Wednesday, July 20, 2011

If You Build IT He Will Come

Inspiration: To continue to follow my heart in all ways.

The title for this posting, comes from the movie "Field of Dreams" with Kevin Costner. The premise of this film was about an Iowa farmer turning all of his prime corn crop into a baseball field. He did this because he was "guided" by outside forces. He didn't know "why" he was doing this, he just followed his intuition.

So it is with our lives.We are continuously given insights or cues into what action steps to take. Question is "Are we listening?" As I am first and foremost a student, I have to admit, I am guilty here. Whether it be in the personal or professional areas, we are subtly given the signs what to do.  However, many of us (me too) do not listen.

We hold true to our ego agendas of logic and rationality. Our hearts say one thing but our minds tell us otherwise. Can you think back to a time when something miraculous just happened....Out of the blue? Really cool, huh?

When we listen to and follow the guidance of our hearts, things just flow....with ease. When we rationalize  and make lists ( literally or in our minds eye) we obstruct the natural order of our world. For example, this has to be a certain way, etc. Or when this happens then I can follow my dreams....Let go, breathe. Feel the fullness of your feelings and act when you are "guided". You will be amazed what happens ! Just some food for thought.:)

With Love, D

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