Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is It better to know or not to know

Inspiration: To continue to honor the messages that come from the spiritual realm, in time.

Intuitive guidance. Those individuals with a sixth sense, able to delve into other dimensions to retrieve information that is helpful for our life's trajectory. In the past, I have written about this and again, I am humbled, excited and saddened by the information I received this week.

So the question is " Is it better to know, or not to know?" There is always free will and destiny, but the majority of the time ( I say greater than 80%) the information received is true to form. I posed this question to a client this morning. Her response was that it depends on the subject matter and if it would be helpful in making a decision.

So today, I am melancholy.  Much of the information I recently received I knew to be true. It was just a bit hard to HEAR. Especially when the individual who transmitted it to me had no prior knowledge and repeated some of the verbiage to a  T.  Additionally, much of the information I received was extremely uplifting,  insightful, and positive, a glimpse of what is coming soon. But not now...not today, probably not tomorrow. But soon.:-)

Right now, I will lovingly embrace, with compassion, the myriad of emotions I am feeling . Out of this space, I will emerge more open and more loving. With gratitude to Tony Leroy for your clear and accurate "guidance".

With Love,

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