Saturday, November 17, 2012

To First Love on His Birthday

Inspiration: To continue to cultivate loving relationships.

Day 13: Of promise to self to scribe

Today, is my first love's birthday. He turns 47. We first met at sleep-away camp when I was thirteen. We became friends when I was going out with one of his best friends (whatever that means at such a young age). Turns out we were from the same hometown and went to the same school. So at fifteen he was my boyfriend. We dated very on and off until I was twenty-two.

Fast forward to present day and we still communicate. On our respective birthdays in November and April, we look forward to hearing from each other as if it was yesterday. He is the first one to always call me on my special day.:-) When we do connect, it is as if we are both fifteen again. This warms my heart.

So today, on his birthday we caught up. For some reason this past April, he left me a message and we didn't get to speak. But today, we connected fully. It is truly beautiful and a gift, to reminisce with someone who truly knows you and loves you unconditionally. A gentle reminder, that love never dies. It just transforms in relationship. My dear friend was very vulnerable on this day and opened up to me more fully than ever before about his life, and what he is experiencing.

I felt truly blessed that he was able to do this with me as he is not one to share his deepest feelings. I was grateful to hold space for him and allow the conversation to unfold in whatever way it was meant to. I always say, on your birthday, it is about you! So today, it was about being a friend and reflecting back what I knew to be true. That he was a good man. That he will always hold a space in my heart. That there is nothing in the world I wouldn't do for him. True unconditional friendship and love. A gift, a blessing.

I share this as a gentle reminder to embrace all of those wonderful individuals who have touched your life in some way. For me, these two days a year, hold so much purity and heart. If I, we, could always live from this place, life truly is a miracle....Have a blessed day.

With Love, Denise

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