Friday, April 22, 2011

Mala Beads

Inspiration: To continue to be "inspired" in some way.

Greetings...It has been over a month since I have scribed something here. Not for lack of inspiration, for lack of energy. The yoga teacher training program I am currently enrolled in is "draining" my life force. Unless we practice asana, which has not been enough, the time is spent sitting on the floor. Being 45 (or any age) and sitting on the hardwood floor, plus some blankets is not the cat's meow. So this past week has been spent (and am in process) reclaiming my energy....

At teacher training last weekend, we were required to bring in a set of mala beads. For those unfamiliar with what these are, it is a long necklace made up of either wood or fancy crystals. I opted for the "simple" sandlewood kind, being it is my first one.:-) These beads are used to count manta, or devotion. There are 108 beads on each mala. The number combination 108 is sacred ( astrology , maybe). Anyway, we were introduced to how to use the mala and various chants to help us ground and connect to the divine.

I have been wearing these around my neck quite often since then. At a health club this week, a few hard-core lifters I know casually (model like), commented on these. They were drawn in some way. Said they looked "tribal" and asked where to get them. This was music to my ears (and heart). Whether or not they were aware, there was some vibration that was emanating from these. A reminder that you never know where you can inspire and be inspired. So with this, I did share a bit of about these beads.

The gift I received that day is you never know where and when you can inspire others. Maybe they needed something "spiritual" at that moment, or maybe they just really liked the beads....Have a very "sweet" day.

With Love, D

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