Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Etiquette at Pure Yoga

Inspiration: To continue to surrender judgment about people who are rude in yoga class.

Compassion, openness, love, seeing people as the divine "light" that they are. This all depends at what frequency you vibrate. Many times, I do my best to see the truth (satya). Sometimes it is a bit difficult. :-(

I consider yoga class a sacred sanctuary. It appears that this may not be the general consensus (especially here in the WEST), or at least at Pure Yoga; an Equinox affiliated "high" end studio. Recently, I  joined after deliberating for some time. Personally, I prefer smaller yoga studios. But since daily travel has increased, I thought it best to belong two blocks from my apartment which offers classes daily from 6am to 9pm. This way, I don't have to deliberate about where and when I am going to take class.

Another reason for joining, was that many of my FAVORITE teachers happen to teach here. Ariel Karass, Derek Beres and Scott Harig to name a few.  On this particular Tuesday evening at 7:00pm, I took class with  Jivamukti Teacher Matt Lombardo. He has the unique ability to teach class in an authentic way which invites the novice to begin to explore the deeper dimensions of this practice(with a sense of humor). Class was taught with detail to alignment, breath and intention. This is always a plus. He spoke about contentment and having enough right where we are now. "I have enough friends", "I have enough money", " I have enough bootleg cds." You get my drift.

All around it was a balanced class. For those who are unfamiliar with this practice, class always ends in deep relaxation called "savasana". When it was time for this (after a seated meditation where I was blissed out) I heard many individuals leaving the room and shutting the door. Not very discretely I may add. ....A lack of respect for the students, the teacher and the practice. This is the cherry on top of the sundae, so to speak. The icing on the cake.

Regardless, I did leave class in a daze,"buzzed" so to speak. My eyes half closed as I walked out of the studio. Needless to say, the benefits of practicing always happen. It would just be "nice" if everyone present was respectful of one another. I guess I will just have to embrace the POSSIBILITY that these individuals are just unaware. OH well. I feel good........Have a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love, Denise

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