Sunday, May 8, 2011

How Much Should We Sacrifice For Our Mom?

Inspiration: To do what feels right, especially when it comes to family.

Happy Mothers Day! A day when mothers are celebrated for being  loving, caring, compassionate and nurturing to their children. Today they are doted on with flowers and gifts. While this is a lovely day to honor them, sometimes guilt or should's arise. On a very personal level I will explain. I adore my mom.
We used to be "best friends". I told her everything, well, almost.:-). Believing in unconditional love from a parent, I thought that whatever I was feeling I could share. Big, huge mistake.

While having dinner with a friend last night she asks "Are you going home for Mother's Day? To this question, my answer is no......Without going into story, at that moment situations from early on in my childhood arose, with specific details I have not remembered in decades. This brought up a lot of the old wounding I thought was already cleared through varies modalities. Interesting, how the body holds onto painful memories.

The reason I share this with you now, is the "awakening" (they keep on coming) into why I (we) experience feelings in seemingly unrelated situations that push my buttons. It is not the situations per se, it is the underlying emotions that we bury, deep, inside that are triggered by certain people. For years, I have allowed these unconscious emotions to spiral. Through my own journey and love of yoga and healing, this is softening. Many tears have fallen over the past few days. This has created more space within as my heart is opening more fully. :-)

So today, mothers day, I will spend taking care of me, the divine feminine, mother energy. I will send love and blessings to my mother with the deepest intention of her finding her own truth, clarity and freedom. Honor thyself, without guilt.  Be loving, be soulful, be free.....

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, Denise


  1. While this stance may not be popular, I deeply understand and feel your pain. Stay strong Denise and thank you.


  2. Thank you, dear Sims. Actually, things "surprisingly" shifted...:-) Sending you many, many blessings. Warmly, Denise