Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Angels All Around Us

Inspiration: You just never know where your "angels" are...

The inspiration for this post comes from my visits to Riverside Park in the evening. As the sun is setting, I enjoy going here to scribe my thoughts and just sit in the peace and quiet. Living in NYC we are constantly surrounded with external stimuli. So going here is my dessert for the day. A settling into the sweetness and calmness I know is possible.

There are the "regulars" that also enjoy this ritual. One elderly man in particular comes to mind. He sits on the same bench each evening, listening to his music and looking out at nature. A quiet man, who one may even think is homeless. Initially when I first saw him, I had my "blinders" on, making sure it was safe for me to sit on my "favorite" bench near his.

One evening, I recall it being almost 9 pm and as he passes me kindly says; " It's going to get dark soon, and there are not a lot of people. You should probably go." His voice was caring, with an accent I could not make out. This has been going on for some weeks now.  Each time I smile and feel blessed that I am being looked after. Let's just say he is one of my "angels" in the flesh.:-)

Last night, I happened to be there and he was on my favorite bench (we usually sit one bench away). I kindly asked him if it would be okay if  I sat there. Of course he said yes. I usually enjoy having my own "space"( we all need that literally and metaphorically) but on this particular evening it felt right, especially since I have been processing some deep emotions. And as he left, he said " It's getting dark. You should probably go..."

This is a gentle reminder that we are all looked after in some way. There is a famous saying " You never know where God is." Well, when I am sitting alone in Riverside Park at West 79th street at night, I know where God is.

Have a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love, D

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