Monday, March 24, 2014

The VOICE of Karma

Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters..even dollar bills. We sometimes are just walking about and happen to look down and see something shiny and sparkly. It has been said it is a sign of good luck, that prosperity is here or on its way. At one time or another, we have all been blessed with this "divine" sign which may bring a smile to our face.

About a week or so ago, I was doing some shopping in a local food store. As I approached the checkout counter, I happened to look down and see three crisp and flowing twenty dollar bills on the floor directly in front of me. While it would have been nice to keep the windfall (literally), it was clear that it fell out of someones pocket; just the way the bills were displaced on the floor. Probably even a few seconds ago.

I paused for a moment and then knelt down to retrieve the bills. Two onlookers were quick to help me retrieve what they thought was mine. But then I heard a voice within say, "NO". And then out of nowhere I stood up and saw two women online and said,"Did you happen to drop some money on the floor?"The woman checked her pocket and she said "YES".

So I handed the bills over to her and she was most appreciative. As I was checking out on another line in close proximity, I overheard her say to her friend again, "That was so nice of her." I knew I did the right thing and was even more uplifted at her double appreciation of this.

I walked away with a sense of purpose. Knowing that I did a right by someone. Yes, it would have been COOL to find sixty bucks...Perhaps if it was on the city street or park when I was moving about and spoke to me: "Yes, Denise this is for you." I would have ease fully picked it up. But no, this was not for me to grasp. Maybe it was a test. Who knows. I think I passed.:)

It was then I remembered these words from a spiritual teacher, "There is no invisible act, it is all visible to GOD (or Spirit or whatever you like to call the DIVINE)."

Think about it and have a wonderful and blessed day!
With Love, Denise

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why YOGA has me Hooked and Humble

Yoga. To some the word may summon up chanting and gurus,to others a sweaty discipline. To me it is neither. It is my sustenance, my breath, my healing. For many, many years I was guided to try this, but after popping into a class back in 1996, after a nearly hours plus workout, I was disillusioned. I stepped into a fellow personal trainer/yoga instructors power yoga class and all I wanted to do was meditate. I had no idea what meditation was. All I know was I was tired from pushing my body and I needed to chill. Little did I know there was movement, funny silly purple blocks and blankets. My ego at the time was HUGE! Little did I know indeed.

Fast forward to the year 2003. I had arrived back in NYC after living in Orange County, California for a few years. Definitely not my cup of tea. In fact, while I was there, there were clients asking me to take yoga class with them. I just raised my eyebrows like "Yeah Right"! But it was this fateful year, after breaking my pinky toe and not being able to run my six plus miles, I felt compelled. That and the fact I am been praying to slow down because I just couldn't keep training as hard and long as I was. So I actually listened to the little voice inside of me. There was a new yoga studio literally down the block from where I lived, so there was really no excuse...But then again we can always make up one.:)

It was a Sunday afternoon, and I decided to check out this new space. I looked at the schedule and realized though I was in Linda Hamilton, Terminator 2 looking shape, I should take a basics class. The only one I saw on the schedule that worked was at 3pm. I thought to myself, "What decent teacher, teaches a class at 3pm." What an ego I had.

But I went and was totally blown away!!! The class began with chanting which set the tone for Zen. Not only did it kick my ass on a physical level; my body was freaking out! I had lost so much flexibility since I never, ever stretched (you read that right) and even hated stretching clients, but knew they loved it. Here I was 37 and my body was screaming. In a good way. At the end of class came the icing. The rest. The savasana. Little did I know at that moment, that my life would be changed forever. In this lifetime anyways...

The huge gift came during savasana. The yoga actually being instructed was the Jivamukti method. It combines chanting, story, asana and a nice big rest at the end of class. If you are fortunate to be picked, the teacher comes over and rubs some really great lotion on you. So I guess today was my DAY. When he came over to me, I felt something I never, ever experienced in my lifetime...An electrical surge of energy emanating from my head straight to my feet. It was not of this world. Point being, I got the memo. It was something that had to be a part of my life. Eleven years later, it has my heart and I continue to be humbled by its teachings each time I practice.  In 2011, I formally received a Yoga Certification for my 45th birthday. It is never to late to follow your bliss.

So the inspiration and offering is to really listen to what you are guided to do. To explore. For me, it was yoga and it's healing benefits and clarity. My heart continues to open more and more and I look forward to what is to come. Listen to your heart. It knows what is best. <3

From my heart to yours.
With Love, Denise