Friday, November 9, 2012

A Prayer for the Dying

Inspiration: To continue to be grateful for my life, no matter what is going on in and around me.

Greetings. Day five. Yesterday was a full day. Emotionally. I felt great, I felt anxious, I felt sad. But most importantly I felt and feel grateful.:) Grateful for all of life's mysteries and opportunities.

My Thursday night ritual is going to yoga class with one of my favorite teachers and friend Eddie Teboul. Eddie has been trained in the Jivamukti style of yoga. Jiva means individual soul and mukti means liberation while living. It is a beautiful system that combines devotion, chanting, story and of course flow.

We always begin class with a call and response. A sacred chant that sets the tone to open ourselves up. As we began this invocation, Eddie took the opportunity to devote his teaching last night to a dear friend and fellow teacher who was going to pass in about two days time. He spoke of her devotion to yoga and it's principles and even shared that this extraordinary woman made peace with her impending passing and was ready to surrender her physical body with an open heart, joy and gratitude. That it was her time to end this part of her journey.

He had mentioned her name, but I didn't think much of it. From the onset, class held a heightened energy and created a space for us, me, to really embrace the fullness of this life, and to appreciate "everything". That the day to day mundane dramas, inconveniences and distractions will always be a part of its ebb and flow.

As usual, class was magical and afterwards my friend and I went out to grab a bite and hear some music. Then it hit me as we spoke and reflected on class. There was a recognition, when I heard her name again echo within me. I knew who this woman was, not personally, but I did attend some of her classes many years back. A woman now in her fifties, at peace with the life she has been given. I don't know what it is, but when you know who the person is, it really does hit closer to home.

So today I awoke early, excited to be given this life, my body, my mind and heart. Full of possibility about the magic each day brings to us. The more I, we, can live with gratitude, the fuller our experiences will become in each moment. This is my mantra for today:

"Each and every day is a divine opportunity to experience the fullness of who we are. I am grateful for the gift of my breath, I am grateful for this life."

Enjoy the journey and have a blessed day!
With Love, Denise

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