Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why Do Individuals Workout So Hard?

Inspiration: To continue to be in my body, no matter what is going on around me.

Working Out !!! How much, how often, how long. There are endless professionals, writers and websites catering to this very question. Truth be told, the big question is "Why"? Are you a professional athlete or competitor? If not the answer is quite simple. Listen to what your body needs. Do not escape through such intense physical exertion that you no longer feel your true feelings.

This realization has become quite apparent to me as I deepen my love and practice of yoga. It is healing me in the physical and helping me to slowly let go of that which no longer serves. Yes, it is attractive to be cut and ripped, but at what cost? Your health possibly.

I never really viewed the body as such until I reached my forties. Various injuries and a surgery last year, has really caused me to look and search deeper. While this is an ongoing process, it is becoming clear that individuals that live and plan their life around workouts are in denial. Sorry, but true. They are denying themselves the fullness of their feelings. This was me and still is from time to time, but with conscious awareness. 

It takes courage to be in the moment, present in the body. Until our health or well-being is in jeopardy, we rarely are concerned. The body is a temple. As you honor it, it will honor you. With ease, joy and sweetness.

Have a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love, Denise

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Healing "POWER" of Almond Butter

Inspiration: To give myself permission to "let go" and savor; everything.

Almond butter. The texture, smell and taste. So yummy.:) This has become my (almost) daily indulgence. I look forward to visiting Westerly Market in Hells Kitchen NYC where they have an almond butter machine. Only almonds, free flowing when you press the button. I watch with a child's excitement as this oozes into my container. Why does this excite me? Because I am now allowing myself the freedom to let go. You have to start somewhere, right?

Savoring this creamy delight, will a spoon in hand in abundant portions has brought me much comfort this winter. Don't know exactly why, but it does. This is the beginning of allowing myself to release my strict and very ritualistic daily routines.:)

Wherever our inspiration comes from, we should just go with it. For now, it's almond butter. Next up, dance classes at Alvin Ailey. I was there once a few years ago, to take West African Dance. On this particular day all I wanted to experience was the loud drums playing and just moving to the rhythm. To my dismay, there were only four students present and the teacher, nearly forced me to do the dance perfectly.  This has kept me from returning, but my almond butter experience is helping me to release this.

Whenever we give ourselves permission to explore, and let go a bit , new avenues of creativity and direction begin to unfold. So I lovingly invite you all to "open" a bit more. In whatever shape speaks to you. From this space anything is possible.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, Denise

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What Is the Soulmate Secret?

Inspiration: To continue to create space within, so true love can enter.

The word soul mate. We see this loosely used to describe the "perfect" person. The ONE who will change our lives forever. We tend to think of this only in romantic terms, but a soul mate can apply to anyone who you feel "connected" to in a profound way.

For this post, I am only going to speak to the love kind of soul mate. Last month a friend of mine fowarded a teleseminar to me given by Arielle Ford. She is the author of "The SoulMate Secret". Since I have been home sick this entire week, I snuck out to the bookstore to pick up this decadent read. As I am only in the early pages, I can already see where some of my "blocks" or preconceived ideas are slowly falling away.

We all desire true love. To be seen for who we are, without judgment or expectation. For someone to witness us in all of our beauty and suffering. To be there no matter what. So under this new moon solar eclipse yesterday, I put out my wish list. The first item being a romantic partner. Here I will briefly scribe out my wish:

~ I am open to meeting a man of like-mind and heart. A man who is spiritual, intuitive, soulful, kind, available, grounded, creative, secure, has integrity, at least 5'11 and younger than me. A man who sees me for who I am and accepts me unconditionally. Who I embrace fully and allow them to be who they need to be. May this man flow to me at the perfect time when we are both ready to receive one another. I give thanks for this wonderful relationship and release it to the ethers. Amen.~

So, I lovingly invite you all to dare to dream! What is your ideal partner? Are you ready and open to let them in or is there some clearing that needs to take place.Think about it and have a "wonderful" evening.

With Love, Denise

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011 !!!

Inspiration: To live my truth and shine my light.


Hope you all had a very "sweet" New Years. Me, I passed out from utter exhaustion before the clock stroke midnight. The evening before I went to see one of my favorite bands, Govt Mule at the Beacon Theatre in NYC. It was a school night; meaning I was working in the morning. I scored a single ticket, 5th Row center, about five hours before. The heavens were on my side. Prior to the concert, I took yoga class with one of my favorite teachers at Pure Yoga, Ariel Karass.

It has been a bit since I have taken his class downtown at Kula Yoga Project.  It was 4:30 pm on Thursday. The energy oozed Upper West Side. You get my drift.:) Class was ecclectic, creative and "soulful" . He is a truly beautiful man. I thanked him afterwards and gave him a hug. I told him "you always bring tears to me eyes." (at the end of class he always says something inspirational). So my celebration was really on Thursday 12/30/10.

Last night, I did manage to light a candle, bless this year and welcome in the next. I am so very grateful for all of the experiences and people in my trajectory. As this year begins, I will continue to remain open, loving and non-judgmental to the best of my ability. (I am only human). May everyone I meet and connect with be blessed and may they extend that out into the world.

So I lovingly invite you all to shine your light this year. Be the vessel for your "soul". What makes your heart sing? What brings you joy?

Have a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love, Denise