Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The DIVINE Simba and Irene

Inspiration: To continue to pause and savor, the gifts inherent in each delicious moment.

It was a Monday afternoon. Yesterday was the second warmest day to date since the ridiculously cold "tundra" we found ourselves in this past Winter. I was very much looking forwards to spending hours in the park; marinating myself in the grass, allowing my heart and SOUL to receive its nourishment...

But first, a quick stop to the Upper West Side Market FAIRWAY. A place which is always full of people, a place that if you don't do your best to remain peaceful, can be utterly agitating. So I quickly went inside and picked up whatever would be essentials I thought I needed for the evening. As I decided to go on the express line (which was a tad long), I noticed a woman on crutches right before me. I am always curious when an individual is nursing a wound, so I ask her what had happened. Here is what ensued.

She had told me she did something to her ankle and was needing the crutches to maneuver. I looked her straight in the eye, not noticing her seeing eye dog and that she was blind. Her energy emanated one of openness and ease. She was just doing her thing, picking up some groceries with her beloved Simba. Later I found out her name was Irene. She had some greek yogurt in her basket and had just asked a passing by Fairway guy if it was on sale. This was very important to her at the moment. Like my yoga practice is to me. She found out it was not on sale so I offered to assist her finding the "perfect" yogurt for her that was.

The sun outside was getting brighter and brighter and normally I would feel quite agitated. But in this moment, I knew I was meant to help Irene. To be of service to her. So we went back over to the yogurt section and I read off what was on sale. She decided upon two peach Face 2% and two blueberry ones. We then walked back over to the checkout line and I patiently waited for her to pay and then put these into her knapsack. We proceeded to walk out together, me leading the way. She thanked me for taking time to assist her. She even said something to the effect of "I hope I meet you here again Denise." My heart swelling with compassion and gratitude.

As I left the market, I felt whole and complete. Something as simple as taking some time out of my day to help another brought me great joy. The paradox of this all, was that she appeared happier and more content than most people. A blind, middle-aged woman, with crutches and a seeing eye dog. A wake up call to really appreciate all of the gifts and blessings I have in my life. Although in the physical, it is far from what I would desire, my inner heart space continues to expand in miraculous and spontaneous ways.

So I lovingly invite you to make space and time to be of service to another, whenever the moment arises. No matter what is going on. And yes, my park visit was way shortened, but it was well worth it!

Enjoy your day!!!

With Love, Denise