Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finding an Inner Sanctuary

Inspiration: To find the peace that only exists within.

How do you define peace?
For some it may be reading an amazing novel, for others a beautiful sunset. Whatever touches your core being can bring you to that state.

For me, it is easy to find peace as I feed the birds in Central Park. Their ability to exist in the moment with no agenda, soothes my very soul. At times, I am brought to tears depending on what I am experiencing. I especially love the "little" birds. They are the smart ones. Their small but significant innocence warms my heart. It is in the allowing that peace can enter. Striving to find it is futile.

Another practice that helps me stay connected is Yoga. During the class it is interesting to watch my mind wonder at times. I can tell for sure when we are in a balance pose and I fall over. I smile as a gentle reminder to be here now. Yoga is for everyone. All levels. It is about finding a class and a practice that is resonate for you.

I took my first yoga class at Equinox in 1996. It was Power yoga. At the time my ego was at a different place and I decided to take class after a long workout. I wanted to "meditate". Well the relaxation was about two minutes and the class one hour and fifteen. I laughed as I looked around not knowing what the poses were and these silly purple blocks. I thought to myself, "This is a complete waste of my time." I did not walk into another class until eight years later.
I am happy that I did and now it is part of who I am. I invite those of you that are reluctant to just surrender to the possibility of finding yoga as a healing sanctuary. Explore, stay open and breathe.......:)


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