Sunday, February 13, 2011

Isn't Sanskrit Fun?

What the F--k?
Inspiration: To continue to be open to expanding; in all ways.

Sanskrit. A language of India based in Hinduism. This past weekend, I spent many hours sitting on blankets, attempting to make sense of this. Having not slept more than six hours ( usually 4.5 each night) in the last two weeks- seeing squiggly lines in varying directions was an enigma. Fifteen hours to be exact over three days. Words I am unable to pronounce, especially write. I am screwed if I don't learn this by June. Plenty of time. It would have just been "nice" to learn this when I was there. But I was somewhere else.

This was my second weekend, in a six month Yoga Teacher Training I have committed to. Now I know why I have put this off for some time. I wasn't ready; until now. There is so much power in being among like-minded individuals. Whether individual or collectively, there is a subtle exchange that go way beyond words. In a short time, I have met such wonderful people. One who feels like my soul-sister. Turns out we actually have the same acupuncturist ( see below blurb). :)

The past couple of weeks has brought many insights. New "energies" are birthing within me. During this time, I have been on an adrenaline high (spiritual high), training clients, practicing yoga, working out, etc.  Thank heavens for my Chinese herbs ( Gabriel Sher acupuncturist -AWESOME ! :) I am so very grateful for this, but at the same time, need to get "grounded". After spraining my toe yesterday in my "humble" abode, I realized I better get myself in check. There is only so long you can run around, even in a state of bliss, before you are asked to come back to earth.

There are times in our lives, when we ask the question "What is next for me?" This has been marinating within for some time. Once you ask, be open to receiving. The universe responds "quickly" to taking ACTION. Not just thinking about something, but actually DOING IT ! When I committed and began this Yoga Teacher Training, is when my physical life began to shift in miraculous ways. I see "possibility" on a daily basis. It is said, that "God is in the details." .....

Think about it.... Be happy..... Sleep sweetly. :-)

With Love, Denise

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