners of the room. It is not for the faint at heart. It is "high" energy, fluid and creative. There is really not a moment to drift off or you will find your in a class of your own creation.

Normally, I do not have sweat dripping off of every corner of my body. Since the room was heated to 90 + degrees I can say I did. Now I understand why practitioners enjoy the heat. Your body is warmed up and usual tight places are much looser, allowing for more fluidity of movement. Toxins and more toxins are cleared due to the increased heat and sweat pouring out from your body.

For those interested in weight loss, this is a given if you take hot yoga. Unless it is, you eat way more than you should. Which is okay too. Now, I can add another type of discipline into the mix when I feel the need for more creativity, heat and more heat.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

Monday, August 16, 2010

An Evening with KISS- An Important Lesson

Inspiration: To continue to be clear, not judge, and wait for events to unfold before reacting.

When was the last time you heard, loud pulsating music, accompanied with a pyrotechnic show of great proportion? For me, I cannot remember. In the day, I have gone to many a rock concert. This past Saturday night was my first experience with a stage show, larger than life. The rock bank KISS.

After an extremely long day, I was at Jones beach Theater. A friend of mine, was kind enough to get me two tickets. Since he has connections in the music world he asked for VIP Access passes (backstage, meet and great). I had a vision of having awesome seats and going backstage with my date, my mom. It would be a first (maybe second), to have a picture of Gene Simmons with my 71 year old mom.:)

Upon arriving at the venue, I was told to go to Will call to pick up MY envelope. As it was not there, I was then led through a gate to a back entrance; for people "with the band". I was getting excited !!!! So here I am, my mom waiting in the car a good distance away and myself in unchartered territory. After receiving this envelope, I looked inside and could not recognize where the seats were located. Upon closer look and help from the guy assisting, I came to realize these tickets were not quite what I had EXPECTED. The were pretty "crappy". I rarely become bummed out, but I was...."bummed out"! This vision of creating a divine evening was ruined; or was it.

So I make my way back to the car, we park and I share the information. A bit discouraged, I tell her not to complain, and I did the best I could. She obliged. Then we make our way inside, I get my $ 5 dollar cup of seltzer and proceed to the seats. Not the best. Totally upset. But wait, in the distance looking down at the water surrounding the stage, I notice two "beautiful" white swans and some grey colored ones too. A peace comes over me. A softness into the moment, without projecting onto the evening.......

Shortly afterwards, Kiss take the stage with a BOOM. Loud as can be, and I like me some music. It is said they are one of the greatest rock bands of all time live. I beg to differ. Believe it or not, the word BORING was how we felt. Personally, I do not find it exciting to see Gene Simmons ( he is very talented by the way), eat fire and have blood spill out of his mouth. A fan favorite.:)

Aside from the large pyrotechnics, noise and energy, I was unimpressed. After almost an hour and half, we proceeded to leave. Turns out all the good songs were played in the encore. Oh Well. So the message here is never to assume the worst. There are always blessings to be found in every situation. You just may have to look a bit deeper....

Be conscious, be clear be present. Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Can't Believe it's Almost Mid-August

Inspiration: To continue to embrace summer. It is not over yet.:)

I cannot believe it is nearly the middle of August. Where did the summer go? Oh Yeah, it is still here.:) Already stores are adorning their windows with jackets, sweaters and BOOTS. Although, I love my boots, I still am not ready to surrender my birkenstocks.

So here we are, August. How have you spent your time? Did anyone manage to get away, especially those who live in NYC? Getting away can be something as simple as taking a train out of NYC to the beach or Upstate. It changes your perspective, even for a day. When we adhere to the same schedule, life can become stagnant. It is important to shift in some small way.

How about a matinee movie?......For those of you who may be reading this with a flexible schedule, this is an instantaneous way of taking yourself out of the daily and mundane. Even if you have to go back to work, you will feel as if you "escaped" for lack of a better word, for a couple of hours.

For me personally, giving myself the PERMISSION to eat something different changes my mood. Especially something I have not had in a very long time. Truth be told, I have not had pizza in years...My favorite...Growing up my mom took me (as a little girl in Queens) daily for lunch. She said I loved it !!! Recently, I had my first pizza (again) at Jones Beach Theater while waiting to see Sting. It was RED Baron, frozen, and heated up in a cardboard box. Regardless, it still tasted good to me.....Think it is time to go to a real NYC Pizzeria.....:)

So I lovingly invite you to all experience the joy and expansion that is around.To explore new places and possibilities, that may even be in your own backyard (metaphorically) speaking.....Enjoy the present, intend the future, and remain grateful.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, Denise

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Marathon Runners and Yoga

Inspiration: To continue to share with others what I have learned.

Running. A fantastic way to connect with the nature elements (if you go outside). An opportunity to let your soul be free....All it takes is a pair of decent sneakers and appropriate clothing.

Most recently, I have began to jog again after many years on hiatus. The reason being, I did not know how to do this in a balanced way. After numerous injuries and imbalances, I felt it best to take a break and focus on this. While some do still exist, I am listening to the best of my ability how often, how long and how much to partake in.

This morning, I taught yoga class for a friend of mine. It was a small group which really gives me the opportunity to focus on each individual. After class, I found out that two of the students were preparing for a marathon. They both said how much better they felt after class ( a challenging one), since they had done a fourteen mile run the day before.

As a fitness expert, I shared with them the importance of integrating this practice as much as they could to "SAVE" them from potential injury and more imbalance. While I did not know know they were runners in class, I did notice how tight their hamstrings and hips were. Typical of most people and especially those who continually perform sagittal plane movements in excess.

Repetitive movement and stress over time, especially as a distance runner, can cause the physical body severe damage. It is essential to integrate some structured form of a stretching protocol. Just as one needs to clock in their weekly miles, one also needs to "clock" in a sufficient amount of time to bring the body back to equilibrium.

So for those runners out there, surrender your ego and allow some ease into your world. I wish I had know this in my days of running half-marathons. Thought it was NORMAL to run with tight hamstrings. Now, I know better.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Outdoor Jog in Years

Inspiration: To really tune in to what my body needs in each moment.

It is a beautiful sunny day here in NYC. The thought of being inside a gym today for exercise is not an option. I need nature; trees, sunlight, flowers. After not running outside for a couple of years (okay, once on vacation 1.5 years ago), I decided to put on my sneakers and clear my head. I could not find the stillness to sit quietly this morning so this was an equally good alternative.

Historically, the old, competitive Denise, thought running anything less than 6 miles was a waste of time. The new evolving, learning balance Denise, decided to do a much shorter jog than she would ever entertain.

Instead of going to Central Park, which to me represents my competitive days of training and running half-marathons, I decided to go to my favorite place, Riverside Park. The only obstacle (if you could call it that), is that jogging in this park is not circular, as Central Park is. Meaning, you have to turn around.

I decided, I would practice what I preach and ended up going about 2.5 miles. Probably even a bit aggressive since I have not run in years. Still in decent shape, I give myself a break, enjoy the sites and really feel my body; each step. A new awakening for me.

Historically, my attitude was all or nothing. I have prayed to surrender my compulsions and "addictions" for exercise for years. Finally, I am slowly beginning to taste the fruits of this process. Having done this,I now realize I do miss moving with the flow of the "natural" elements. It is very grounding...... May this be the beginning of a new me.:)

I invite you all to listen, really listen, to what make your heart sing. Whether it be exercise or art, go and explore. Enjoy and be happy.

Have a "wonderful" day.

With Love, Denise

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Yoga Diet

Inspiration: To continue to listen to what my physical body desires more than my ego.

Yoga. The healing benefits are numerous on both the physical and emotional levels. This is a practice I "stumbled" upon, or more importantly was guided to begin after nurturing a broken toe in my running days.

It has been over seven years since that experience and I continue to soften more and more into this wonderful practice. There are numerous styles, flows and levels. Being an extremely "physical" individual, I tend to gravitate towards those more intense classes, not realizing that what I really needed was a bit more soothing.

In my work, I "preach" balance and integration to my clients. It is now my turn to practice this. Without going into story, most recently my body and soul have been craving more gentleness. Unfortunately for me, it took a time of complete exhaustion to awaken this within.

So heading this message, for the last five days I have taken care of me. This meant not going to the gym for my adrenaline high. Really being present, in the body and mind. This brought up a lot of uncomfortable feelings I would otherwise buried through my vigorous and sometimes elongated workouts. Instead, I turned to yoga and simple walks. The yoga I participated in was slower, more breath centered and very healing.

A calmness has come over me this week. While vigorous exercise is great, we have to know how we ultimately will react on a physical level. For me, too much activity makes me tense, angry and hyper. Every person is different. Listen, learn and give yourself what you need each day.

As I am now aware how much I crave more calmness, the wish is for me to go on a complete yoga diet for a months time. Possibly this fall. This will really give me deeper insights to the way this practice is so healing: body, mind and spirit.

I invite you all to lovingly listen to what you need in each moment. Be still. Out of that stillness you will find the answer.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

Friday, July 23, 2010

Finding Stillness

Inspiration: To continue to be still, even for only a few moments.

What if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt if you spent time alone each day just being still, you world would change? The people you would encounter. The situations you would find yourself in. All extremely positive. These are just some of the gifts you will receive from a daily practice.

Carving out time, each day, preferably in the morning hours, can set the tone for our days unfoldment. When we rise to the sound of the alarm, followed by our morning beverage and then rush out the door, there is no space for possibility. Setting aside even a few brief moments and handing our day over to something "larger", can create grace in our lives.

Stillness can mean different things to different people. Personally speaking, I derive a sense of peace sitting quietly each morning, surrendering my day (and expectations) and taking deep breaths. On the days, I do not have TIME ( or did not make the time), I feel more anxious, chaotic and frazzled. It is a small price to awake just a few minutes early each day for some peace of mind.:)

Although the morning hours are ideal, any time can provide a sense of relief, ease and peace in the midst of ever going change that may surround you. Sitting quietly in nature and taking in the sights and sounds, brings us closer to our center; our center of truth. What arises may be clarity....into those areas we may currently question.

So I invite you all to lovingly embrace that sense of stillness that lies within. It is yours to access at any moment. May you all find peace and serenity.:)

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, Denise

Monday, July 19, 2010

Grooving at Jones Beach

Inspiration: To continue to dance, literally and metaphorically, to the beauty that is here and now.

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending my first live concert in over three years. Music and dance are such a deep part of who I am, that has been denied for way too long. When I hear the pulsation of the electric guitar and drums, my heart and soul are one, and I am in sheer ecstasy...

In my earlier days (20's) I went quite often to live venues. At the time my favorites where the Allman Brothers and the Grateful Dead, courtesy of some guys I dated that turned me on to their music. This was an extremely free and raw time. Uninhibited; letting go. Not to say that some of these times I may have had a little "lift" off from some spirits, but have since then relinquished any substance or drink that takes me to a higher ground.

The first agenda was food, since you cannot bring any into the place. The choices were a burger and fries, pizza, chicken tenders, popcorn, pretzels, fried dough and carvel. Not really an opportunity to be concerned about organic eating.:) I decide on the pretzel and water. Have to admit, it was "amazing". For six buck I hope so.

So now we make our way down to our seats. My 70 year old mom and I are sitting 13Th Row Center at Jones Beach. It was a "beautiful" evening, filled with an eclectic mix of young and old. We were here to experience Steve Winwood and Santana, sharing the bill. Awesome !!! Sitting directly in front of us was legendary music honcho Clive Davis. I had a moment of acknowledgment as I looked him straight in the eyes, gave him the head nod that I knew who he was. In turn, he reciprocated with the nod.

The highlights of the evening were Steve Winwood performing onstage with Santana during their rendition of a Marvin Gaye tune. The jam Jingo (an eclectic high energy jam) was at the top of my list. You have to be a fan to understand the pulsation that goes through your body during this song.:-).

Today, I returned to work with added enthusiasm and zest; the result of my soul being touched by these magical musicians. A gentle reminder of the healing power of music. Something that is accessible to us be it live or on our ipods....May you all tune in to what makes your heart soar.

Have a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Love or Fear

Inspiration: To continue to move into those not so comfortable places with strength.

Love. Fear. The only choices we have in each moment. It is obvious which one we would choose if we could, but sometimes it is the latter. Fear is a great teacher. It offers us the opportunity to step into what scares us the most. As a wonderful friend of mine says " Avoidance just keeps it going."

It is so easy for all of us to fall into repetitive patterns and situations that no longer serve us. The gift in these moments is to truly embrace what is causing the discomfort, breathe and ask for help. This help can be seen or unseen, depending on your beliefs.:)

Today, I am asking for a shift. A shift in a situation where it has been difficult for me to communicate. For the other to see me for who I am, not who they want me to be. For my feelings to be respected and honored even though they may be misunderstood. This is a great gift. I ask for the courage to speak my truth, be who I am, and not shrink down to fear.

Recreating the past does not serve anyone. This is no exception. So today, I will confront the fear, with grace and humility and a deep intention of turning it back to love.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, Denise

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kate Hudson and Waffles on " Late Night with David Letterman"

Inspiration: To continue to listen, let go and be in the moment.

The quality of our sleep is largely determined by how we feel when we go to bed. Watching the news or a show like CSI, is not the most relaxing. We may go to sleep feeling a bit agitated and uneasy. The best way to go of to never never land, is to be at peace.

For the most part, I do my best to not watch television during the work week. This helps keep me centered, grounded and more peaceful as I head of to sleep. On those evenings, I do watch, I opt for either something comedic or romantic to put me in a good mood.

Last night it was kind of late (for me). 12:15am Saturday morning. I knew turning on the tube had to be easyful. At first, my cable did not come on. I took this as a sign not to watch at all. After calling Time Warner, it was discovered that I needed to hit the cable button on the remote. So Simple.

Now the bigger question; What to watch. Well I saw "That Metal Show" was on at 1 am. But that was too late for me. Yes, I do like classic rock and some degree on softer metal. I then channeled surfed and found that Kate Hudson was on Late Night with David Letterman. I was hoping I did not miss her appearance. I caught it just in time.

Dave was making waffles on a waffle maker and serving it up on paper plates with huge chunks of butter and maple syrup. He gave Kate a plate and told her to try it. She said she had been counting calories and that if she had three bites that would total 100. So she begins to take a bite without much comment. Then upon savoring a bit more, she discovers they are really good. YUMMY I believe.

At this point, Dave comments about her appearance ( weight or something) and she says " I don't really care......I have to admit". She seemed "softer" and a bit more voluptuous. Not her very skinny, bikini body (normal, healthy, womanly). She seemed really happy and at peace. This is the most important quality we can all wish for. I felt a part of myself softening and feeling envious for her ability to enjoy this decadent display of waffles bathed in a lot of butter in front of god knows how many viewers.

Funny enough, last night I found myself in my favorite diner. When it came time to order, I asked for my usual salad thing, but then changed to a Mediterranean platter that consisted of middle-eastern food. So here I am eating exotic food in a diner....hummus, falafel, tabouli, baba ganoush and pitta, served with a "richly" delicious dipping sauce. My "SOUL" was so happy for not ordering my typical "healthy" salad. A gentle reminder to live in the moment and not to place so much rigidity over the consumption of foods we might deny our self.

So the message here is to really enjoy each moment. Live fully, breathe deeply and play.....tune in and listen. What would make you happy and peaceful, right now? :)

With Love,

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anger and the Physical Body

Inspiration: To be grounded and centered in the midst of the changes around me.

The physical body. A direct indication of where we are "out of sync". It could be in our emotions or manifest in some form of injury or disease. Truth be told, my body has been a stern, but faithful teacher. Through my own experience, I am continuing to learn that our emotions have a direct effect on the way we feel.

Late last year, I had undergone robotic laproscopic surgery for some female "stuff". This was minimally invasive and the remnants were a few incisions with now minimal presence. The blessing of this type of procedure, is that you can go back to your normal physical activities in a bit over two weeks. So when it was time to get clearance, the doctor said I was good to go.

A small voice inside of me told me to "wait". But, the kind, young (less than my 44 years), handsome doctor insisted that if I did not go back, I wouldn't be in the shape I was in. Truth be told, in hindsight, he did not realize the "shape I was in" or the way (intensity) I trained. So against my inner guidance, I went back slowly for me. At about the two month mark, I began to practice yoga again. The doctor said I could do this immediately but at least I knew that sun salutations were not my friend at the time.

So fast forward a bit over 8 months and I look down at my navel: even study it closely for the first time. I notice the shape had changed slightly, from a perfect inny to a weird shape. Then I notice after exercising vigorously, it does not feel right. No pain, just not as it is supposed to be.

The investigator in me did some research and after a visit to the doctor, followed by a cat scan, it is discovered I have a slight umbilical hernia. Pissed is not the word. Raging is more like it. First thought, more surgery. I am very EASTERN in my thought process and for me to have surgery last November was big HUGE!!! After finding out a week ago I am still pissed.

Upon closer look with a teacher of mine, I discover under these emotions is really fear. Fear of what will be. Fear this will not resolve itself. Fear that there is something more to learn.....as there is always a gift in what appears to be the chaos.

After teaching yoga last evening and feeling the gratitude, from myself and the students,a sense of ease and peace came over me. This morning I awoke to a less inflamed belly button, a direct mirror of my emotional body.

Anger creates inflammation in the body. It may not be visible and can show up as arthritis and such. Just remember, it is important to get to the source of what you are feeling, although it is unpleasant. Release, surrender and pray for clarity and support. You will feel lighter.... All the will arrive at the right moment. :-).

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Carlisle Collection/ An Over 40 Females Event

Inspiration: To expand my vision of what I desire to experience.

It is a Wednesday evening, 6pm. I am off to an Over Forty Females Event. This is a group of like-minded women who gather each month for social and networking connection. These women are from all walks of life, vocation and status. This particular gathering was held at the Carlisle Showroom in NYC.

Situated at the top of a beautiful structure just off Madison Ave (Penthouse), is a collection of extraordinarily, beautiful attire. At first glance, I become somewhat intimated, since this appears to be out of my understanding and sense of dress. Upon closer look, I surrender, without being separate from these items, and really embrace the beautiful craftsmanship; with it's fabrics and colors.

For this event, I had nothing (at least to me) that I felt appropriate to wear. I happened to find a cute little, sexy tank dress at a local shop. It's truly amazing that when you change you attire, how your "energy" shifts. Hair down, a little make-up and "real" shoes, not my typical birkenstocks and sneakers.

It was a small gathering, which gave those present the opportunity to really get to know one another on a more intimate level. The founder of Over 40 was present, along with a crew to film the event. She is also a host on a new syndicated ALL Women cable TV channel called News Butterfly.

We were all interviewed and asked about our vocation and other questions. When I was up, one question posed to me was "What would be the most important thing to tell woman?" My response was to not take life too seriously and to know that anything can change in a moment.....Something I continue to remind myself of; daily. The interviewer, another Newsbutterfly correspondent, Katie, paused, and deeply took in what I had just said. It continues to become clearer that my path of service is really to move and inspire others, beyond my current vocation of Fitness and Yoga teacher.

This evening was a reminder that if I can be it, live it; then I can become it !!Thank you to all of the wonderful woman that were present. May your world be truly blessed with abundance and possibility.:)

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mussels and Chopsticks

Inspiration: To play and explore in authentic ways.

I reside in a humble abode on beautiful West 78th Street in NYC. This is a half block away from the Museum of Natural History and Cynthia Nixon's(Miranda; Sex and the City)place. Usually, I sit hunched over my computer either doing research or writing to eat my meals.

On this particular evening, I decided to go directly to Zabars after yoga class on the UPW; journal and towel in tow. After picking up marinated mussels and brussel sprouts (two separate pre-made items), I venture to my favorite spot in Riverside park. Initially, I go to sit on the bench but something deep inside tells me to "ground", literally to sit on the ground.

So the beach towel gets unraveled and I sit with my dinner. For utensils I picked up the standard plastic set along with a set of chopsticks. Happily, I ended up eating with the latter. This brought me much joy. Not the typical way of eating mussels. When I was down to my last seafood, I closed my eyes and really went inside; savoring the texture and quality of each bite. This is what is called conscious eating. Something I fear I and many others do not normally do.

It was as if I was transported to another place. A gentle reminder to make the mundane extraordinary. A simple gift I will continue to recall when life feels stagnant. Eating American food with chopsticks is fun! I felt like a big kid exploring. Can you imagine if we just let ourselves go a bit what we can do !!!

In closing, I invite you all to lovingly connect with what brings you joy. Throw in a bit of the whimsical and playful elements and let go. Breathe deeply, be present, be free.:)

With Love, Denise

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Unique Talents

Inspiration: To honor my own individuality and refine it's gifts and blessings.

We all have a uniqueness. Something that sets us apart from others. Some of us may have great minds; some big hearts. Some follow the rules, others break them. A quality that differentiates us from one another.

As many of you may guess by now, I have found my heart in Yoga. It provides me with a sense of peace, grounding and okayness (is that a word), in the midst of ever going change. I continuously surround myself with others writings and inspirations for empowerment. There are so many wonderful teachers. Each one different, sharing their love and passion for this great practice. It is my deep dream and intention to one day walk among them. Not just in the physical practice, but in the deep esoteric meaning of our existence.

In the world of fitness, my ability to execute exercises come easily. In the world of yoga, there are postures I am unable to execute for a myriad of reasons. Does this mean I am not a good teacher? Absolutely not. My uniqueness lies in the fact that I am not this pliable ex-ballerina/gymnastics queen that can bend and contort their body. I am an avid gym rat for over 20 years. This makes it accessible for others who are not the most flexible (in body and mind).

Where am I headed with all of this? I am discovering my gift is to bring this wonderful practice to others who may be intimated and possibly "turned off" by the idea of yoga. Since I have been an avid runner, group fitness teacher and personal trainer, there is an audience open and receptive to exploring this wonderful practice and how it can enhance their current lifestyles.

What makes you different? Unique. Do you share this with others? If not, maybe you should. It does not have to necessarily be in a vocational sense. It can be sharing your gift in the daily adventures of life. When you give from your whole heart, it not only heals others, it heals you.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

Monday, June 21, 2010

Yoga Class at Pure Vs. The Gym

Inspiration: To continue to explore new ways and places for moving authentically.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of being a guest of one of my clients at Pure Yoga. Pure began in Hong Kong and has spread its wings into Asia and the U.S. It is a yoga sanctuary, offering various schools of yoga from the early am to late in the evening. Presently, there are two locations in NYC, one on the Upper East and the other on the Upper West.

The class I took was on the Westside. The instructor was Scott Harig, whose class I tend to take on Sundays at Equinox. There were a few differences between taking his class here and at the gym. First of all, there were no men. All women, except for the teacher. Second, no mirrors, as in all yoga studios. And last but not least, there was a closing call and response chant that he does not perform at Equinox.

There tend to be perceptions about yoga in a studio verse yoga at the gym. One is that students at a studio anticipate a more spiritual or possibly "spirited" experience. Or maybe now at all. Students at a yoga studio appear to practice much more often and maybe not even go to a gym at all. Everyone is different.....In any event, I personally feel there is a clear delineation that exists between the two.

Yoga is yoga. Yes, it is nice to be in a sacred space with an altar with candles burning(Pure did not have this). But again, this may tend to scare some people. At it's essence, yoga is about bringing the mind and body into union to achieve a state of oneness where we feel a deeper connection to all that is. So we can all live a more peaceful existence and have greater compassion for ourselves and others.

It does not matter how you get there; whether it be your own practice, a studio or the gym. I invite those of you who have not explored this wonderful system to let go and surrender your expectations. There is something for everyone. Try it, you may be hooked. I am.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, Denise

Friday, June 18, 2010

Over 40 Females

Inspiration: To continued to be moved and inspired by others who are pursuing their deepest dreams.

It has been said that 40 is the new 30. Or is it 20? Either way, fabulous women in their forties are emerging. Watch out world. Over 40 Females is the creation of Judy Goss, a former model and beauty editor. Her vision is to unite women through networking events,throughout the country; and ultimately the world.

Each month, there are a myriad of diverse gatherings, inviting women to meet and connect in fun and unique venues. Last night, an event was held at Lancome Boutique on Columbus Avenue. These events always pose a dilemma for me, what does a girl wear? I seem to possess the unique ability to either over or under dress at these functions. Last night was no exception. Since it was on the West Side, I donned a funky, flowing, low-cut black dress, flat metallic sandals and my best accessory; my long hair.:) We have to be ourselves right?

This event was focused on fashion and beauty. Becky Wenner, a blond, sexy, vibrant, fitness trainer, shared the stage with Judy. She gave those present a positive talk about exercise and commitment. I really admire her enthusiasm and zest for life. She is very passionate. Those with passion have the innate ability to draw others in. It was a very inspiring and uplifting evening on many levels.

Judy, and Becky, are both hosts on a new women's cable network called Newsbutterfly, launching next month. This network displays various segments on women's empowerment. The other anchors and executive producer, were on hand, mingling and filming. At one point I was conversing with two other lovely women when Newsbutterfly Tracey came over. The three of us were asked if we wanted to be filmed. I was nervous and excited as this is something I have never done, but felt a strong desire. It was such a "delightful" experience. A new level deep within me emerged. My spontaneous, in the moment, funny side. It is still there beneath all my zen-like demeanor.:)

Good people, divine connections and empowerment. What a wonderful evening it was. For all of us women over forty, remember, WE ROCK ! We are sexy, smart and sassy ( the three S's) Live with heart. Know that you are "awesome" and that anything is possible.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, Denise

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Divine Experience at Sephora

Inspiration: To remain open to the possibilities that exist in all situations.

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Something that flows from the inside out. This is not to say that a little help every now and then can't boost a woman's sense of confidence. I am intrigued watching make-up artist's display their craft. At home, I have a guilty pleasure of watching some of these individuals on QVC. They can turn an ordinary woman into a glamour queen.

This past weekend, I found myself at Sephora in Columbus Circle. A quick stop before venturing downstairs to Whole Foods to see if any product sparked my interest. In particular, I was looking for shadows to make my eyes seem bigger and brighter. A couple of the beauty staff approached, asking if I needed assistance. When the third person came over, I succumbed. She didn't seem to get what I was after and suggested looking at the beauty line TARTE (never looked at this one).

So here we are at the TARTE SPACE within Sephora. I notice a very talented male artist, of African decent, working his magic on a young woman. Something inside told me to "wait" until he was finished and to sit in his chair. Something I would never do voluntarily......

At first glance, I was a bit intimidated. New experiences tend to do that. Without going into story, he made me look and feel radiant. Even younger than my years. As it turns out, this brand of make-up is "natural." He totally got my vibe, down to the core. While having the pleasure of his skilled hands beautifying me.

I shortly discovered he was also an alternative practitioner of reiki and shamanism. This was the strong draw I felt. I have asked the universe to lead me towards more like-minded individuals, while surrendering the how. In every profession, exists the possibility of connecting with people of like mind and heart. Tony at Tarte was one of these people.

Upon leaving, I felt "incredible" !!! Too bad I didn't have a hot date. I left with great products and a divine experience. When you least expect it, surprises are all around.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

Friday, June 11, 2010

Inflexibility of a Runner and Yoga

Inspiration: To continue to let the body speak in an authentic way.

Our physique. We work so hard to maintain a level of fitness, at times pushing our bodies too far. Over time there is a cumulative effect on just how much we can endure. Truth be told, we can endure much, but what I am referring to here is what the body requires. Flexibility is an essential component of any well-rounded regimen.

It is always an experience for me in yoga class. Yesterday, I ventured downtown after a day of parading around NYC training various clients. I was in search of some me time, with a class that nurtured my body and soul. There is a lovely teacher named Stephanie who teaches at Kula Yoga in Tribeca. She is quite intuitive and reads the energy of the students in the room. On a purely physical level, this was not a challenging practice. But on a soul level, I was breathing, stretching and connecting, which is really what yoga is all about.

Before class, I started a conversation with a woman sitting near me. We spoke about yoga, teachers and fitness. She was an avid runner, usually "pounding out" six miles daily. She appeared to look in great shape and was just beginning her yoga practice. I asked her how often she practices and her reply was 5-6 times a week. So here she is running almost daily and practicing often. Problem is, she will probably never really make any significant gains. Why? Because running is such a debilitating activity. I know. I was one of these people. (But not everyday; at least I knew that).

Running creates added stress to the body. It creates poor posture and structural imbalances. It closes off the heart chakra, our feeling center; located in the center of the chest. I shared with this woman, my own journey of how yoga helped me to release the compulsion to run. While she took this in and was curious, one could see she was unable to release the power of this sport. During class, I happened to look over (supposed to be present, but I am human). Her lack of spinal mobility, tight hamstrings and closed heart, reinforced what I know to be true.

So with this, I release any judgment and allow others to be who are. With compassion, I will continue to hold a space for those individuals I meet and work with. The question is: Are you listening and moving authentically? Is there flexibility in your body and mind? Yoga provides us with an opportunity to experience all of this. Be still. Listen. Breathe deeply. Move authentically.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Delicate Balance

Inspiration: To really tune in to what is going on in each moment.

It's a Saturday afternoon, and I am working out at Equinox Columbus Circle. Nearby is a woman, probably in her mid to upper forties, boxing with a trainer. Upon closer look, I recognize her to also be a trainer at a different Equinox location. She looked amazing !!! Her form and physique, just beautiful.:) Funny thing is, her body did not match her face. Is there a point where we should surrender some of our "hardness" for lack of a better word for some softness?

This is something that goes through my mind quite often. On a purely personal level, I have been known to work out quite intensely; at times producing a similar physique. Since I have really fallen in love with yoga and its internal and external benefits, I have noticed the need to be a "hard body" fade slowly into the distance. It takes a lot of work to keep it up. You have to eat right, train hard.....eat right, train hard...or do you? That is a question I am presently exploring in my own journey.

As I have mentioned numerous times, life is about balance. If we focus too much in one area of our lives, other areas may suffer. About seven years ago, upon returning to NYC from a brief stint in Southern California, this was me. I was obsessed with exercise. All I could think of. My body was a direct representation of this. I was ripped, eight pack and all. Problem was, I felt so angry and alone. I transferred my personal sorrow into exercise. This in and of itself is not a bad thing. But, anything taken to an extreme and takes up all your thoughts, is not healthy. I prayed to let go of this and seven years later, I am much different.

So back to our scenario of the trainer boxing at Equinox. I was able to look on with admiration but at the same time a feeling of softness coming over me. That same day, I happened to train too hard and long and am feeling it right now. The thing is, today, I am respecting my body and its need for rest and comfort. I have come a long way. As we mature, it is in our best interest to surrender our ego and desire for perfection more fully. This creates space and more openness in our world.

Whatever is in your way to achieving a balanced state, please be kind to yourself. Change of any kind takes time and much patience. If an "Aries" (infant sign of the zodiac)like myself can begin to learn this, so can you.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, Denise

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Secret to a Bikini Bod

Inspiration: Always to LISTEN, lovingly, to the body and it's messages.

Summertime is upon us. A time to dress in more revealing clothing. And yes, a bathing suit. So many women are self-conscious. This becomes most apparent in the warmer weather. We see a lot of young women, parading around in short shorts and skimpy tops.

Is there a magic formula? The answer is in the negative. Depending upon our activity level, metabolism and genetics (only 25% role)this will determine where we are. Just because someone is skinny, does not mean they are in shape. Over the years I have seen many skinny people who are extremely fragile. Paradoxically, I have witnessed many overweight individuals in "amazing" shape.

It all comes down to balance and integration; in the body, mind and heart. The way we nourish ourselves is a direct indication of how we feel. The body is a temple. How are you feeding it? A suggestion I offer is to eat a myriad of different colors everyday; greens, reds, oranges and yellows. Some kind of protein at every meal is essential for regulating mood and blood sugar levels.

Lastly, movement is ESSENTIAL. You choose what modality speaks to you. It can be as simple as taking a walk or as intense as a hardcore run, spin class or weightlifting. And of course, my favorite YOGA. Classes vary in intensity and style. There is something for everyone.

Most importantly, be kind, loving and have a lot of patience. As it is said "Rome was not built in one day." Any program touting results in a short time, is just a quick fix. If that is what resonates for you, that is fine. But for the long haul, it takes consistency, presence and heart. Always remember to breathe; deeply.....

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, Denise

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summertime is in the Air!

Inspiration: To continue to find the joy in the everyday.


Hope you all had a very "peaceful" Memorial Day Weekend. It certainly is summertime, even if it is not yet June 21st. The smells are definitely here. What I mean by this statement is most recently I was walking down Columbus Avenue and there was the aroma of a barbecue.... What it really was, was the corner Frankfurter guy. This is a time for us all to go outside: both literally and metaphorically. Expansion is in the air !!! An opportunity to look at life through new eyes.

Yesterday, I decided to go for a walk down 5th Avenue. Of all days, I chose Memorial Day. Actually, I was walking down to Lord and Taylor for shoes. On my way across Central Park, I noticed a man dressed up as the statue of liberty, painted in green. I took out my blackberry and took a picture. This started a roll, and I found myself taking a picture of the Plaza Hotel, amongst other New York City sites.

My intention for sharing this seemingly mundane experience, was that after residing here for nearly 18 years, I made a choice to walk around as if I were here for the very first time. This created a sense of spaciousness within. A feeling of possibility.

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Read and enjoy.

With Love,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Yogic Challenge

Inspiration: To continue to push, but listen lovingly to the postures my body can entertain in each moment.

On Sundays, I enjoy taking an afternoon yoga class. This gives me enough chill time afterward to unwind into the evening and detox for the coming week. These last couple of weeks, I have ventured down to eclectic Kula Yoga Project in Tribeca. While I am definitely an intermediate plus practitioner, these students put me to shame. Maybe if I practiced five to six days a week I could do a standing side split into a handstand. Then again, maybe not.

It is so important to listen to your body. To really be aware of how much is too much. Many yoga postures can present a challenge to those of us with injuries. It is best to really tune-in to what is appropriate in each moment. Does this make my body feel good, or am I compromising some part of myself; both literally and figuratively.

On a very positive note, I really do enjoy the creativity and flow of their classes. It is more like a dance, with self and spirit while pushing the body to its edge. Thank heavens for the strength I have attained through my gym workouts. For the past three years, I have fine-tuned a regime to assist myself and others to be more centered, grounded and stronger, in class and in daily life.

Just as in Yoga, life is a challenge. Do we move through our days with ease? The stronger our bodies become, the more empowered we are. The more empowered we are, the easier it is to flow.

With Love, Denise

I Am A Voodoo Doll

Inspiration: To continue to learn through pleasure rather than pain.

The body. It speaks to us, always. But do we listen? Right now,I feel as there is some external source pushing me. At the present moment, I have been experiencing excessive bruxism, coupled with a rash over my heart center and abdomen. Could this rash be because I had a dream about my ex-husband? Or is it something else.

While I am serious and joking at the same time, the body is an indication of where we are out of balance. The traditional western view focuses on the problem. We deal with the physical reason for the pain or discomfort. While this is helpful, it does not get to the route cause for what is happening. Our bodies are indicators of what is going on beneath the surface.

WE teach best what we experience. Through my own journey towards health and healing, I have experienced many injuries and imbalances. No need for going into story. This present state is the culmination of my emotional body being angry and indecisive. How can you be both? You can get angry at yourself for not knowing what to do. That is what I believe is going on. That is why it is so important to get in touch with your feelings. We tend to let things go or boil at the surface instead of really delving into what is going on. This would save us a lot of frustration.

So for now, I invite you all to take a closer look. Do you feel out of balance? Have you suddenly come down with something; a headache or injury? There is a reason for everything, whether we are aware of it or not. Even when we trip, it is because we are not paying attention. Our mind is elsewhere. Are you listening??? Right now it appears that I am not. Guess I am only human.....

Have a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love, Denise

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Ego and Yoga

Inspiration: To continue to be more present, grounded and focused in Yoga and in daily life.

As the weather becomes warmer, I am feeling a deeper connection to the body and its need for authentic, flowing movement. In other words, more YOGA. Most days, I am extremely picky; a perfectionist at times, about the right class to take with the right teacher.

Yesterday, I was in a pinch and really desired to practice. So I found myself taking class at my local Equinox with a fellow teacher and trainer I know from the 1990's. This was the same instructor I took back in 1996; my first ever yoga class. At that time, I was 29 and thought I knew everything. What a surprise. That is what are 20's are for right? Not really. It all depends on who were are and how we have been supported.

So here I am in a 4:15 Vinyasa class. One thing about gym yoga. I despise the mirrors. Yoga is an opportunity to go inside and I don't like to see myself (no matter how hard I try)and others postures, or lack of; in the mirror. I was finding myself critiquing others. Yoga is about presence. Just you and your mat. No distractions. (In a perfect world anyway).

I have a theory, or feeling, that it is the energy of the instructor or "vibe", that provides the tone. I found myself being too technical in my head and not in my heart. The good thing about this practice, is no matter what, by the end of class you still reap the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. The point I am trying to make is that I was slightly distracted. A bit judgmental. So with this information I can see where I have to surrender the ego more deeply.

No matter what, it is in our best interest to always be OPEN to whatever is in our trajectory. To find the peace within what may appear to be chaos. This is just another opportunity for me to see where I need to expand my view.

With Love,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Gym vs. Yoga

Inspiration: To continue to "listen" and move the body in an authentic way.

As many of you know, I LOVE Yoga. It provides me with the physical, emotional and spiritual balance I yearn for. After many, many years of beating my body into the ground, I am really listening. There was so much rigidity to what my workouts would look like. On a purely physical, ego level, when I was training "hardcore" 5-6 days a week, I was shredded. Linda Hamilton, Terminator 2. Problem was, I never felt so unhappy and alone in my entire life.

Fast forward some years. While I still continue to train in the gym environment, my yoga practice has taken over my heart and soul. It provides me with ease, openness and compassion; for myself and others. While, I am still in really good shape, I have surrendered the need and desire to look like a hard-body. It was a necessary phase for me to go through so I can understand both the gym fanatic and the yogi.

So, which modality is best? Gym or Yoga. To be quiet honest, the gym provides the necessary conditioning to be strong enough to be present and centered in yoga. As much as I would like to say no to the gym (fight with this one), I still find myself visiting many times a week. Then, when I enter yoga practice, it is like an ecstatic dance between myself and something bigger. It is all about being prepared; just as an athlete trains for their sport.

I invite you all to lovingly take a close look at how you feel. Intense gym workouts create more stress. Stress further debilitates the body on many levels. Yoga provides a sense of stability and calm serene. A combination of the two is AWESOME !!! ... Be present, take deep breaths and listen.:)

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On Feeling Stuck

Inspiration: To continue to find the inspiration to persevere towards my deepest dreams.

We all need inspiration. That which excites us.....Lately, I have been feeling stuck. Maybe it was the last Mercury Retrograde which seemed to go on forever. Or maybe it is I am caught up in the hows. As my intention is to move and inspire, I share this with you because this is natural and part of the human condition.

We all have moments, or even days (or longer),where we can feel that our world is not showing us the fruits of our labors. We tend to struggle, cling or complain which really never accomplishes anything productive. While these feelings are real and valid, we do need to honor them. But not for too long.

When we repeat the same behaviors, thoughts and feelings repeatedly, our outer world becomes a constant and consistent mirror. While it may be necessary for a time, there comes a point when you may say " I have had enough.". The tricky part is what steps to take to shift this trajectory.

Just as exercise and healthy eating are a consistent and conscious choice, so is how we maneuver and handle our feelings and emotions. There are many books out there on this topic. While they can be extremely helpful, being "attached" to the process is what will keep us exactly where we are.

So what is the remedy? I continually ask myself this question. A generic answer is faith, prayer, and ACTION. For me, the first two are easier. The action step is my challenge. The "monkey mind" can go around in circles saying how, how, how. This is when sitting quietly, yoga or even going to a movie, can shift our attention to a more neutral place where the answers will come forth at the right moment.

For today, I will continue to stay faith-filled, pray and take action. Even if the action step is a shift in my perceptions....How about you?

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

Monday, May 10, 2010

Is It Really Happening NOW?

Inspiration: To allow the present moment to move and expand in all directions.

It is said that time is an illusion. That all things are happening now. When you are in a state of present moment awareness, you can feel this. Time does not exist. Without going into too much story, there are various dimensional planes of reality. As us humans know time, we are in the third dimension. We use the clock!

The other morning I was working with a client in a large gym. The music had shifted from one of annoyance to one of excitement. Classic rock was playing. One song in particular took me back to 1983, when I was at Nassau Coliseum to see Journey. At that time, this was my favorite band. Steve Perry"s voice was impeccable and he could reach such high notes that were beyond comprehension.It was as if I was 17 again (Not the movie).

Anyways, for a moment, I felt as if the present was merging with what happened years ago. It brought a smile to my face....To some, this may sound a bit new-agey. It is only through real experience, that we can taste the sweetness of possibility. Then it really did occur to mean that everything really exists now. We have the ability to connect with an experience as if it were yesterday. Have you ever transported yourself in that way? It is kinda spooky and cool at the same time. A feeling that there is more to our day to day life than we know.

So as you enter your days, stay open to the opportunities and surprises that can happen in the here and now. Breathe deeply. Say thank you, so that more of these wonderful experiences can occur at any time.

Have a "wonderful" day.

With Love,

Thursday, May 6, 2010

On Being Jewish

Inspiration: To continue to honor each individuals belief without my need to push or persuade.

Last night while waiting outside to meet a friend for dinner, I was next to a slightly older woman perusing the menu. This was at Hummus Place on the Upper West Side. She was wondering if the food was Kosher. Right there on the menu it said KOSHER. She then proceeded to ask a nearby hostess (who was busy flirting with a sweet young man) if the bread was made a certain way. She said she had to check. Upon her discovery, she did not have the information this woman was looking for. I replied to her" If it brings you joy, I am sure God will be happy."

We then began a discussion on Judaism. I have been here many times before. I am Jewish, but do not identify with the religion. Whatever assists a person is fine by me. She began to "preach" about the Jews with superiority. I mentioned I was Jewish but did not practice. I was even wearing a funky LUCKY Brand cross necklace which I quickly turned around out of respect. I didn't want her to have a heart attack.:) I allowed a space for her to express herself but at some point, I shared my views on judgment (without using the word) and allowing each person the freedom to explore whatever makes them feel good.

Without going into story, she said "Everything happens for a reason" to which I wholeheartedly agreed. I said possibly the reason for our encounter was for her to open my heart and mind to the possibility of dating a Jewish man ( been there done that), to which I have judgment. Maybe there is a JEWISH, holistic, athletic, grounded, attractive, "AWESOME", spiritual guy. Then again, maybe not for me. Only God knows..... I then offered her the possibility that her meeting me was to expand her vision of what others believe without pushing her belief systems onto them.

Finally, my friend arrived. I politely introduced her, made some eyes as to move inside, and wished the woman well. As i too, am working on releasing my judgment of others. Allowing each person to be who they are in each moment. The wish is for us all to embrace one another, even with our differences. With love.

By the way, the food was very good and healthy.:)

Have a "wonderful" day.

Love, Denise

Monday, May 3, 2010

Power Yoga For Zen

Inspiration: To continue to deepen my sense of self, through Yoga.

Where do I begin...The healing power of yoga. From the inside/out. My own journey into health and wholeness has led me to this wonderful practice. A practice that continues to move and inspire me in so many ways.

Last night, I took Power Yoga Class with popular Pure Yoga Instructor Scott Harig. He happens to teach a class at Equinox on Sundays at 4:00pm right here in my hood on the Upper West Side. I have taken his class many times before. But last night, I experienced my body being challenged on all levels. I respect and admire Scott for his ability to instruct and lead students to an authentic place, without resisting. He led class through an hour and a half of standing, twisting and balancing through unique and grounded asanas.

Truth be told, I am a very physical individual who has trained herself into the ground, literally. It is nice to know that there are a multitude of yoga levels and classes with teachers who really get it. One day, I aspire to be able to move more ease fully, hence quieting the mind even more. Until then, I will continue to be in my body, and lovingly head its messages in each moment.

Yoga is really about the breathe. The posture or asana is secondary. How we move and breathe in each moment, is how we move and breathe in life. This practice offers us the opportunity to slow down and feel; deeply where we are stuck or holding on too tightly.

I invite you all to take a good look at how you move through your day. Is it hurried and frenetic? Or is it calm and peaceful.......Take a moment to really go inside. No judgements, just introspection and awareness.

Have a "wonderful" day.....With Love, Denise

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Inspiration: To listen lovingly to the body's messages without resisting.

Greetings. From time to time I do write about exercise and share with you bits of my own journey. The truth is, I have been preoccupied with exercise, how much, how often and how long for quite some time. My yoga practice is helping me surrender more fully to be okay exactly where I presently am.

As we increase in our years, the amount of physical and emotional stresses also tend to rise. Depending if we have moved our bodies vigorously or not for many years, will have a profound effect on our current state. High intensity, consistent exercise will deplete our energy levels over time resulting in additional stress.

The most important component of movement is to really listen to what your body needs. The ego may say " I have gained weight so let's go running". However, you may have tight hamstrings and low back issues which would only be aggravated by this. The modality is secondary. The point I am reinforcing is to move in a way your body desires. Yes, there are some days you will feel empowered and strong. Absolutely work a bit harder. As long as you are coming from a grounded, healthy place.

Exercise, or movement as I like to refer, requires tuning in and really paying attention to what is being asked. Listen, breathe and honor the body's need to move authentically.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

Love, Denise