Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Not So ZEN Experience

Inspiration: To accept there are still parts of me that exist that are not to my liking.

I awoke early this am ready for a full day of work, training and yoga. It was a crisp morning in NYC. The forecast was for rain and snow in the 30 degree range. My ultimate favorite weather! Just kidding. Anyways, I didn't sleep very well last night knowing I had my early morning client on the Upper East Side. I adore this man (as a person) and that is the only saving grace for my traveling.

After making my way back from East to West side, I had a few minutes to spare before my next session, and decided to go to Rite Aid to pick up some photos I had ordered. The moment I walked into the store I felt a constriction of my energy. That, and it didn't look like the new and "chic" Duane Reade's I have grown accustomed to.

I asked a guy behind the register, "Where do I pick up photos?" His response was " Get in the line?" His tone was not very inviting which was a bit annoying. Anyway, I wanted to pick up some things but since time was not on my side, I decided to get online. When I approached the register they told me they didn't have any photos. Last night, I received a confirmation saying they were ready. Before I found this out, I silently said to myself not so nice things about the staff, especially the one who was looking for my prints. Not nice at all.

Like I always say, what we think about expands and I turned into somewhat of a hissy New York City bitch! I was frustrated and annoyed with the incompetence and the rudeness and just couldn't help myself. I saw this was getting me nowhere and was determined to get my prints. After a few minutes, they did find my order. I paid and happily bolted out of there...No wonder I never shop there.

The reason I share this with you now, is that our mood and energy help us to create the situations we find ourselves in. If my initial thoughts, could have been a little softer, maybe they wouldn't have been so blatantly rude and incompetent. Ouch! Did I say that? This I write for my friend on the West Coast Sim Lucien. A brilliant trainer and writer with a big heart.:)

So the next time you find yourself in an annoying situation, take a breathe, surrender and know you we be finished with it in no time. Of course depending on what that is. Think about it and have a wonderful nite.

With Love,

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