Monday, June 29, 2009

On Surrender

Inspiration: To be at peace with what is.

Below is the channel for the week from the Cosmic Path. I was going to post this yesterday, but something told me to wait......I believe this needed to come through.

"This energy of this week offers you the opportunity to see who you really are. This energy has to do with Surrender. When you surrender – so much of the universal flow will come into play which will allow you to see how simple life really is. When you hold onto things you block the universal flow and prolong the agony. Leave life alone in the sense that when you manifest something – create it in your mind and then let it go. Let it go for the Universe to decide what to do with it. It is in letting go that the Universe can actually take over to resolve the best possible outcome. So Let Go and Let God this is the natural Universal Flow…"

I remember reading about surrender in my first new age book when I was 29 years old. The book was Deepak Chopra's "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success". Great book. It is a quick read outlining seven principles of living harmoniously.

Surrender does not mean to give up. You do not give up you intention or you desire. You accept things as they are right now. This requires TOTAL and complete acceptance in each moment. A feeling of peace will overtake you with the knowing that all things will happen at preciously the right time.

There are moments, I have been able to do this. Usually it is when all other attempts and extreme worry have ceased to provide a desired outcome. When nothing is working and you tried your best, this is really the only alternative.....Otherwise, one can make themselves physically, mentally and emotionally ill. Right now, I ask the universe to please help me to surrender to the deepest dreams of my heart. I know you can hear me now.

Caroline Myss speaks about this. She says:

"Your job is not to make the outcome happen. Your job is to get to the door and not kick it open. You are in charge of the ingredients...." As I now scribe this, it is bringing me some peace. There are many things I have been doing my best to make happen on a physical level.

I invite you all to join me collectively, in surrendering the deepest wishes of your heart. May you all have a "peaceful" day full of ease.....:)


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