Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dare to DREAM!

Inspiration: To keep on moving on...

This past month, and year, has been extremely challenging. Having to really take a good hard look at what is working, what is not, and what I really need to let go of. This has been a painful but freeing process. As I tell others, anyone and anything that "zaps" your energy needs to be released. Often times, it may appear selfish if others are involved, especially as it relates to family. But if you are not being supported, seen and uplifted, then it is best to lovingly let go; at least for a time.

The holidays are approaching. This week arrives the gratitude holiday, Thanksgiving. While everyday is a blessing, many of us particular find ourselves being a bit more grateful; of all the miracles and blessings in our lives. Reaching out to those we may have overlooked in the past.

Recently, I received the most beautiful and loving email one could possibly imagine. It was from my beloved, dear friend and Intuitive Counselor Elana Kilkenny. We met nearly nine years ago, when I was a very different Denise, searching to be different, looking for a guide to lead me. She arrived in my life at the perfect moment. For many years, we worked together unraveling all the layers and resistence that were not serving me. We have become dear friends and her family is a testiment to the beauty that is possible.

So last night, after saying to myself (as I often do), when is my physical world, work life going to radically shift, I received the most humbling message. Without my ego desire to share, let's just say it was divinely timed and guided by SPIRIT. This brought tears to my eyes and expansion in my heart.

I awoke today, with a greater sense of purpose and desire. My heart is beginning to burst open and expand in amazing and miraculous ways! I will not give up...I have yet begun to fight (Samuel Adams I believe). Well fighting is not the exact word....But you get the jist.

So dear ones, never ever give up on your DREAMS. Stay in the energy of what is possible. Vibrate positive feelings and emotions. Take "guided" action when appropriate. And most important "Dare to DREAM"!!! I am.

With Love and gratitude.
From my heart to yours, Denise

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