Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why Do Individuals Workout So Hard?

Inspiration: To continue to be in my body, no matter what is going on around me.

Working Out !!! How much, how often, how long. There are endless professionals, writers and websites catering to this very question. Truth be told, the big question is "Why"? Are you a professional athlete or competitor? If not the answer is quite simple. Listen to what your body needs. Do not escape through such intense physical exertion that you no longer feel your true feelings.

This realization has become quite apparent to me as I deepen my love and practice of yoga. It is healing me in the physical and helping me to slowly let go of that which no longer serves. Yes, it is attractive to be cut and ripped, but at what cost? Your health possibly.

I never really viewed the body as such until I reached my forties. Various injuries and a surgery last year, has really caused me to look and search deeper. While this is an ongoing process, it is becoming clear that individuals that live and plan their life around workouts are in denial. Sorry, but true. They are denying themselves the fullness of their feelings. This was me and still is from time to time, but with conscious awareness. 

It takes courage to be in the moment, present in the body. Until our health or well-being is in jeopardy, we rarely are concerned. The body is a temple. As you honor it, it will honor you. With ease, joy and sweetness.

Have a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love, Denise


  1. So true! Health is different from fitness or being ripped and both are different than being a competitor. And I love your "softening" approach to the body over the last year. My question is, what about the people who zen or connect through intensity?

    Great as always Denise!

  2. Thanks Sims! Your words mean a great deal.Good question about those who "ZEN" out through intensity. Think it is worthy of a very post soon.:-)