Friday, November 30, 2012

The Signs are ALWAYS There if You Listen

Inspiration: To continue to watch, look and listen when "guided."

It was a Thursday evening. The beloved inspirational teacher and author Marianne Williamson was here in New York City to promote her new book, "The Law Of Divine Compensation" on work, money and miracles. This was the second of her two night stint here. The night prior she was a the New York Open Center and I was finishing up my monthly November Wellness Newsletter.

I am always exhaused and elated after I complete these, never knowing how they will be received by others. So Wednesday night I did not sleep very well (feedback was inspiring btw). I had it in my mind's eye to go here Marianne lecture four blocks away from me at the local Barnes and Noble. I was even going to give up my favorite weekday yoga class. But at 5:45, after finishing up with a client, I felt depleted. Not only was I not going to do yoga, I wasn't energized to go to the book reading and signing.

So I check my messages, and I see an email from my friend Jessica who resides in Laguna Beach, Ca. It says, Subject: Marianne Williamson. "Denise, She's speaking tonight at the Barnes and Noble in the Upper West Side 7pm. Ok, I got the memo, I was told, yet again to go. So I did.

Marianne was running a bit late due to traffic, so I began to speak to those around me. I met a few lovely people that I happened to exchange info with but here was the twilight zone part; in front of me were two Denise's sitting right next to each other, and next to me, was a man who shared the same birthday as me. Could you believe! Do you think I was supposed to be there or what? Thank heavens I listened.

The lecture was inspiring, uplifting and just what I needed to hear. Another reminder to trust, listen and take action when I am both "guided' and inspired. So dearest ones, have you been listening to the messages in your lives. Taking action or not when appropriate. Spirit speaks to us constantly, but are we paying attention or letting the ego run the show. Think about it, and sleep peacefully.

With Love, Denise


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