Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Lack Of Awareness

Inspiration: To continue to speak my truth, kindly...

Yesterday was a Friday. Not just any Friday. The last full day of this "intense" Mercury retrograde cycle. A time when I know it is in my best interest to mind my our business and be still. So since I was in need of stillness and silence, I decided not to practice yoga with a group and do a self-practice.

So here it is almost 4:45pm and I decided to visit the lovely yoga studio at my local Equinox club two blocks away. I was a bit hesitant, and will explain why....The moment I arrived in the studio, there were no yoga mats. They were being washed. NOT one mat. So I go downstairs and begin to complain, like a typical New Yorker (yes, some judgment here, but working on it). The staff finds me a mat and I proceed to listen to a rockin yoga mix and do my thing.

When it came time to final relaxation, I felt yummy, wrapped in a myriad of blankets. In a short time, I hear the door open. A membership advisor is touring some potential members. Upon turning the light on they realize there is someone "sleeping" on the floor, so they quickly depart...Maybe a few minutes later, I hear the sound of footsteps, yet again. This time it was a couple. I feel brightness come through my eyelids. Then, the stereo is being fiddled with. I was annoyed, pissed, agitated. You get the point. Normally I would just walk out, with a possible dirty look but I decided differently.

As I rose from this calming position, I started to address the male in the room. I said " It would be respectful if you had asked to put the music on." His response was " You looked relaxed and peaceful." Was he kidding? I couldn't help but lash out a bit at him. Not the best tone, but something I am consciously working on. Without going into more story, I said my peace and left. Communication is something I need to work on, saying my peace, coming from my truth so I can express how I feel in all areas. Many times this is difficult for me and I can seem unkind. A dear "friend" of mine is helping me to clear this and be more aware. So thank you, M.:-)

Some of us may exhibit more conscious awareness than others. Does this make us any better? The answer is no. It just makes us more present to what is going on around us. Think about it and have a "sweet" day...

With Love, D

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