Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Learning to Surf the Waves of Life

Inspiration: To ride the wave relinquishing my fears.

Day 9 of promise to self.
The inspiration for this musing comes from an article a friend just sent to me entitled, " The Surfer's Guide to Taking Risks" by Srinivas Rao. In his article, he compares each stage of surfing to our life. From standing on the shore to riding the wave from start to finish.

It was very interesting. In surfing he says, one has to be truly present. There isn't much time to let distractions and fears take over or you will wipe out. In life, we aren't actually on a surf board but his comparisons make a lot of sense.

In a nutshell, here is what I got.

If you are standing on the shore, you are not in the game.
If you are waiting for the perfect moment, you create it by getting out there.
If you fall down, you just get up and do it again until you succeed ( My interpretation).

Life is a series of waves. We have moments of complete elation and moments of complete depletion. The key is to keep on keeping on. Our wipe-outs will ultimately make us stronger; or not. It is all the way you look at it. For me, my deep wish is to write a book. Am I doing anything about it. No. I am standing on the shore waiting for the sky to part and some unseen force hand me a book contract.

This isn't going to happen. I have to take action. It is scary and I don't know where to start. How about starting to write that bio I promised myself about six days ago to send to a publisher here in New York City.
What am I so afraid of???

We fear failure. We fear success. Is there a happy medium? Yes. Acceptance. Accept that no matter what happens in the physical, you are an abundant, blessed being. From that space have the courage to act on your dreams while embracing the fear and stepping into the unknown.

Maybe tomorrow I will just do that. What about you?

With Love, Denise

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