Saturday, March 19, 2011

On Fear

Inspiration: To allow the fear to speak to me, but not overwhelm me.

Fear. That paralyzing force that comes like a bolt of lightening. An emotion so powerful, it can unground us. Many of us allow this fear to dictate what is real. What is real, is the eternal now. Fear is just that voice, of insecurity, reflecting back to us a multitude of things: Our worthiness, our desires, our dreams.

Most recently, a deep wish of mine has come true. Initially, I was filled with a sense of freedom and expansion. But after I thought about it, (should never really think but feel), my fear started to erupt like a powerful volcano. Instead of externally directing this right now,  I will lovingly embrace the fear itself. Ask it the questions, "Why are you here? What message do you have for me now.". Out of this place will emerge the true answer.:-)

We all have fear? Do you allow it a "place" within, or do you push it away? Remember, "What you resist persists." (Neale Donald Walsch). Think about it, and have a very "peaceful" day !

With love and heartfelt compassion, Denise

Monday, March 14, 2011

Feeling our "True" Feelings

Inspiration: To continue to "feel" those things I would rather PUSH away.:-)

Our feelings. Of happiness, joy, sorrow and pain. It is easy to feel the fullness of expansion, but much more difficult to embrace our contraction. What I mean by this, is to feel our despair, sadness and longing.

Most recently, challenges I thought were in the distant past have resurfaced. Feelings that have been so very painful that I have spiraled; when I wasn't my authentic self and was living from a very fearful place.

Maybe it is all the yoga I have been practicing, which is literally "ripping" my heart space wide open. While this is truly a blessing, going through these emotions is in no way pleasant. Many tears have been falling from my eyes. The gift of this, is clarity. Into those areas that need to be seen and released for healing.

New situations and people have entered which has asked me to go deeper than I ever have. When we enter those hidden parts of ourselves that need to come to the surface, it can be very, very painful. If you can just stay present, with this discomfort, out of this space will emerge a very "beautiful" rainbow.

Think about it and have a very "blessed" day. :-)

With Love and heartfelt appreciation for what is real.......Denise

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On "INTUITIVE" Counseling

Inspiration: To continued to be in "awe"of those with extra-clairvoyance and INTUITION.

Intuitive counselors. Those individuals who have what is called a "sixth" sense. Insights into other realms and dimensions where information is received. In English, what this means is that there are gifted individuals who can SEE what is going on, what has gone on, and what is yet to come. They can help assist you in making the best choice..

Most recently, I have entered a new "phase". Call it a celestial speed-up in the life of Denise Brandi. While this is exciting, it is also a bit scary. A time when I needed to connect with people who can truly SEE.......For years, my dear friend and mentor Elana Kilkenny has helped me to transform into the grounded, secure, goddess I am today. :-) (I use the word goddess because I am finally embracing my feminine,divine energy). Another  individual who has been truly "AWESOME"  this last year is Tony Leroy. Both are extremely "intuitive" and have their own unique viewpoints and personalities.

Since beginning my yoga teacher training a month ago, heightened  "energies" have bloomed. New opportunities have presented themselves which has left me a bit ungrounded. So in the last three weeks, I visited with both of these divine beings. It has been a real gift and blessing to hear what they had to say.:-)

While sessions were different, there was definitely an overlap in one particular area. Without going into story, they both agreed and yet disagreed. For now I will lovingly sit with both viewpoints. With that said, do you think it is better to know or not to know? There is always destiny and free will, but these two people are always correct in their "guidance" or should I say "guided" guidance......What should I do?  Guess I will have to go to church and  light some more candles.:-)

Have a very "sweet" evening.
With Love, Denise