Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Always X-Mas, Isn't It?

Inspiration: To enjoy each and every day, full of life's gifts, miracles and blessings.
 (A quick musing on X-Mas in general)

So as I was walking down the street this afternoon, it dawned on me, "Everyday is Christmas". Everyday is an opportunity to give and receive, whether it is a silent prayer or a material gift. The fact there is one special day for this, is in my opinion ludicrous. Except for honoring Jesus of course.

 People scurrying to find the perfect gifts. Stores open late, with added incentives to splurge on stuff that really doesn't matter in my opinion. Yes, it is wonderful to receive, but why single out one day to do this.

Maybe I am a bit cynical as family and holidays in my world have never really jived. I can only remember one Hanaukah (born Jewish but have no affiliation) in my lifetime where there was some semblence of order. I think I was 11 at the time. Maybe that's why I turned to a spiritual life. :)

Not to say that Christmas is not important. It is; for letting others know that you care about them, for giving and receiving love. Because in the end, LOVE is the glue that holds the universe together. Love will transform each and every situation if we but let it enter.

So on December 25 (and everyday) be a light in the world. Spread kindness, compassion and love, not just with those you know, but with everyone you may encounter. Think about that and have a blessed evening.

Merry X-MAS.
With Love, Denise

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