Sunday, June 28, 2009

Listening to the body

Inspiration: To listen to what my body is telling me and not what the ego wants me to do.

The body. The physical, emotional and spiritual. Today I would like to address the physical body. For many, many years I have used exercise as a way to mask my real feelings. Until recently, this has served me well. I would train really hard. Both endurance and strength training in the same session. Sometimes lasting two hours. Mind you, I am not in training for any event. This was for my sanity. I needed to rechannel.

So about two weeks ago, I felt real fatigue set in. Now that I am listening more my body is telling me what it wants. I found myself doing some yoga and walking. In this time, I found myself crying intensely. The floodgates were pouring out. For my hopes, dreams and desires I have yet to see. I finally gave myself permission to just cry. I am still giving myself the opportunity. I feel teary-eyed almost daily. Sometimes just out of the pure beauty and synchronicities I have been experiencing.

Today, I am really doing my best to listen. It is a beautiful day in NYC. These days I used to love to run in Central Park. I am still healing from a foot injury so I think it is best to wait. Years ago, I would just tape my foot and go. Not anymore. It is not worth it. I choose to be in my body and feel what I need to. This evening I will take a yoga class. This form of physical movement provides me with the greatest form of healing possible.

I hope you all listen. Not just to the body. But to all life's messages. :)

Have a very "peaceful" day.


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