Monday, May 23, 2011

How Does Time Limit Us?

Inspiration: In truth, time does not exist. It is ALL happening now...

Time. We are slaves to the clock, our schedules and our own agendas. We may feel that we are running out of time. What does that really mean?

Yesterday, I was immersed in a six hour bhakti devotional class for my yoga training. As it turned out, I was facing directly in front of the clock. My first response was " this day is gonna last forever". My friend offered to turn the clock around but I insisted it stay in the exact place it was. The reason being, I needed to confront my attachment to the clock and time STANDING still.....As I continued to stare at the clock for most of the day, I had moments of complete release to the teacher and the subject. In those moments, I felt time did not exist as I enjoyed these insights and musings.

I share this with you because at times, (hence time) we may all feel stuck. Such thoughts as "I am not where I am supposed to be.....When will this or that happen....I can't wait any longer." If we could just accept where we are and let go of our ego agendas of the how and when, a lot more space would be created within. These are the seeds of creation. Then time does not hold us hostage. We allow each moment to be as it should be; to enjoy what is. This takes practice and patience.

So I invite you all lovingly to embrace time. This moment, right now. Allow for the sweetness and the unexpected to happen.....:-)

With Love, Denise

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