Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On Clarity

Inspiration: To continue to follow my bliss :)

For years I have prayed to surrender my preoccupation with the gym and working out. The time has finally arrived where I look upon the gym differently. It is an opportunity for my body to getter stronger; end of story. No longer does it provide a safe haven for me to run away from my feelings. I am finally present, in my body...Thanks to yoga and meditation.

From this space, I now can see clearly. How I have run away from being present with what is. Not being fully "in my body." It takes courage and fortitude to be with your true feelings.  At times, it is quite painful.  The more we can embrace these difficult times with compassion,  the more grace and ease will step in ( in time anyway).

As with anything worthwhile, this takes practice. And patience. And perseverence. The gifts you will receive are priceless. To be in the moment, fully, without avoidance. From the space, arises clarity and clear vision.

So, with gratitude, I share with you what I know in my heart to be true. A daily consistent practice of being with what is, without resistance and pure acceptance, will provide the key to leading you into the light. Yoga has provided me with that peacefulness. It is with deep intention I now more forward fearlessly with the wish to share my love of this great practice with others.

What makes your heart sing? What brings you joy? Let you heart be your "guide".

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, D

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Soulmate Wish

Inspiration: To continue to believe in miracles.

This post comes from my work and friendships with women who are desiring to be in a deeply, committed, romantic relationship. I too am one of these woman. Back in January, I read an inspiring book called "The Soul mate Secret" by Arielle Ford. In her book were inspirations and suggestions for how to manifest great love. So with some resistance, I followed the exercises she prescribed. Not long after, I found myself in a romantic situation with a man. Here is the prayer I scribed back on January 5, 2011:

~ I am open to meeting a man of like-mind and heart. A man who is spiritual, intuitive, soulful, kind, available, grounded, creative, secure, has integrity, at least 5'11 and younger than me. A man who sees me for who I am and accepts me unconditionally. Who I embrace fully and allow them to be who they need to be. May this man flow to me at the perfect time when we are both ready to receive one another. I give thanks for this wonderful relationship and release it to the ethers. Amen.~

Within a month's time, he showed up. Actually, he was there all along. Problem being, I wasn't ready. So after spending six months learning and growing, for reasons beyond my control, things have shifted. After going over the events, I realized what my prayer was. I had asked for a man who was available, meaning single. Yes, this man was single (available), but was he emotionally available? Ready for something more? (Everything I scribed showed up here too).

The reason I share this is because it is essential to be "clear" and specific with what you intend to manifest. Whether it be a relationship or something else, your intentions will create what you desire. All relationships bring us closer to who we are. We learn and grow in amazing ways... It is the greatest opportunity (romantic relationships) to see what part of us wants to show up and be authentic. From this space we expand who we are in so many beautiful ways.

In this moment, I amend the above to include a man who is open to the possibility of a long-term commitment and not afraid to take a chance...To live in the present and believe...I will continue to have faith and trust and know in divine right time, this will come true.

In truth, all that exists is the eternal NOW. All else is illusion; all else is fear. As long as we stay present to what is real, from this space....anything is possible !!! Let's all marinate in this feeling.:)

Have a very "peaceful" day. With Love, D

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Manifestation Monday

Inspiration: To follow the guidance that will bring my dreams to reality.

On the second Monday of each month, there is a monthly gathering held at the Cultural Center on the Upper West Side. It is referred to as manifestation Mondays or embracing your future self. The group is led  by "intuitive" counselor Tony Leroy. He is well known for giving amazingly accurate, detailed information. You never know what will come through on these evenings.:)

The topic last night centered around the question "What is my next step, where does my true power reside?" It was an intense evening where we were all being asked to go deep, really deep. He also asked us to tap into the period of our lives where we lost our power ( at what age).  Each of us (about a group of 25) had different answers stemming from 2-25. We then sat quietly,  meditating on uniting who we are now with that part of us that felt we lost control. It was tough, but liberating.

Additionally on these evenings, we all pull a tarot card surrounding the question at hand. When it was my turn I closed my eyes, took a breathe and asked for whatever I needed to know to please show up. I received the card The Four of Wands- Completion. I knew this was positive and couldn't wait to hear what Tony had to say. To my surprise he told me the universe had this big "JEWEL" it wanted to hand to me. It was holding out it's hand and waiting for me to take it. To receive and to let it be. He then went on to elaborate as follows:

" You know how you think everything has to be arranged a certain way. This has to be over here, this in front, etc. STOP it! Let it go. Let it in." Sounds so simple, but we live in a world of constantly striving and pushing to make things happen. So today, I lovingly embrace this "guidance" and say YES to it all."

I share this with you because we are all guilty of pushing and trying too hard. We feel that things have to be arranged in a certain way before we can allow our desires to come to fruition. Let's create space and peace within to let it be. Let go and let God, the universe or whatever you call it handle the details.  Think about it and have a very "peaceful day...

With Love, D