Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How much exercise is enough?

Inspiration: To move in an authentic and nurturing way to my body.

Exercise. We constantly hear how we must exercise to stay healthy, fit and vibrant. For some of us this is an easy calling. For others, not such the case. Over my years as a fitness trainer, I have worked with a myriad of clientele. From pre-teens to older adults, I have been a witness to a lot of different situations.

Personally, I have been active my entire life. It was never an issue. Let's say I was a hyperactive kid. So my chosen vocation (second career) has suited me well. Over the years I have seen my exercise change to the condition of my physical body. Through countless injuries (and still counting), I have always found a way to move the body. It is one of the key elements that is necessary for a harmonious life.

Now,just a few questions for introspection and reflection.

How are you moving?
Are you moving consistently?
What is keeping you from feeling "vibrant"?

The media and the next "new" thing, does not make it any easier for us. The weather is now getting warmer and it is a time for us to "bloom". Like the butterfly that emerges from its cocoon. It is time to honor, listen and move the body in an authentic way. :)

Have a very "peaceful" day.
Warmly, Denise

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