Thursday, July 2, 2009

Exercise in Summer

Inspiration: To embrace the freedom inherent in Summer.

Summer weather is finally upon us. This time of year offers us the opportunity to truly move in an authentic way. Nature is calling us to dance on its earth. The parks in our city are a great opportunity to exercise and feel the sunshine on our faces.

Most recently, I have been conducting some of my sessions outdoors. It is an experience beyond the ordinary....... These sessions are the integration of cardio, creative strength, yoga and pilates. At the end of each workout, there is a deep period of total relaxation and letting go. It was so nice to witness a corporate client lie straight on the grass in total surrender. As he arose, his white shirt filled with dirt and grass. A softness on his face. To me, this is reminicent of being transported back to a child-like state where all is free and easy. For those of you who spend your time indoors most of the day, this is a completely liberating experience.

Beginning in July, I will begin my first outdoor yoga class in the evening. As this grows, I will be adding more group yoga and training to my schedule. For those of you who may be interested in group fitness, I have developed an outdoor workout called "Spiritual Bootcamp". It encompasses all I have described above. It is a challenge with an added element. My true love for healing shines through. You will feel "uplifted" and refreshed in a calm way. For more information, kindly contact me at or 917-902-2061.

I wish you a joyful day filled with ease.


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