Saturday, March 19, 2011

On Fear

Inspiration: To allow the fear to speak to me, but not overwhelm me.

Fear. That paralyzing force that comes like a bolt of lightening. An emotion so powerful, it can unground us. Many of us allow this fear to dictate what is real. What is real, is the eternal now. Fear is just that voice, of insecurity, reflecting back to us a multitude of things: Our worthiness, our desires, our dreams.

Most recently, a deep wish of mine has come true. Initially, I was filled with a sense of freedom and expansion. But after I thought about it, (should never really think but feel), my fear started to erupt like a powerful volcano. Instead of externally directing this right now,  I will lovingly embrace the fear itself. Ask it the questions, "Why are you here? What message do you have for me now.". Out of this place will emerge the true answer.:-)

We all have fear? Do you allow it a "place" within, or do you push it away? Remember, "What you resist persists." (Neale Donald Walsch). Think about it, and have a very "peaceful" day !

With love and heartfelt compassion, Denise

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