Saturday, June 4, 2011


Inspiration: To continue to get "in touch" with what is really transpiring in each moment.

Misunderstandings. Those situations where individuals see things in a very different light. To my "surprise" last night this happened to me. After spending a lovely evening with a very special person, I had said "Thank You" to show my appreciation. On this particular occasion, I said this louder and with more heart than I usually have. To my complete surprise, this began a conversation I would never had imagined.

Without going into too much story, I have spent some months open my heart and exploring friendship of a romantic nature.  I believe I always ( well usually as I am human) expressed my gratitude for our time and "sweet" outings together. However, on this particular night after saying "thank you", I was given the following information. This kind and very soulful man, told me "this is the first time I ever heard you say thank you." Something that had been on his mind for some time, but could not find the right opportunity to convey this to me. I have always believed I had expressed my gratitude. After hearing this I was saddened, dumbfounded.

After contemplating a bit more ( I am such the thinker), I realized that the majority of the time, I did express my gratitude. However, I realize I did not project my voice loud enough, or maybe I did say it in my head.... who knows. So I now lovingly convey this information to self and others. The reason I share this now, is that it is so easy to lack the words or the appreciation (and timing) to show others how we feel.

So I trust this is another opportunity to go deeper, into the way I communicate, my language and volume. May we all find the right words to express ourselves in all ways.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, D

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